How Much Money do you Start with in Monopoly? (Updated!)

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Monopoly Board Game involves trading properties using the Money in Monopoly. It starts with a huge pile of money in Monopoly’s bank from where each player gets a certain amount of Monopoly money to get started in the game.

The Monopoly Money distribution amount to the player differs per version of the game, so it is essential to know the exact Monopoly Money you need to distribute.

In this post, I will discuss a complete guide on how much money each player starts for different Monopoly versions and with different numbers of players playing the game as per the official Monopoly Rules.

How Much Money do you Start with in Monopoly

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How much money do you start with in monopoly?

While setting up the Monopoly game, money distribution is one of the major factors to consider. You first want to decide how much cash to distribute to the players or how much money to get started with.

Certain official rules in Monopoly define money distribution in Monopoly. There is no uniform or fundamental rule for monopoly money distribution.

Money distribution in Monopoly

It depends on what board you use, which version you are playing, and sometimes also on the country of the game.

Monopoly’s classic or basic version outlines the rule that each player Monopoly Players start the game with $1500. The Money is divided as:

  • 2*$500
  • 4*$100
  • 1*$50
  • 1*$20
  • 2*$10
  • 1*$5
  • 5*$1

This division considers all the available money denominations for the game. This is the operating official rule in almost every country where the classic monopoly game persists.

However, if you are playing the older Monopoly version that existed in the United States before 2008, there will be some different rules than this standard. It is as follows:

  • 2*$500
  • 2*$100
  • 2*$50
  • 6*$20
  • 5*$10
  • 5*$5
  • 5*$1

Many players don’t pay much attention to the money distribution as long as the sum of the total money of $1500. This specific change after year 2008 came into effect because instead of 27 banknotes of the previous versions, only 16 banknotes and bills aware used for the game after 2008.

This was done to establish a common uniform global standard for the Monopoly game. Later, in 2022, there was the next set of changes to increase the total cash to $118,660.

The increase in Monopoly money was done to end the players’ frustration when they ran short of money during the game. 

