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Monopoly Electronic Banking is a very unique Monopoly game. Here, your classic Monopoly Money is replaced by Digital currency with a card and an Electronic banking Machine.

This game is very much interesting considering the newer form of the transaction now getting into Monopoly Game.

In this post, I will discuss in detail about the Monopoly Electronic Banking Rules and all you need to know about the game.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Rules

Let’s get started!

Monopoly Electronic Banking Rules

Like other Monopoly versions, the Monopoly Electronic banking has several rules for Jail, property buying, selling, and more.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Board
Image of Electronic banking board

Here are the rules:

Jail Rules

Monopoly electronic banking has specific jail rules. The game has a feature where a player can go to jail. During your gameplay, you are considered in jail if you land on the ‘Go to Jail’ space.

Apart from this, you can also go to jail if you pick up a ‘Go to Jail’ card from the community chest. Moreover, if you roll three sets of doubles in a row, it also leads you to jail.

Now you might wonder what the consequences of landing in jail are. Well, your turn ends if you go to jail. Just landing on the jail space does not charge you anything and is considered as visiting.

However, the gameplay provides you with an option to roll doubles three times on your next turn. But if you fail in the attempt, you need to pay the bank a penalty of $500 thousand.

You can get out of jail only by paying the amount, rolling doubles, or using the ‘Get out of the jail free’ card. If you do not have the card, you get an option to buy it from other players.

If you get out of jail by paying the bond, your next space depends on the total on your final roll after paying. The exciting part is that rent collection does not pause while you are in jail.

Property Rules

Monopoly also allows the players to buy, sell, or build properties.

1. Buying property:

Here, you can buy a property if you land in such a space. The property price is listed on the card, which you must pay the property owner or the banker. The bank holds an auction if you deny buying the property and can even participate.

You become a monopolist if you buy all the properties of a site of a particular color. You can even add to the property and charge rent on it if they happen to land on your site.

You can also buy airports and charge fees from other players landing at the airport. The amount depends on the figure on the title deed card. Apart from this, you can also own utilities.

The players landing on your utilities must pay you a usage fee, which is 40,000 times the amount in the dice roll.

You can own phone and internet utilities. If a player lands on both of these utilities you own, they pay you 1,00,000 times the amount on the die roll.

2. Selling property:

When selling your property, you can sell it to the bank or other players. If you sell a property to the other player at a negotiable price, you need to sell all the Houses of the same color on the property.

However, selling houses and hotels to other players is no option. You can only sell airports, utilities, or sites. If you decide to sell your houses and hotels to the bank, the bank pays you half the purchase price on the deed card.

In the case of hotels, you can also exchange them for houses summing up to the same price.

Free Parking Rules

The free parking zone is the resting space for the players. Here you need not pay any penalty and can proceed with your transactions normally.

Mortgage Rules

You can also mortgage properties whenever you need money from the bank. To mortgage a property, you need to sell all the buildings of a color group.

You mortgage a property by turning the property card upside down and finding the amount of the mortgage on the back of it. Once you mortgage a property, you can not collect any rent on it.

You can continue collecting the rent on your mortgaged property only after paying the mortgage amount and the interest.

If you want to avoid paying the interest, you can sell your mortgaged property to another player at an agreeable price. The interest now is upon the buyer of your mortgaged property.

How much money do you start with in Monopoly Electronic banking?

You need $15 M to start with the monopoly electronic banking game. The starting money is available for you every time you reset the game. You can check your current balance by putting a card into the machine.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Cards

How to receive money from the bank in Monopoly Electronic Banking?

You receive money from the bank for selling houses, hotels, and mortgaging properties. Chance or community chest cards also do the same. Here are the steps you need to follow to receive money from the bank.

1.     You need to insert your card into the banking unit.

2.     Put the amount you need to receive from the bank.

3.     Finally, you must press the pay-in button and remove your card.

How to pay money to the bank in Monopoly Electronic Banking?

You pay money to the bank for buying Monopoly houses or hotels, getting out of jail, unmortgaging a property, or through Chance or community chest cards.

