How to Play Monopoly Super Mario Celebration? (+Rules)

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Monopoly Super Mario Celebration is a fun game and is made for Super Mario fans out there. So, if you are a retro gaming fan, then this game would definitely be a great choice for you.

Now, unlike the other versions of Monopoly, the rules and playing this game has a variation in them. In this post, I will discuss how to play the Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Game with its detailed rules.

How to Play Monopoly Super Mario Celebration

Let’s get started!

Things to Know Before Playing Super Mario Monopoly

Before getting started with this game, you need to know about a few things like the different components of the game, the number of players who can play the game, and Money(coins here…) to start the game.

Super Mario Monopoly Characters

The game includes the following: 

  • 6 tokens
  • 18 title deed cards
  • 6 question block reminder cards
  • 32 toad houses
  • 32 community chest cards
  • 12 Princess Peach’s castles
  • 90 cardboard coins (50 Golden coins, 40 5-coins)
  • 1 die
  • Question Block sound unit

How many players can play the Super Mario Monopoly game?

Two to six players can play the Super Mario Monopoly game.

How much money do you start with in Mario Monopoly?

Each player can start with 30 coins. The coins will be distributed as five 5 coins and five 1 coins. 

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly Rules

In the Monopoly Board of Super Mario Celebration edition, there are several spaces known as Action spaces that have specific features in them like GO Space, and Monopoly Jail.

In this section, I would discuss the rules of different important aspects of the game.

Go Rules: 

The game starts with all players putting their tokens in the Go space. Each player will roll the die and the highest scorer will move first. He or she will move the token clockwise that number of spaces as shown on the rolled die. Then the player left to the starter will act.

Question Block Rule: 

The Question Block must be placed in the designated space on the gameboard. When a player lands on the space marked by a question mark, he or she needs to press the Question Block. Four kinds of tunes can come out of this block.

These are “Coin Ping”, “Power up Ring”, “Bowser’s launch” and “Game Over Tune”. 

Each tune corresponds to an action mentioned in the Question Block Reminder card. The player needs to act as per the instructions corresponding to each rule. 

Coin Ping Sound: f the player hears a coin ping sound, the corresponding instruction is to collect 1 coin from the bank. 

For e.g. If he or she hears two coin ping sounds, they will collect 2 coins from the bank.

Power-Up Ring Sound: If you hear the power-up ring sound, then you need to roll the dice and continue moving on the Monopoly board again. There are no special instructions for this sound. You need to follow the space rule of the Board instead once you land in some space.

Browser’s Laugh Sound: Conversely, if the player hears Browser’s laugh, he or she much pay the bank 5 coins. 

Game Over Tune: If you hear the Game over a tune you need to play the bank 10 coins.

Just Visiting Rules:

If a player lands up in the space marked as Just Visiting on the Board, nothing will happen. The player is just visiting this space marked as Jail.

This space does not penalize the player by any means and he/she can continue the next turn. So, this is like a resting space on the board.

Go to Jail Rules:

But if the player lands on a space marked as “Go to Jail”, he or she must move to the space Jail. 

During this movement, you will eventually pass go, but in this case, you cannot collect your reward of 2 coins.

However, rent collection, participating in an auction to bid, and buying toad houses, or Peach castles are allowed. Even you can trade properties you have with other players when you are in Monopoly Jail.

Getting Out of Jail Rules

Now, let’s learn about how to get out of jail in the Monopoly Super Mario Celebration edition game:

  1. Get out by Paying 5 Coins: Just pay 5 coins as a bail amount in your next turn and you can continue normally like any other player.
  2. Get Out of Jail by Using Jail-free Card: You can use Jail Free card if you already have one or buy from any other player.
  3. Roll 6 to get out of Jail: You can roll 6 and get free to continue your turn.

Mortgage Rule: 

When a player runs out of money, he or she can sell or mortgage property to raise money. The player can mortgage property to the bank by putting the Title Deed card facedown and collecting the mortgage value mentioned on the back of the card from a bank. 

For repaying a mortgage the player must pay the bank the value borrowed and put the Title Deed card face up. 

Rent Rule: 

Rent can be collected from properties that are not mortgaged. Increased rent can be collected from the unmortgaged property in a color set.

Free Parking Rules:

If you get to land on the Free Parking space, then nothing happens in this version of the game. So, it’s a great place to take some rest and get ready for your next turn. It’s like being in a safe house for a turn.

Chain Chomp and Piranha Plant Space Rules:

When playing the game, you may eventually land in a space marked with a Chain Chomp or a Piranha Plant. These have been included in the Super Mario game and like the game, this penalizes the player.

If you land in Chain Chomp or a Piranha Plant, you need to pay the number of coins mentioned in the space to the bank.

How do you play Super Mario Monopoly?

Let’s now learn to play this game step by step. “Mario Fans Get Ready as its going to be interesting”.

Setting Up the Game

  1. Elect the Banker: First, elect someone as a Banker who would be monitoring and in charge of the transactions and all unowned properties in the game.
  2. Setting Up the Monopoly Board: Lay the Monopoly board on a flat surface properly. Place the Question block of Yellow color on the Question block space near the Free Parking. Shuffle Community Cards and Place them in the Community card space in the middle of the board.
  3. Banker to Distribute the Monopoly Coins: Each player gets 30 Coins to start the Monopoly Super Mario Celebrations edition. There would be 5 * 5 Numbered Coin and 5 * 1 Numbered Coin. Also, each player would get a Reminder Card where Question block rules are written.
  4. Choose Token And Place on GO: Every player needs to choose a token and place it to GO space before the start of the game.

This was the basic setup required in the game.

Before starting the game do check whether the Monopoly Question block is functioning properly. If it is not, try replacing the existing battery with 1 AAA battery.

Starting the Game

In the beginning, each player will roll the die and the player with the highest score will move first.

He or she will move the token clockwise that number of spaces as shown on the die-cast. The player’s next action will depend on the space he or she lands up. 

Playing the Game

You can start the game by Rolling the Die.

After the Die is rolled, move the token in the clockwise direction on the board as per the count of the die.

The player may land up on an unowned property or an owned property. If the player lands on an unowned property he or she has two choices: buy it or put it on auction. 

For buying the property, the player will pay the price on the board space and take the Title Deed card from a bank. 

However, if the player does not want to buy the property, he or she can ask the Bank to auction it. The bank will request the remaining players to bid for the property. 

The bidding price will start from the price of the property. The auction will end when no player is willing to increase the bid and the highest bidder will get the space after paying the amount to Bank. 

The third option can be no one is willing to bid for the space. In that case, none of the players pays anything and Bank holds the Title deed. 

If the player land on a property owned by another player, the player must pay the owner a rent. But the trick is that the property owner must ask for the rent. If the owner does not ask for rent, the player who landed on the property need not pay. 

In case a player owns each location in a color set, he or she can double the rent for these locations. Alternatively, the player can build Toad Houses and Peach’s Castles and charge even higher rent. 

For building the Toad House, the player does not have to wait for his or her turn. All they have to do is pay bank the cost on the Title deed card and place a Toad house on the location. A player can have no more than four Toad houses in one location.

If a player has four Toad Houses in all locations in a color set, he or she can pay to upgrade to Peach’s Castle. The player can have one Peach’s castle per location. However, no building can be made in a space in a color set that has been mortgaged.

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