Monopoly Starting Money With Different Monopoly Edition

Monopoly Version Online / Offline Official / Unofficial Monopoly games Monopoly Starting Money/player Money Split Per player Max Player About the Game in Brief
Classic Monopoly It is mostly played in the offline mode. However, several online versions free and paid versions are also available It is the official version of the Monopoly game. This is the first version of the monopoly game that was started across the globe.  Each person starts the game with $1500. Depending on the number of players, the total money keeps on increasing.  The money share for each player at the beginning of the Monopoly game is $1500. This amount is split into various denominations for ease of the game.  There are no fixed rules for the total number of players. However, most of the time, it is 4 players who play the game. When the number of players is 4, the game not only becomes easier to play but also completed within a reasonable time Classic Monopoly, is the first-ever version of the Monopoly board game. It was started long back since Monopoly’s Beginning. The game proceeds with the classic rules where players roll two dices and move pieces in the Monopoly board for every turn. They can trade property of different color group on the Monopoly Board- buy and sell them,
buy and sell houses, Mortgage properties, and pay rent when you land on another person’s space as per the price mentioned in the title deed card according to the Monopoly Classic rules. 
For mortgaged properties, if you sell them you get half of the amount.
Classic Monopoly UK Both Online and Offline It is official Monopoly Version Each player gets £1500 to start the game. For every player, they get their £1500 in this denomination as follows.
2*£500, 4 x £100, 1 x £50, 1 x £20, 2 x £10, 1 x £5, and 5 x £1 Monopoly Notes.
2-6 players can play the game Rules are Similar to the Classic Monopoly Game.
Speed Die This game can be played in both online and offline modes. It started in the offline mode. Later with the progress of the online gaming industry, the game became popular in the online mode as well.  Speed Die is an official game version of the Classic Monopoly game. All the official house rules of the monopoly game apply for this version as well.  Each player starts Monopoly Speed Die with $100. The total money at the start of the game will depend on the total number of players.  Each player starts with $100 at the start of the game. The money sub-division for each player is as follows:
4*$500, 4*$100, 1*50, 1*$20, 2*$10, 2*$5 and 5*$1.
There are no strict rules for the number of players involved. It can vary. But just like the other versions, the game is best played when the number of players involved is 4.  Speed Die is a faster edition of the Standard Monopoly game. This version originated in 2007 to make the game faster and better. The basic rules remain almost the same as a classic monopoly. However, the starting money is different from the original classic Monopoly version. 
Monopoly Empire Monopoly empire is either played offline or online. It is available both ways. The offline version is more popular among players of all ages. The minimum age restriction for playing monopoly empire is 8.  It is an official version of the Monopoly game Each player starts the Monopoly empire game with $100K or $100000. The total number of players in the Monopoly empire is usually 4. So the total money involved at the beginning of the game is $400K. It can also be more with the increasing number of players, but those are rare instances.  Each player starts the game with $100K. The sub-division of money for each round of the game is:
1* $500K4*$100K2*$50 K
K stands for thousand. Monopoly Empire involves a greater amount of money than most other versions of Monopoly. The banknotes used in the game also have K oriented on them. This is to signify a thousand. So, a $100 bill on the Monopoly Empire game would mean $100,000. 
As many players can participate, in the game. But, it is a general convention to play the Monopoly Empire game with 4 players because it is best suited for the board.  Monopoly Empire is a popular version of the classic Monopoly game. In this version, the target of the game is not to make the other players bankrupt but instead to build towers of billboards of the best brand. The player to complete the tallest billboard tower faster than others wins the game. 
Monopoly Junior It can be played both online and offline This is an official version of the classic monopoly game, Depending on the number of players, the total money varies. If 2 players play the game, each one receives $20. If three players play the game, each receives $18, and if 4 players play the game, each receives $16 For a game of 2 players, the money split per person is $20; for 3 players, the money split per person is $18; and for 4 players, the money shared among each person is $16.  The maximum number of players who can play the Monopoly junior game is 4.  Monopoly Junior game is a classic monopoly game exclusively designed for kids. It includes all the house rules and game patterns of the real monopoly game-like trading, buying and selling properties, paying rent, etc. However, the game complexity is minimized because it is for kids. To make it easier for them, the monopoly money in this version is all in $1 banknotes. In this version, you need not to choose any specific denominations.
Monopoly Electronic Banking It is mostly played online It is an official Monopoly version Each player starts with $15 million Everyone starts with a balance of $15 million in cash Monopoly’s Electronic banking can be played by 2-6 players. Electronic monopoly is a trendy recent edition of the monopoly game. There is no hard cash involved in this game type. Players start the game with banking chips and a pin machine for property trading.  However, other rules are still there like in any other Monopoly game like buying and selling properties, building houses, build hotels on the acquired spaces.
Monopoly Cheaters Edition It is available to play as an offline board game. It is an Official Monopoly version In the Monopoly Cheaters Edition, each Player gets $1500 in the beginning. The $1500 each player gets are as per the following denominations. There are 2 * $500, 4 * $100, 1*$50, 1*$20, 3*$10 2-6 players can play the game Like other Monopoly games, the Cheaters edition has all the components like Jail where players enter Jail after they roll doubles thrice. You get a Jail Free card which you can use to get out of jail from Community Chest Cards. Also, this version includes its special Cheat card.
In this game, you will find a gameboard, a plastic handcuff unit, 6 tokens, 15 Cheat cards, 16 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, 16 hotels, 2 dice, a money pack, a bank tray, and a manual guide.
Monopoly Deluxe Edition Offline as a board game It’s an official version of Monopoly In the Monopoly Deluxe Edition, every player gets $1500 in the beginning of the game. The $1500 is distributed as follows.
2 x $500, 4 x $100, 1 x $50, 1 x $20, 2 x $10, 1 x $5 and 5 x $1 bills. Banker does the money distribution.
2-10 players can play the Deluxe Edition of Monopoly Like other Monopoly versions, this has many similar rules. However, you get 10 tokens to accommodate 10 players in the game. Its rules are similar to the classic Monopoly Game.

How much Money does Monopoly Have in the bank?

The monopoly game setup has $20,580 in the bank. Before 2008, the amount was lesser than this, but after the revamped version of monopoly in 2008, the amount increased.

monopoly money in the bank

Various factors like persistent inflation and escalating popularity of the game are responsible for this inflation. 

Amount of Money a Player Starts Monopoly Considering Number of Players

In the classic monopoly game, each player starts Monopoly with $1500. They are broken down into several denominations. The game begins with the bank owning all the 12 Hotels and 32 houses on the Monopoly board.

The bank holds the extra money for any need. Before 2008, the money reserve was less, but it was later increased to end the player’s frustration for constantly running out of cash. 

How much money do you start with in Monopoly with 3 players?

Each player starts the game with $1500. If there are 3 players, the total amount would be $4500. The players can borrow money from the bank depending on the bank’s cash reserve. The primary $1500 start money is broken down into denominations. 

How much money do you start with in Monopoly with 2 players?

When the Monopoly game is played with 2 players, the total money to get started is $3000. Like the rules in the 2-player game, the starting money is divided into multiple denominations.

Monopoly has evolved, making it more accessible for all players. Due to inflation, the total money involved in the game is now increased.

The game underwent 2 major alterations – one in 2008 and one in 2022.

Since monopoly is a game based on the world’s financial conditions and reflects a true concurrent economy, the money involved and its usage keeps changing with the changing global economic conditions. 

How much Money do You get in Monopoly Cheaters Edition in the beginning?

In Monopoly Cheaters Edition, you get $1500 per player to play the game. Here the denominations of Monopoly Money that you would get are 2 * $500, 4 * $100, 1*$50, 1*$20 and 3*$10.


Let’s conclude the post on how much money to start in the Monopoly Game!

These are the official guidelines of money distribution and we use them as a standard while playing the game. If someone does not follow these values of money distribution, you can easily spot them now.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. You can read more Monopoly Posts here.

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