You need to follow the same steps as receiving money from the bank. The only change is you need to press the Pay Bank button instead of Pay In button, and you are all set.

How to transfer money from one player to another in Monopoly Electronic Banking? 

The players can transfer money to each other in case of landing on other’s property, buying or selling properties, or using a Get out of jail free card. You must follow these steps to transfer money to another player’s account.

1. The banking unit must have the other player’s card inserted.

2. You need to enter the amount to be paid.

3. Then, press the Play another player button that appears as a group of three people.

4. Upon removing the other player’s card, you need to insert your card.

5. Finally, press the pay-in button that appears as a person with a plus sign and remove your card.

How does the Monopoly Electronic Banking machine work?

Monopoly Electronic Banking Machine

The Monopoly Electronic Banking machine is a battery-operated device that keeps track of players’ money during the game. It is used in place of paper money.

The machine keeps track of each player’s balance and allows players to buy property, pay rent, and collect money.

You will find several buttons on it and it can be used to debit and credit from your so-called “Monopoly Credit cards”.

To know in detail how this Electronic Banking Machine work, I would discuss the button functionalities of this machine, resetting this Machine, and understanding the debit and credit concept.

Button Functionalities of Electronic Banking Machine

You must know how the machine works to play the Monopoly electronic banking game. Hence, here you can find the button functionalities and use them in your gameplay.

Electronic Banking Machine
Image of Electronic Banking Machine

1. Go arrow(<-):

To collect $2M on passing the Go. You need to insert your card and press the green arrow.

2. Million(M):

To register an amount in millions. It saves us from pressing Multiple Zeros and takes bigger number input easily.

3. Thousand(K):

This button in Monopoly Electronic Banking Machine helps to register an amount in thousands. You can click 1 and then this button to make it 1k.

4. Cancel(C):

You can cancel any number you mistakenly wrote by pressing the C. While using this key, you must keep your card in the unit and re-enter the correct value.

5. Decimal Point(.):

This button helps you to enter any decimal digit. You can use it in combination with the Million button and Thousand Button as per the amount you need to credit or debit on any player’s card. You can also do like this 1.1 and then press k to make it $1100.

6. Pay In(+):

To receive money after inserting the card and the amount to be received. It appears as a person with a plus sign.

7. Pay Bank(-):

To pay the bank by inserting the card and the amount to be paid. It appears as a person with a minus sign.

8. Pay Another Player:

Pay another player by inserting the card, entering the amount to be paid, removing the card, inserting the other player’s card, and using the Pay In button.

The button appears as a group of three people.

The other buttons on the monopoly electronic banking machine are the number keys.

Reset Monopoly Electronic Banking machine

The players must reset the monopoly electronic banking machine before starting the game. Before resetting the machine, you need to remove all the cards.

You can then press the C button for 5 seconds. The machine gets reset once you hear a long beep sound.

Debit and Credit Using Monopoly Electronic Banking Machine

The banker can credit or debit a certain sum using the Monopoly electronic banking machine.

1. Credit

Credit here simply means adding Money to Monopoly Card.

The banker can credit the player’s salary or a certain sum to the player’s card. To credit a sum, the banker must insert the card in the green slot, input the credit amount, and remove the card.

There is a button marked with an arrow, which the banker can use to quickly credit the salary to the player after inserting the card.

2. Debit

Debit is deducting Money from the Player’s card.

The banker can also debit a certain sum from the player’s card by inserting the card into the red slot, inputting the debit amount, and finally removing the card.

How much do you pay to get out of jail in Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition?

You must pay a $500 thousand fine to get out of jail. Once you pay it using your card as a fine to the bank you can get out of Monopoly Jail without losing your next turn.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Rules!

As I discussed over here, this edition is amazing, especially with the concept of an ATM machine to swipe cards. It is more relevant to our current real world where digital currency is being used in daily transactions.

I hope you loved reading the rules and I guarantee that you will enjoy most with the Banking machine here in this game.

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