Monopoly Jail Rules: The Definitive Guide (2023 Updated!)

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Getting to Jail often comes in our turn and it’s more like a blessing if you can utilize the Jail of Monopoly.

In this Monopoly Jail Rules Guide, I would walk you through each of the ins and outs of the Jail rules of the game so that you stay well-versed when you play the game.

Monopoly Jail Rules

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What is Jail in Monopoly and How Does it Work?

Jail in Monopoly is among the four corner portions on the monopoly board.

When in jail, the Monopoly game rules only allow you to pay to get out or roll doubles to get out since your turn is suspended.

Jail can also act as a safe space when you are just visiting. Some conditions must be met for you to get out of jail.

Monopoly Jail
Monopoly Jail

Similarly, you also have to meet certain conditions to go to jail.

Jail in Monopoly works by limiting you from moving around the board since you are not allowed to roll the dice when your turn comes.

Monopoly Jail rules allow you to roll the dice and throw doubles on one occasion in three turns when trying to get out.

However, the rules of Monopoly jail allow you to develop properties like Houses as per Monopoly Buying Houses Rules and collect rents as per the Monopoly Rent Rules.

Jail in Monopoly can work to your advantage when in it, especially at the late stages when most properties are owned.

You will reduce the risk of paying rent when you land on your opponent’s property.

There are various jail monopoly rules to consider when playing the game.

What are the rules for jail in Monopoly?

There are rules in jail monopoly that guide you on what you can and cannot do while in jail.

Some of the jail monopoly rules are:

What you can do:

  1. You can buy and sell houses and hotels while in jail
  2. You can collect rents
  3. You can develop or build your properties
  4. You can pay a $ 50 fine to get out
  5. You can participate in auctions to buy properties
  6. You are allowed to roll doubles on either occasion until the third turn to get out
  7. You buy a (Get out of Jail Free card) from your opponent
  8. You can trade with other players

What you cannot do:

  1. You cannot move while in jail
  2. You cannot receive your salary of $200

How do you Enter Jail in Monopoly?

There are various ways you can enter Jail in Monopoly.

According to jail Monopoly rules, there are three main ways to enter jail include:

  1. The first way you can enter jail is if your token lands on the space marked (Go to Jail)
  2. A rule in Monopoly that can make you enter jail is if you roll doubles three times consecutively
  3. You can also enter jail if you draw a (Go to Jail card).

You can also set house rules for entering jail, for example, if a player violates certain rules.

How do you get out of jail in Monopoly?

You can use several ways you can get out of the jail space in Monopoly.

According to the Monopoly Jail rules, you can get out of jail in the following ways:

  1. You can use (The get out of Jail Free Card) to get out of jail
  2. You can also choose to get out of jail by rolling doubles on any occasion in the next three turns.
  3. You can also buy a (Get out of Jail Free Card) from your opponent and use it to get out.
  4. You can also pay a fine of $50. You are then allowed to throw the dice on either of your next two turns and move the number of spaces achieved by your throw when you get out of jail.

To know more about how do you get out of jail in monopoly, you can read this post written by me.

Can you pay to get out of jail?

The answer is yes; you can pay to get out of jail. The rules in Monopoly allow you to pay a fine of $50 and then throw the dice on either of your next two turns.

The number achieved on your throw will be the number of spaces you move when you get out of jail.

Monopoly jail rules also allow you to pay your opponent to sell you the (Get out of Jail Free Card) that you can use to get out of jail.

Monopoly Jail Rules About Money Collection

There are various rules in Monopoly jail about money collection.

When you enter Monopoly jail, you can no longer collect your salary of $ 200.

The rule prevents you from collecting your salary even though the position of your token permits you to collect the salary.

On meeting the condition of going to jail, you directly move to jail, marking the end of your turn.

However, you are allowed to collect rent while still in jail.

You can also collect money from the sales of your properties.

What happens if you can’t pay to get out of jail in Monopoly?

While in Jail in Monopoly, you might lack enough to pay to get out of jail.

You can use the (Get out of Jail Free Card) if you own one and get out of jail.

If you don’t have one, you can decide to sell part of your properties to pay to get out of jail or wait to collect rents to pay.

Do Monopoly Jail Rules Vary with Monopoly game Editions?

Monopoly Jail rules have remained the same for a while.

However, you can decide to create your own house rules about jail if you wish to and agree with your opponents.

Most Monopoly players have created their own house rules to make the game more interesting.

How long do you stay in jail for Monopoly?

You can stay in jail for three turns to be completed, where you are then allowed to pay the $ 50 fine to throw the dice and move the number of steps your throw achieved.

This jail Monopoly rule only works if you fail to throw doubles by the third turn or choose to abstain.

You can also remain in jail if you don’t pay the fine or throw doubles by your third turn.

And if you choose not to pay the $ 50 fine due to lack of funds after failing to throw doubles by your third turn, you lose the game.

Are two people allowed to be in jail simultaneously during a Monopoly game?

Yes, two people are allowed to be in jail simultaneously as long as they meet the condition to be in jail.

Also, more than two people can be in jail or all the players if they also meet the conditions.

Can you get out of jail right away in Monopoly?

Yes, you can get out of jail in Monopoly by using either the (get out of Jail Free card) or paying the $ 50 fine.

You immediately move to the just-visiting space of the jail portion as you wait to throw the dice during your turn.

Is it Allowed to buy property for $1 in Monopoly when other players are in jail?

It is not allowed if the players in jail do not bid for the property during the auction.

Rules in Monopoly jail allow even players in jail to buy the property and hence can make their bid during the auction.

But some players set house rules that you cannot buy properties while in jail, which is not in the official rules of the Monopoly game.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Jail Rules!

I covered every aspect of Monopoly Jail in this guide from getting into, getting out, do’s and don’t, and all you need to know.

So, I hope after reading this, you would like to include a visit to Jail in Monopoly as one of your Monopoly strategies.

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