Rolling Doubles in Monopoly: Rules, Strategy (Guide!)

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Rolling Doubles is not common when you roll two dice in Monopoly.

However, if you roll doubles once or multiple times there are several benefits and drawbacks attached to it.

In this post, I will discuss in depth so that you get aware of all the Rolling Double Rules in Monopoly with proper strategy so that you can leverage it during your gameplay.

Rolling Doubles in Monopoly

Let’s get started!

What are the doubles in Monopoly? 

When both dice reveal the same value, it is a “double.” The player gets to continue playing whenever he rolls a double in Monopoly.

So, he will get arrested for “speeding” if he tosses double in a single turn. You may use a double to help you escape from Jail as well.

If a player gets doubles (same number on both dice), they get to reroll the dice after resolving the action for the spot they landed on. If they roll doubles again in a row, they get to go twice as long.

Doubles can be of the following Combinations in Monopoly:

1. Rolling Two 1’s (Snake Eyes)

Rolling Double 1s

2. Rolling Two 2’s

Rolling Double 2s

3. Rolling Two 3’s

Rolling Two 3s

4. Rolling Two 4’s

Rolling two 4s

5. Rolling Two 5’s

Rolling two 5s

6. Rolling Two 6’s

Rolling Two 6s

What happens if you roll doubles in Monopoly?

When players roll double during their turn, they must generally advance their token to the number of spaces shown on the dice.

When they reach that location, they may do the associated action.

If a player lands on the spot and doesn’t do what’s required (pay rent, pay penalties, pay fees, etc.), they must stay there until the end of the round.

You can’t let someone move out of your house without collecting rent. The player still has to pay the rent even if they roll a pair of doubles.

The player’s turn ends immediately, and they are not permitted to make the extra roll after doubling.

It happens if they land on the Go to Jail area or get a Go Directly to Jail card from Chance or Community Chest.

Players who roll a double for the third time in a row are considered speeding.

They are immediately sent to prison instead of having their actions determined by the third roll.

Before the effects of their third turn, their token gets sent to Jail.

What is the probability of rolling doubles?

The probability of rolling a double in Monopoly is 1/6. If you want to make a move in a game of Monopoly, you’ll need to roll two dice first.

The probability that both dice rolled will show the same number from 1 to 6 when using two fair six-sided dice is 16.67%.

The side of the second die means that there are six possible outcomes.

For one of these sides to coincide with one of the sides on the first die, a fraction of 1/6 must get rolled.

This fraction yields a final chance of 16.67% when translated to a percentage.

Rolling DoublesProbability Probability (In Percentage %)
1. Rolling Two 1’s1/362.78%
2. Rolling Two 2’s1/362.78%
3. Rolling Two 3’s1/362.78%
4. Rolling Two 4’s1/362.78%
5. Rolling Two 5’s1/362.78%
6. Rolling Two 6’s1/362.78%
7. Probability of Rolling a Double (Combination of Any two same number on dices)1/616.67%
8. Probability of Rolling Doubles with Two Dice In Even Combination(Can be (2,2),(4,4),(6,6))1/128.33%
9. Probability of Rolling Doubles with Two Dice In Odd Combination1/128.33%
10. Probability of Rolling Two Consecutive Doubles in Monopoly (With Combination of Any two same number on dices)1/362.78%
11. Probability of Rolling Three Consecutive Doubles in Monopoly (With Combination of Any two same number on dices)1/2160.46%
Total Outcomes Possible Out of Two Dice is 36 per turn when two dice are rolled together

Rolling Doubles in Monopoly Rules

The rules of the board game Monopoly might be challenging to get one’s mind around at first.

As an illustration of how intricate the Monopoly rules might become, consider the situation of rolling a double.

Suppose you’ve ever gotten into a dispute about the Monopoly doubles rules.

In that case, this article will provide a comprehensive explanation of each regulation.

Roll 3 doubles in Monopoly

In Monopoly, if you roll three doubles in a row, you seem to be “speeding” and must immediately go to prison.

If you roll a third double, you must immediately remove your piece from the board and place it in prison.

Roll doubles in Jail

Rolling Doubles in Monopoly Jail

When it’s your turn in Monopoly jail, you can try to buy your way out or roll a double the dice.

In the event of a double, you may advance the indicated distance and take appropriate action.

You are out of luck and cannot roll again.

Roll Snake Eyes

Rolling Snake Eyes in Monopoly
Rolling Snake Eyes in Monopoly

If you roll double snake eyes when playing Monopoly, you can advance your token two spaces and do the action associated with that space.

You receive another chance to throw the dice and try again. The procedure is the same as any other double roll.

Rolling Doubles and Landing on Preowned Property

If you land on the preowned property while rolling doubles, the owner will charge you the rent specified on the property’s title deed.

You will not receive any rental income if your property is under the mortgage.

After a mortgage gets taken out on a piece of property, the owner will find the Title Deed card lying face down in front of them.

Rolling Double and Buying New Property

Yes, you must finish all activities on the spot you landed on before rolling again if you get a double during your Monopoly round.

If you find yourself on a piece of land that is not already owned, you can either buy it or put it up for auction.

It might be possible to buy this property if you landed on a place instructing you to draw a card.

Then followed the directions on that card to a different location.

After standing relocated to a new location, you would begin your turn by rolling again. 

How many doubles can you roll in Monopoly?

He gets to continue playing whenever a player rolls a double in Monopoly.

But, he will get arrested for “speeding” if he throws doubles three times in a single turn.

Do you roll twice if you get doubles in Monopoly?

If a player rolls doubles (identical number on both dice), they get to reroll the dice after resolving the action for the spot they landed on.

If they roll doubles again in a row, they get to go twice as long.

Do you have to pay rent if you roll doubles in Monopoly?

Before using the area, you must do the necessary task.

If you rolled a pair of twos and the prison symbol appeared, your turn was finished, and your piece gets taken away.

It is your responsibility to either buy or sell off any unclaimed land.

Simply put, you owe them rent if you crash on someone else’s property.

Can I build houses in Monopoly after a player has rolled doubles before they roll again?

While on your turn in Monopoly, you may construct buildings started by other players. But it doesn’t account for the time between doubles.

Only after all other players have had their turns may you make a buy of a house. You can’t take advantage of a player rolling doubles to stack homes on a set of colors you control. You can’t make a hotel or home buy until they’ve had their full turn.

You can only wait for their turn to the end and then begin developing your properties, hoping they roll a low number on their second die.


Let’s conclude the post on Rolling Doubles in Monopoly!

So, now when you roll doubles you can check whether correct rules are being followed or someone is cheating in Monopoly game.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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