How to Play Monopoly Mega Edition? (+Rules)

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If you are new to the Monopoly Mega edition, then stay tuned as there are a lot of new things that got added into this edition that make it actually Mega.

In this post, I will discuss the rules of Monopoly’s Mega Edition and all you need to know to play the game.

Let’s get started!

About Monopoly Mega Edition

Monopoly mega edition is a new variant of the Monopoly standard edition. On May 2006, Winning Moves Games introduced the game. Later, Hasbro bought the game from them and licensed it for sale.

Monopoly Mega Edition
Monopoly Mega Edition’s Outer Box

Monopoly Mega Edition has new features with a scope to win more money and also the opportunity to drive your opponents bankrupt faster than ever. The US version was introduced initially, and in 2007, the new UK version was launched. 

Several differences exist between the Monopoly mega edition and the standard edition.  The game board is 30% bigger than the regular game board size. There are 56 buildings and 37 Title deed cards, 46 drawing cards, and a money pack with 8 denominations. There are 3 Monopoly dice– 2 regular and one speed die. 

The setup is similar. However, the gameplay is somewhat different. Each player starts the game with $2500. The new $1000 bill is included in the game. The best new feature is that players can win faster and gain much more in this edition. 

The objective of the Game

The game’s objective is the same in Monopoly mega edition as in the standard monopoly game: to become the wealthiest player and drive the others bankrupt.

However, the primary difference is that this edition adds some extra elements to the game. The game’s exciting new features are speed die, skyscrapers, and train depots. These make the game fun to play. There are some extra spaces in the game. 

Things to Know Before Playing Monopoly’s Mega Version Game


Metal tokens are an integral part of this game. Here are the different tokens for US and UK versions as below:

UK Version

  1. Dog (Scottie)
  2. Thimble
  3. Top Hat
  4. Shoe/Boot
  5. Battleship
  6. Race Car
  7. Wheelbarrow
  8. Cat (Hazel)

US Version

  1. Bag of Money
  2. Horse & Rider
  3. Howitzer (Cannon)
  4. Dog (Scottie)
  5. Thimble
  6. Top Hat
  7. Shoe/Boot
  8. Battleship
  9. Race Car
  10. Wheelbarrow

How much money do you start with in Mega Monopoly?

In Monopoly mega edition, each player starts the game with $2500. The money division is 1*$1000, 5*$1, 5*$5, 5*$10, 6*$20, 2*$50, 2*$100, 2*$500.

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Knowing the difference between the US and UK Version of Mega Monopoly

Here are some of the vital differences between the US and UK versions of the Monopoly mega edition game:

  • The US version of the game has 10 tokens (previously, it was 11), whereas the UK version has only 8 tokens.
  • In the UK version of the game, there are no details on the houses and hotels, and they have a flat design. The US version always pays greater attention to minute details and improves the game graphics by enhancing the design and structure of the properties. 
  • Though the function of the bus tickets is the same in both the UK and US editions, the instructions are different. 
  • The colors for the property deck cards are different in US and UK editions. For the UK version, the colors are red, blue, and yellow. The US version’s colors are orange, light blue, and purple. 
  • Bus tickets have a parallel component called the Chance space for the US version.
  • For the UK version, the luxury tax is termed a “Bank Deposit”, though the functions are the same.
  • The UK version of the game has a specific token called the John Lewis Van. 

The UK version of the game has some new properties like Arctic Avenue, Florida Avenue, California Avenue, and New Jersey Avenue.

There are several others, though. There are certain new speed die rules in the game. Rolling Mr. Monopoly is one of the critical speed die rules.

One necessary declaration  – Speed dies cannot be used for determining Jail going order of the players. This one is a must-note. 

Mega Monopoly Rules

The ultimate object of the game is to become the wealthiest player on board and drive the others into bankruptcy.

Here are some of the rules for Monopoly Mega Edition:

  • GO Rules: The rules for the GO space remain the same for the Mega edition as with the standard edition. Every time a player passes the GO space, the banker will pay the player $200. When players land two spaces beyond the GO space and draw a community chest space, they can draw an “Advance to GO” card and collect an additional $200 from the bank. 
  • Property Buying Rules: When a player lands on an unowned property and the property seems profitable to them for their game, they can buy the property from the bank by paying the printed value. If the player doesn’t want to buy the property, the property will pass for auction, and the highest bidder will claim the property. 
  • Paying Rent Rules: Any player landing on the property owned by another player must pay rent to the property owner. The rent will be determined based on the current status. 
  • Rolling the Dice Rules: You must roll the white dice two times to determine the run order. When your turn comes, you must roll three white dice, and one speed die. If the pips appear on all three rolled dice, the player will move to the total of the three spaces.
  • Jail Rules: If your dice rolls into a number that takes you to the “GO to Jail” space, or you draw a card “GO Directly to Jail”, you must go to jail. Players can also go to jail if they roll doubles twice in a row. 

