How Many Monopoly Versions Are There? (Answered!)

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Monopoly is a game that evolved in the social structure. It is a public game that was not commercialized in the beginning.

With the evolution of society, Monopoly spread across the globe, and each socio-geographical region developed its own version of Monopoly.

The core theme remained the same; the game attained various forms and was played in multiple languages. 

In this post, I will discuss about how many versions of Monopoly are there and some of the popular versions of the game.

How Many Monopoly Versions Are There

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How many versions of Monopoly are there?

Monopoly is licensed and played in 103 different countries. Around 1100 – 1500 versions of the Monopoly game are listed on Board Game Geek. There may be various other informal versions that are not listed officially. The central concept and primary game target of all the games remain the same. 

Certain species of board games are very closely related to Monopoly, such as Business Monopoly, OPOLY, Matador, and Anti-monopoly.

Along with these games, certain unauthorized paradox games of Monopoly exist parallel. 

10 Most Popular Monopoly Versions Lists

Monopoly has remained to be a favorite of many. There are thousands of versions of the game. Here are the 10 most played Monopoly versions:

Monopoly Classic Version

The standard monopoly version is where players can scheme their way to their fortune, acquiring riches and indulging in serious property trading.

The intense action of the Monopoly classic edition makes it the top most selling Monopoly game ever.

The trading game is fun, exciting, fast, and can be played among multiple players.

Adhere to the house rules and enjoy the fun and exciting adrenaline rush of the Classic Monopoly Version. 

Know the Monopoly Classic Rules here in this post written by me.

Ultimate Banking Version

This is a modern banking version of the Monopoly Board Game. This is much more realistic than the original classical version.

Moreover, it is considered one of the ultimate game versions of Monopoly, which has all the features of the past Monopoly versions.

The Ultimate Banking Monopoly game is a highly tech-oriented version.

It has evolved due to the contemporary advancements in gaming technology and the modifying paradigms of gamers’ preferences in this version.

The players can easily set up, rent, or sell their property with one single touch.

There are advanced features like property cards for players, scanning and tracking each player’s property details, and much more. 

Monopoly Empire

The Monopoly empire game is distinct from the other versions because this game has no concept of bankruptcy.

Each player must own brands and collect the billboards to fill their towers. The one who does it earliest wins the game.

There are utilities and tower taxes in this version. This game is a race to build the tallest towers with the best brand at the earliest.

Here more than winning, winning it fast matters the most.

The rivals can collect rent and taxes from each other. The player will have taller towers and gets more taxes than others. 

To know more on Monopoly Empire rules, you can check this helpful guide here.

Monopoly Junior 

As is evident from the name, Monopoly Junior is a version exclusively developed for kids.

This is not a serious casino version involving money. Instead, the fun elements are more prominent in this game.

The rules are similar to the Classic Monopoly game, but some added features make it even more exciting for the kids.

The special characteristic of this version is that – it is simple to play and very fast since kids cannot hold their patience long.

There are a few basic concepts over which the game operates – Landing on Go space, buying property, and collecting rent. The transactions are also easier. 

To know more on Monopoly Junior rules, you can check this helpful guide here.

Monopoly Mega Edition

The Monopoly mega editions give a chance to the players to build more property, gather more money, and, most importantly, do all of them quite fast.

It is the same as the classic game, only the money involved is enormous hence the name Mega edition.

The volume of property, rent, collected money – everything is enhanced in this game. It is s treat for Monopoly lovers.

The game boards are larger, and there are more functional train depots and skyscrapers. Even there are various new types of properties.

Monopoly mega edition features 7 new states, and the bill amount is raised to $1000.

If you love speed games involving intense suspense and higher monetary bets, the Monopoly Mega Edition is ideal. 

Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition

The 80th-anniversary edition of Monopoly marks 80 glorious ears of the game officially played by global players.

It reinforces the classic monopoly game. Only the number of properties and the purchase opportunities are high in this edition.

It has fast-trading tokens and is a retro board game that everyone will love. 

Monopoly Star Wars

Marvel and DC lovers worldwide are passionate about the star wars edition of Monopoly. In this game, you must conquer various intergalactic elements, and the celestial bodies are the property.

There are two modes of the game – Empire and Rebel. The primary task is building several space bases to dominate the universe.

When some player lands on your planet, they pay you rent and vice versa. Force cards are the game changer.

When a player owns all the planets, they become the winner. 

Here and Now: United States Edition

This is a fast-paced monopoly game where the players cost several cities on the board, racing with other players.

They collect stamps during their visit. The target is filling out the passport. The player who visits all the cities before anyone else and fills their passport wins the game.

The cities on the board are popular global cities like New York, Seattle, and Denver.

Since it has been developed in the United States, most components reflect the prestige of the Us.

For example, the presence of the Statue of Liberty on the board. 

Electronic Banking

Electronic banking is a reflection of the modern trading ways in the world.

Since monopoly is a public game that has emerged from society’s real economy, it keeps changing with the evolving economic status of society. These days, we use debit and credit cards more than cash.

Monopoly electronic versions also emphasize using debit cards rather than real Monopoly money.

The game operates faster and is a great way to play Monopoly with your friends and family. The exclusive tokens and high property value make the game interesting and exciting. 

To know more about Monopoly Electronic Banking Rules, you can check here.

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal is the travel edition of Monopoly. It is a very fast-moving game where the players keep acquiring property and making trade moves swiftly.

It ends easily only if you can outwit your opponent. It takes 15 minutes to play the game, so it is perfect for your travel.

It is a clean and sleek game. Players can easily continue to earn money in the game. It is ideal for a perfect vacation mode. 

Read more about Monopoly Deal rules here.

What is the oldest version of Monopoly?

The oldest version of Monopoly was not even called Monopoly. It was known as the Landlord’s game. An American lady first invented this game in 1902. Her name was Elizabeth Magie.

The first tournament of the Monopoly game was held in Lee Bayrd, United States, in 1973. Some of the oldest boards of the Monopoly game have now become antique and vintage collectibles.

When the Parker brothers bought the game and started commercial marketing, they had embellished their insignia on plenty of Monopoly boards. These are valuable antiques in recent days. 

What is the most valuable Monopoly Game?

Vintage Monopoly games are worth beyond your surreal imagination. There exist certain valuable and rare forms of the game and game board.

The most expensive or valuable  Monopoly set is encrusted with precious gems such as sapphires and rubies. Sidney Mobell created this board in 1988 in San Francisco.

The hotels and game dices were all in solid gold, and for the dice pips, diamonds were used. The net worth of this monopoly game was $2 million.

How many Monopoly Games have been sold?

More than 275 copies of the Monopoly game have been sold. Hasbro is currently the biggest manufacturer and global supplier of the Monopoly gamer.

The company manufactures many monopoly boards and has reported printing more than $30 million in Monopoly money annually. Since 1935, they have printed more than $3 trillion.

3000 different game versions have been made till now. 


Let’s conclude the post on the number of versions of the Monopoly Game!

There are numerous versions of Monopoly out there and it is continuously increasing. Every year, several newer editions are coming to the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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