Monopoly Dog: Facts, Breed (Know This FIRST!)

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You might have already seen a token in Every Monopoly Game which is dog-shaped.

It is a very iconic piece of the game. 

In this post, I would discuss the most famous token in Monopoly, the Monopoly Dog with its breed, facts about it, and more.

Monopoly Dog

Let’s get started!

What is the dog piece in Monopoly?

The dog piece in Monopoly was introduced in the 1950s. It goes by the name of Scottie dog.

Recently, when polls were held at a house to retain older symbols, the dog piece received the most awards to retain it.

The number of votes it received for retention was 29%.

This indicates that it is probably the favorite token in the game of Monopoly.

dog piece in Monopoly

Right after its launch in the 1950s, it became known as Mr. Monopoly‘s right-hand man.

The Monopoly Dog Piece is a token that represents the player who chooses to play with that token.

Depending on the edition of the Monopoly game, the dog token’s appearance might vary slightly.


Monopoly Dog Breed

The dog from Monopoly is the Scottish Terrier breed.

These are usually small dogs with dense coats.

The color is usually black but can also be white, beige, or brown.

10 Facts About Monopoly Dog

It is time to look at ten amazing facts about monopoly dog that most players aren’t aware of.

1. Most popular Monopoly piece:

In the year 2017, the manufacturer of the Monopoly game allowed the players to vote on 64 different piece options.

Overall, 4.3 million votes were polled from fans spread across 100 countries.

The Scottie dog received the highest number of votes at 29%.

The pieces which received the lowest votes were removed from the game.

2. Roots of dog piece go back to the white house:

As highlighted above, the dog piece in Monopoly is of the Scottish Terrier breed.

However, very few players know why this breed was chosen.

It is because at the time the Monopoly game was becoming increasingly popular; Pres Franklin Roosevelt had a Scottish Terrier.

3. More than one dog token:

Scottie dog is arguably the most famous dog token in Monopoly. 

However, realizing the popularity of the dog token, the manufacturer of the game Hasbro has also launched a dog lovers theme.

It includes dog tokens from 6 different breeds:

  • German Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Labrador
  • Scottish Terrier
  • Labradoodle
  • Dachshund

Thus, if you’re playing the game of Monopoly with other dog lovers, you have plenty of options regarding dog tokens.

4. Dog token was a late addition:

The initial edition of the Monopoly game was launched in 1935. It did not consist of any tokens.

Players often used buttons, points, or other objects in their homes, like tokens.

Monopoly Tokens were first launched by the manufacturers of Monopoly in 1937.

These included things like a rocking horse, lantern, iron, car, etc. Still, Scottie’s dog didn’t make an appearance till 1942.

It was only in the 1950s that it became a regular token of the Monopoly game.

Dog Token in Monopoly

5. Dog in the handbag:

As highlighted above, the Scottie dog isn’t the only dog token you can opt for nowadays.

Apart from the themed dog lover’s pack, a dog in a handbag is also available.

It was launched after the increasing popularity of handbag dogs in the year 2006.

In 2013, this token further underwent a change, especially in the Monopoly electronic banking version of the game. It was replaced by a green plastic robot dog.

6. Multiple dog-themed Monopoly variants available:

There are many official as well as unofficial dog-themed Monopoly variants available these days.

The names of some of these variants include:

  • Monopoly Cats Vs. Dogs
  • Monopoly The Dog
  • Beagle-Opoly
  • Golden-Opoly
  • Lab-Opoly

And so on…

7. First Animal token:

Over the years, many animal tokens have been introduced in the game of Monopoly. However, if you were to trace back to the oldest Monopoly animal token, that is certainly Scottie, the dog.

8. Dog piece has been around for a long:

Over the years, the tokens being sold with the Monopoly game have changed frequently.

For example, if you consider the six original pieces, only the top hat is still part of the game.

The race car was first introduced in 1935 and ever since then has been a part of the game.

Scottie, the dog has been around since the 1950s. 

However, Scottie the dog, along with the race car, are the only two pieces that were released in the older editions of the game and still are part of it.,

Thus, if you take into account the average age of Monopoly pieces, you will realize that the dog piece has been around for much longer.

9. Scottie, the dog, is considered classic:

Hasbro launched the token madness edition of the game in 2017.

In this game, there were 16 Monopoly pieces in total.

These were divided into classic and modern.

In the category of the classic piece, the Scottie dog has certainly found its place.

Along with Scottie, there were other tokens like a top hat, Shoe, wheelbarrow, battleship, cat, thimble, and race car.

Ever since then, it became official that Scottie is part of the classic Monopoly pieces set.

Holding Scottie with My Hand
Holding Scottie with My Hand

10. Loyalty of Scottie isn’t ignored:

As highlighted in the post above, the dog piece represents Scottish terriers.

If you have had a Scottish Terrier below, you will realize that they are fiercely loyal to their owners.

This loyalty trait is not ignored when it comes to the Monopoly dog piece either.

According to a tweet by Hasbro in 2016, Scottie’s dog is the loyal pet of Mr. Monopoly.

The fact that the game manufacturer themselves have shared this amazing trivia about Scottie the dog has certainly made this token even more popular.

The next time you choose your token while playing a game of Monopoly, do not ignore the dog piece, for it is the most popular and well-liked piece in the entire game of Monopoly.

When was the dog added to Monopoly?

The very first appearance of the monopoly dog piece was in 1942. However, it was widely accepted in the 1950s.

Scottie Dog token sitting on Keyboard
Scottie Dog token sitting on Keyboard

Does Monopoly Dog have a Name?

The name of Monopoly’s Dog Token is Scottie dog. This name is derived from the breed Scottish terriers. 

Scottish terriers are an extremely confident and independent dog breed.

Apart from that, they are pretty loyal to their owners.

What kind of Dog is the Monopoly Dog?

The Dog in Monopoly is of Scottish Terrier Breed. The name of this Monopoly Dog piece is Scottie the dog which comes from its breed name.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Dog!

So, next time when you play the game, you will love to choose Monopoly’s dog piece while playing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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