Besides these significant rules, almost every other rule is similar to the standard edition. Some of the properties are new, but their dealing pattern is almost similar. 

How to play Monopoly Mega Edition?

The game starts with rolling the two white dice. The number reflected on the dice will determine the paying order in the game. When your turn comes, proceed with the three dice together.

Three dice here refers to the two regular white dice, and one speed die. Now move forward by the number of houses reflected in the dice pips.

While rolling, if you get a Mr. Monopoly, you will get a bonus move. The forward movement will be as it is in the standard edition. 

While moving as per the dice results, if you encounter any unowned property, you can attempt to buy it.

One central question is, what if a player rolls a Mr. Monopoly after all the property on board has been owned?

In this case, you have to make norma moves according to the score reflected on the dice. Pliers cannot move forward and have to remain wherever they are if the properties of all other players on board are mortgaged.

Stay calm – your opponents will only be able to build something over your property or trade it once the moves for rolling Mr.Monopoly are completed. 

Other than these moves, if any player rolls a Bus, they will enjoy the privilege of a BUS ticket. To use the Bus ticket, the player will first have to move according to what is reflected in the white dice and then move according to the bus ticket or the nearest community chest space. 

Let us talk about Doubles and Triples. Doubles have the same rule as the standard edition, entitling you to roll again. If you don’t want to roll again despite a double, you may prefer to use the Bus Ticket instead.

If you roll triples, you cannot move ahead to any other space on the board. If a player rolls a double twice and never a triple, they must go to JAIL. 

Ending the Game

The game ends in the same way as the other standard monopoly games – any player becomes the wealthiest and rives others into bankruptcy. Apart from newly added properties, there aren’t many changes in the gameplay.

Only you have some unique die-rolling rules and the introduction of the bus tickets; some new rules regarding properties make winning easier and the overall game much more exciting. 

What is different about Monopoly Mega Edition?

Here are some of the crucial differences between Monopoly Mega Edition when compared with other standard editions:

There are new properties added to the Monopoly Mega Edition game:


In Monopoly mega edition, each color set has new properties. Each set has only one new property added to the existing ones.

The rule for building hotels and houses remains the same: you can build hotels and houses on properties only after you own all the properties of the color set.

The new property in this edition is the Skyscraper. Once you finish building hotels and houses, you can build skyscrapers.

In Monopoly mega edition, you can collect triple rent on any left-out property if you have acquired all the other properties of that color set.

If you cannot afford to continue the game, you can break down the hotels or may sell a skyscraper to the bank for half of its value. 

Rail Roads

In the monopoly mega edition, you can build train depots on railroads for $100. When a player uses a train dept on a railroad, they can collect double rent from any other player who lands up or uses the railroads.

Monopoly mega edition only demands the players own some of the railroads before they can start building the depots. You can own even one railroad and start building a depot on the same. You can also sell the depots back to the bank for $50

Bus Ticket

You can use the bus tickets if you don’t want to roll a die. But before using the ticket, you must acquire the same. Using a bus ticket, you can move to any space on the board, including e corners and the first spaces.

A player cannot use the same bus ticket multiple times. After using it for once, hand it down to the bank. There comes a time when all the bus tickets expire.

When a player uses a bus ticket that leads them to Mr.Monopoly and the roll leads them to GO space, you can collect $200. 

There are some new spaces in Monopoly Mega Edition:

Auction Space:

If you land in an auction space, you can choose any unowned property, and the banker will put it on auction. This will reap benefits for the player in the later game stages.

Birthday Gift:

If you land in this new space on the board, you are fortunate enough because you can collect $100 from the bank. You can also draw a bus ticket for later use when you land in this space.  

Bus Ticket:

This is the new alternative for rolling dice. There are 16 bus tickets in total. Players can obtain bus rockets by rolling a bus on a speed die, landing on the new bus, or even collecting / trading birthday gift spaces.

These tickets are an alternative for dice rolls in Monopoly mega edition. 


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Mega Rules!

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