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Monopoly Empire is a fantastic game, but the rules are complex, twisted, and challenging. You could lose the game with even the slightest mistakes in following instructions.

Before we explore Monopoly Empire rules, let us know some basics. Two, three, or four players can play the Monopoly Empire Game.

The Monopoly Empire game does not work well with five or more players because four towers are on the board. A two-player game takes around 30 minutes, while a four-player game may consume up to 90 minutes to play the complete game.

Monopoly Empire Rules

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Starting Money in Monopoly Empire

In Monopoly Empire, each player starts the game with $1,000K. This Monopoly Money is distributed under the following sub-heads:

  • 2*$50 K Bills
  • 4*$100 K Bills
  • 1*$500 K Bills

K means 1000. So, the starting money for each player is the summation of these seven bills, which account for 1 million. 

Note: These are the official Monopoly Rules of the Monopoly Empire Edition game.

Bank Rules in Monopoly Empire

The bank rules are pretty similar to the other classic monopoly games. You can keep your money in the bank and collect your tower value from the banks. You can buy utility billboards by paying the bank. 

Brand Spaces in the Monopoly Empire Game

In the game, properties of the Classic Monopoly have been replaced with brands like McDonald’s, Coca-cola, and Xbox. You have two options whenever you land on a brand that nobody owns.

You can either buy the brand billboard by paying the amount shown on the board or auction it.

Contrarily, if you land on a brand that someone else owns, you must pay them the current value of the player’s tower as rent.

So, for example, if the current worth of the tower of a player is 100 and you land on her brand, you need to pay her $100K.

Always remember to ask for the rent whenever someone lands on your brand. If the other player moves off your brand, you cannot ask for rent from them.

Office Tiles on Monopoly Empire Board

While playing, if you complete a color set, you can buy an office tile from the bank paying $500K during your turn, and slide that into your tower.

If you are close to filling up your tower, be careful to check the amount of money you are left with. This will help you to buy more office tiles as the game approaches its conclusion.

Jail Rules of Monopoly Empire

Jail rules vary considerably between Classic Monopoly games and Monopoly Empire games.

When any player lands on the Go to the Jail space, they must go to the Jail. In this case, no need to pass the Go space. While in Jail, players cannot collect the rent even if someone lands on their space.

In the Monopoly Empire game, players can participate in Auctions even while jailed. Players cannot collect fines when in Jail. Players must pay $100K to move out of jail.

If players can roll double in three turns, they can get out of jail only by paying $50K. 

Landing on Go Rules

Players can collect an amount from the bank when they pass or land on Go. This amount is directly proportional to the present tower value of the player. If there are no billboards on the player’s tower, they can collect $50K. 

Paying Rent Rules

Like Classic Monopoly Game, you have to pay rent when you land on any property owned by a different player. Unlike the classic monopoly games, the rents are not fixed in the Monopoly Empire game.

It depends on how tall the payer’s tower is and on whose property you have landed. 

Purchasing and Selling Utility Rules in Monopoly Empire

The idea of the Monopoly Empire game is to fill your tower, leading to winning. Utilities will help you fulfill the objective faster.

When the towers get filled up, players can earn more when they pass the Go space. Also, the players can earn higher rents. Purchasing the proper utilities in time can also help to coverup billboards better.

Two kinds of utilities exist in the Monopoly empire game – Electric companies and Waterworks.

The dice total multiplied by a number gives the rent amount for utilities.

When the utility owner owns one utility, the dice total is multiplied by 4; when the owner owns both utilities, the dice total is multiplied by 10. The utilities cost 150 in the Monopoly Empire game. 

Income Tax and Other Taxes

In the classic monopoly game, the two types of taxes – Luxury tax and Super Tax. However, in the Monopoly Empire game, these taxes are not levied. Instead, the Tower tax and Rival Tower Tax are the two types of taxes.

Landing on the tower tax space means the player has to return the top billboard of their tower. If any player lands on the Rival Tower Tax space, they can return the top billboard of any other player.

Tower tax spaces should be avoided, while the Rival Tower tax is a great place to land on. 

Monopoly Empire Auction Rules

Since most of the actions in Monopoly Empire are concerned with buying brand spaces and getting their billboards on the tower, there is an active buying process for billboards.

