Monopoly Buying and Selling House Rules: Guide (2023)

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Houses are a great way to boost your Earnings by Increasing your Rent collection by many folds in your space.

Even professional players focus on building houses in the game.

In this post, I will be discussing in detail the Buying House Rules and Selling House Rules in Monopoly.

Monopoly Buying and Selling House Rules

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What are Houses In Monopoly?

Houses are upgraded you can build in your acquired spaces in the game of Monopoly.

Once you build houses in the game, you can charge more for the rent once another player lands on your property.

Each property can only have four houses on it.

Once all four houses have been bought, hotels can be built. The rent for a property with houses is based on the number of houses present.

The more houses, the higher the rent. (You can also refer to the Monopoly Rent Rules here.)

Houses In Monopoly

When a player lands on a space with an opponent’s house on it, they must pay rent to that player. If there are multiple houses in space, the rent goes up accordingly.

You will find the rent mentioned in the deed of the space you acquired.

Monopoly Buying House Rules

Here are the rules for buying houses in Monopoly:

1. Buying House Eligibility Criteria

Houses in Monopoly Can be bought only when you capture all of the spaces of the same color on the Monopoly Board.

E.g. If you have all Brown properties or all Red properties, then only you are eligible to build houses on them.

2. Building Multiple Houses in Even Manner

Houses must be constructed evenly throughout all same colored spaces

For Eg: If you start buying houses for Orange Labeled Properties, you have to build a single house in all of them before you can start building the second house.

3. House Number Limitation in Buying

There are a total of 32 houses in Monopoly game that you or your opponent can buy. Once you build 32 houses, you cannot build anymore.

4. Houses Cannot be built if one of the properties is Mortgaged

Even if you have all the spaces of a single color acquired, you still need to keep them unmortgaged.

If you mortgage any one of them, then you cannot build houses on them.

To start building houses again, you need to pay to the bank the remaining mortgaged amount(half of the total property price as you received the half amount when you mortgaged it) + 10% to get your property unmortgaged.

You can also refer to the Monopoly Mortgage Rules here to know more about Mortgaging.

Monopoly Selling House Rules

Here are the rules for selling houses in Monopoly:

1. Can you Sell Houses In Monopoly?

You can sell houses in Monopoly to the Monopoly bank only.

You need to ask the person in the Monopoly bank that you are selling.

You will get half the amount that you purchased it.

Though you can sell spaces to another player, you cannot sell Houses to another player in the game.

2. Selling House Order

To sell a house, you cannot sell all houses of a particular space at a time. You need to sell them evenly throughout the spaces.

This means you can start selling one house from each of the acquired spaces of similar color before you can sell a second house.

3. Can I sell properties in Monopoly with houses to another player?

A property cannot be sold to another player with houses build on them.

You need to remove all the upgrades you made thereby selling houses and hotels to the bank at half of the price and then can sell the property space to another player as a private transaction in the game.

House Buying Rate vs House Selling Rate in Monopoly

A House cost varies among several colored properties in Monopoly. 

Monopoly House Cost

Here are the rates at which you can buy houses in Monopoly:

Colored Space House Buying Cost House Selling Cost Max House
Orange £100 for Each Houses £50 for Each Houses 4
Green £200 for Each Houses £100 for Each Houses 4
Brown £50 for Each Houses £25 for Each Houses 4
Pink £100 for Each Houses £50 for Each Houses 4
Blue £200 for Each Houses £100 for Each Houses 4
Light Blue £50 for Each Houses £25 for Each House 4
Yellow £150 for Each Houses £75 for Each Houses 4
Red £150 for Each Houses £75 for Each Houses 4
Data from My Monopoly Deluxe Edition

Do you have to sell houses before mortgaging in Monopoly?

If you are mortgaging your property to the Bank of Monopoly, then you need to clear off any Houses and Hotels build on it. 

You need to sell the houses and hotels to the bank at half of the price it was bought and then you can mortgage your property in Monopoly.

Can you buy houses after you roll in Monopoly?

You can buy Houses After you Roll in Monopoly. However, in this case, the next player’s turn needs to be over. 

So, wait till the other player’s turn end and then tell the banker that you would like to buy houses in a particular space you acquired.

Provide money to the bank and place a house symbol on your space.

Do you have to land on the space to buy a house in Monopoly?

No, you don’t have to land on the space to buy a house in your acquired space in Monopoly.

You can buy a house whenever you want as long as you have enough money. 

When can you put a house on a property in monopoly?

In Monopoly, players may acquire a home to boost rent.

Specific periods were off-limits for the building. They may build homes whenever a player controls all of a color’s land. 

If a person owns all orange land, they may construct homes wherever other players don’t.

Houses cost money. 

For a land-based residence, players need $400. So each lot can contain just one home. Before making one, they must populate that color’s attributes.

How many houses can you build per turn in monopoly?

You can build multiple houses in a single turn in Monopoly if you have enough money for the purchase.

The only catch is that you need to buy houses evenly across all your spaces before you can purchase a second house in a single space.

Can you sell back house in monopoly?

You can sell back houses directly to Monopoly Bank. You will get half the price of the house that you invested to build it.

For E.g.The bank would offer a player $100 if they invested $200 in property investment and resold it for $100. 

Can you buy property in monopoly if you don’t land on it?

While playing Monopoly, you cannot acquire a property unless and until a player lands on it.

In Monopoly, buying land is illegal unless you settle on it beforehand. 

Nothing may be purchased until the coin lands on a dollar symbol.


Let’s conclude the post on Rules of Buying Houses and Selling Houses in Monopoly.

I hope after reading this you will be well versed in these rules and take your Monopoly strategy in the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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