Monopoly Man: Who is the Man in Monopoly? (Have Monocle?)

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Most of us really remember the old character in the iconic white beard man with black suit and a well defined mustache as the Monopoly Man, Mr. Monopoly, or simply as the “Monopoly Guy”. 

But the real history and appearance are actually quite interesting and actually draw inspiration from much real life & other popular characters.

Monopoly Man

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Who really is the monopoly man?

The character of the monopoly man or the Monopoly guy is actually based on the depictions of Rich Uncle Pennybags, who happens to be the mascot for the popular board game monopoly hence evidently the name. Initially called only “uncle rich”. 

512px Uncle penny
Image of Monopoly Man Mascot, Credits: FluffybunsCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The first public depictions of the man of Monopoly can be found in the Parker Brothers board & card games including the very famous chance & chest board games. 

This obviously is before he was featured in the famous board game Monopoly and henceforth became immortalized as the famous Monopoly’s man.

Interestingly it is believed that the original concept & inspiration of the visuals for monopoly man was taken from the equally famous then-era progressive businessman JP Morgan

However, some also believe that the fictional character Daddy Warbucks from the famous Story “Annie” could also be an inspiration for the monopoly game’s man. 

There is also another popular theory that claims that the actual inspiration for Monopoly Man was based on the German businessman Otto Kahn

Well, this is certainly well established based on the fact that both of them share the same style of dressing, ranging from the top hat & black coat to the white handlebar mustaches.

However, it is not known for certain.

Does Monopoly Man Have a Monocle?

Contrary to popular belief, the monopoly man does not have a monocle. Just take a look at any Monopoly man poster. You will be surprised that there is no monocle in any of them.

Monopoly Man does not have monocle from Monopoly Deluxe Edition Box
Here is the Image I captured of the Monopoly Man from the Monopoly Deluxe Edition Box (does not have a monocle)

Who Created the Monopoly Man?

The original creators of the artwork & concept for monopoly man were not known publicly until recently in 2013 when it was revealed that Mr. Phillip Orbanes came up with the first concept for monopoly man

This information only came to light when one of Mr. Daniel Fox’s grandchildren contacted executives from the Parker Brothers corporation with original hand-drawn sketches. 

Judging by the popularity of the monopoly it is really surprising to note that nobody had any idea who the original creator was, until now.

What does the Monopoly Man look like?

In popular culture, the original Mr. Monopoly or Mr. Pennybags is depicted as a rich old man wearing an iconic black suit & and sporting a white mustache and tall hat holding a long black cane.

Does the Monopoly Man have a Mustache?

Yes, like we can fondly remember the monopoly man does indeed have an iconic mustache. 

Unlike the monocle, this is not one of those strange instances where our brains are playing tricks on us again.

Why do we think the Monopoly Man wears glasses?

But then why do we have this notion that the monopoly man wears these old-fashioned glasses? 

Well, this is a classic example of what is known as the Mandela effect

It is this strange phenomenon that says that the brain deliberately misremembers some of our fondest childhood memories & the monopoly man’s monocle is just one of them. 

What’s more this phenomenon does not happen to some individuals, but rather it is observed en masse, so much so that we forget that our beloved childhood mustached old man never actually had any eyewear in the popular comic series.

Another popular theory as to why we misremember the monopoly man with the monocle has to do with another one of our favorite childhood characters Mr. Peanuts. 

Mr. Peanuts did wear a monocle and since both have been a very strong visual stimulus for us in our childhood our brain somehow unconsciously combines the two to create this misconception of the Monopoly game’s man and the monocle. 

If you think of it it is very interesting and a very famous example of the Mandela effect. 

Who knew that our fun little childhood cartoon had so much science hiding behind that innocent black and white silhouette?

Monopoly Man Poster

Here is a picture of Mr. Monopoly. This is one of the most awesome Monopoly Man poster you will find.

Mr Monopoly from Monopoly Deluxe Rule book
Image of Mr. Monopoly from Monopoly Deluxe Rule book(He has a mustache)

How old is the monopoly man?

Well, it cannot be said for certain how old the man in Monopoly is but based on his depictions in the original artworks he appears to be quite a senior fellow, which is evident from the fact that he has a white mustache. 

Based on popular culture references & subject matter experts, it is believed that Monopoly man Rich Uncle Pennybags age is actually between 60 to 80 years old. But no one can say for certain.

How Rich is the Man in Monopoly?

Well again since he is a fictional character it cannot be determined for certain but as per a 2013 estimate, Forbes magazine pegged Monopoly Man Money at around $1.2 Billion, with a cool B. 

Not only insanely rich that kind of wealth makes him one of the richest fictional characters to ever exist. It is also popularly believed that the monopoly man earned his riches in the real estate business and most of his wealth is tied to real estate investments. 

Hence it Is difficult to put an exact figure on his wealth & it keeps fluctuating as per the market estimates.

The Monopoly man vs Pringles Man

Some keen observers might have already noticed this one. The iconic handlebar mustaches of these two famous fictional characters are quite similar in style. 

Not only that their round faces and overall stylization of character are also similar in many mannerisms. Surprisingly it is popularly believed that both of them are relatives.

To know more you can check, the comparison of Monopoly Man vs Pringles Man.

What does the monopoly man do in the game monopoly?

In the game of monopoly, Rich Uncle Pennybags can be seen on the widely popular “Speed Die”. This die was first introduced in “Monopoly: The Mega edition” in 2006. 

Monopoly Speed die has Monopoly Man

In the original versions of the Monopoly game if you roll a Mr. Monopoly on the speed die, then you take your turn normally as you are supposed to, after which you can move to your nearest unowned property, which you may buy or auction as you wish. 

If all properties are previously owned, you may move to the nearest one in which you are paying rent.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Man!

The Monopoly’s Man is one of the most iconic and well-known characters in the world. Whatever your opinion of the rich Monopoly Guy, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most recognizable and popular characters in the world.

If you like to read more about Monopoly Game, you can read all our other posts.

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