When a player lands on unowned brand spaces, they get to see a price on the boards they must pay to buy the same. If the player does not want to buy the billboard for the price quoted, the same billboard goes for auction.

The auction starts with the banker offering the first bid at $50k. Now the players [participating in suction can raise the price. As with any other auction, the highest bidder will own the billboard and can include it in their own tower. 

Monopoly Empire Free Parking Rules

If a player lands on the free parking space in the Monopoly Empire game, they have two options. First, they can take a trip, which means the player has to pay $100K to the bank.

They can move their token to any desired space if they pay the bank. The players can also choose to do nothing when they land on the Free Parking space.

In this case, no money will be paid or collected. It is just a free resting place. 

Rolling Doubles Rules In Monopoly Empire

In Monopoly, rolling doubles means rolling two dice with the same number. In that case, the player gets another chance to roll the dice.

If they roll doubles a second time, they get a third chance. However, if a double is rolled the third time, the privilege is forfeited, and the player goes to jail. 

Handshake in Monopoly Empire

One of the two dice has a handshake sign on one side. This is an exciting addition to the usual dice. If the handshake side appears after a roll, you get an option called sneaky swap as one of your actions.

Using this option, you can exchange two of your topmost billboard tower tiles with the two topmost billboard tower tiles of another player.

Alternatively, you can exchange the top two billboard tiles of the other two players. This move is optional. You may or may not act. You can also choose to do nothing after the roll and make your usual move.

However, If you decide to act, you cannot move your token for this turn.

Monopoly Empire Cards Rules

In this section, you will find the rules of the Monopoly empire cards explained.

Empire cards are to be kept a secret. At the beginning of the game, each player gets two Empire Cards. A player can receive more Empire cards if they happen to land on one of the two spaces marked with the capital M. 

 After that, the players can use these cards as per their instructions. For example, if an Empire Card states, “play on your turn,” you can use it before or after you roll the dice or before or after you make a move.

However, to make an informed decision, you must use the card after you have rolled the dice. 

It is worth noting that the Empire Card does not make a turn. Therefore, players are allowed to play these cards along with their usual turns. Additionally, nothing in the Monopoly rules prevents players from playing two or more Empire Cards together. 

A caveat using the “Stock Market Crash” Empire Card is that it can lead to punishment of the user if not used prudently.

This card lets the user take the topmost billboard of all the players, including himself/herself, and return them to the board. If the user’s tower is taller than the other players, using this card will harm the user. 

Going Bankrupt in Monopoly Empire

The monopoly empire game does not involve any term regarding bankruptcy.

No one can go bankrupt in this game. The game simply involves winning the tallest towers, and that is all.

The fastest member to do it wins the game. Unlike classic monopoly games, players don’t go bankrupt in Monopoly Empire. 

What does the Just Say No card means in the Monopoly empire?

The Monopoly Empire Just says no card is used to stop the action of any other player in the game. The Just Say No cards can also stop the Empire cards.

But these cards cannot be used to stop the actions “against you,” nor can they stop someone from paying rent or acquiring any new property.

FAQs of Monopoly Empire Rules

Q. What does the handshake mean in the Monopoly empire?

Ans. The handshake symbol in the Monopoly Empire game stands for Sneaky Swapper. When rolling the Sneaky Swapper, you can swap between the top billboards on any two of the four towers in the game. 

Q. How do you get out of jail in the Monopoly empire?

Ans. There are three ways to get out of jail in the Monopoly Empire game. They are:
1. In your next turn, roll a double
2. Get access to a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”

3. Pay $100k when starting the next turn. After paying, continue to roll the dice as usual. 

Q. What is Tower Tax in Monopoly Empire?

Ans. If a player lands on the Tower tax space of any other player, they will have to return the top billboard to the board. Landing on the Rival Tower Tax space will give you the capacity to return some other player’s top billboard to the monopoly board.

Q. How many players can play Monopoly Empire?

Ans. Two, three, or four players can play the Monopoly empire game. Not more than 5 players are entitled to play the game because there are only 4 towers on the Monopoly game board. 


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Here, I tried to cover the rules in depth to help you know in and outs of the Monopoly Empire game. To know more about how to play Monopoly Empire, you can check this post written by me.

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