Monopoly Passing Go Rules: Helpful Guide (2023)

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Did you know that the rules for the Go space in Monopoly vary depending on the version of the game you’re playing?

In this article, we’ll explore the different variations of the Go space rules and uncover some interesting facts about this crucial space on the Monopoly board.

Whether you’re a seasoned Monopoly player or just starting out, this information will help you make the most of your time on the Go space.

So let’s dive in and learn more about the Go space in Monopoly!

About Monopoly Go Space

The Go space is the first square on the Monopoly board. Every player starts the monopoly game from this go space.

After passing the Go square, each player can collect $200. This amount is applicable for the standard versions.

However, specific house rules can fetch almost $400, and the amount can even soar up to $800. There are unique Go space rules for each of the Monopoly versions

What happens when you pass Go in Monopoly?

Every time a player passes Go in Monopoly, they receive an amount of $200 from the bank. The money gets credited after completing one round trip around the Monopoly board.

During the first round, you will not revive the money. After completing the first round, the money will start getting credited.

For the first round, you cannot collect the money immediately. The more times you pass the Go space, the greater your reward collection.

Players will also collect money for passing the Go space if their tokens land on it. The tokens can be landed either by drawing cards or throwing dice

What are the Monopoly Passing Go Rules?

Players will get a cash prize of $200 every time they pass the Go space. However, one vital rule exists- the players will not get any money even on passing the Go space if they go to jail.

This applies to going to jail either by chance or a community chest card. If you check the cards for going to jail, it is usually stated that “Go directly to Jail, do not pass Go.” That means, in literal terms, you cannot pass Go space if you get to jail and don’t get the $200. 

However, if any player passes the Go space on the throw of the dice and lands two spaces beyond the Go in the Community chest or 7 spaces beyond it on the Chance, and after the same, they draw the card “Advance to Go,” they collect $200 for passing the Go space first time and another $200 for passing it for the second time. 

What Happens If You Land On Go In Monopoly?

When you land on the Go space in Monopoly, you will collect $200. The rules clearly state that you can collect this amount when your token passes the Go space.

This is one of the best ways to collect your salary because you will not have to wait to collect rent from other players.

With the money collected from passing the Go space, you can pay your rent, taxes, or fines.

The only important rules are that- you can collect the money for Gosspace only after completely passing the board once, and second, you cannot collect money from the Go space if you are in jail. 

What happens when you land in  Go Space with Three Doubles?

If you roll three doubles in the game of Monopoly in a row, you will straight head towards the jail. And as per the Go rules, you can not collect any money from the Go space while in jail. 

Money You Get on Passing Go with different Monopoly Versions.

Different monopoly versions have unique Go space rules. Let us learn more about the Go space rules:

Monopoly Junior

A player who passes the Go space in a monopoly junior game board will collect monopoly money from the bank. Players can collect A2 from the bank when they pass the Go space.

If you draw the card, Go straight to jail, and do not pass Go, you are not entitled to collect any A2 money from the bank. Instead, you can use the A1 card to escape jail and then keep playing as normal. 

Monopoly Here and Now

The players will collect $200 on passing the go space and enjoy the perks of the Double Go space while playing the Monopoly Here and Now game. When the player draws the Go to Jail card, they will not collect any money from the bank but instead, go to jail. 

Monopoly Deluxe

The Go space rules for Monopoly Deluxe are almost the same as the Monopoly Here and Now game rules. The player gets money for passing the Go space and doubles the amount when they land on the Go space. Also, the player goes to jail if they draw the Go to Jail card.

Monopoly Electronic Banking

The game rules for Monopoly Electronic Banking are almost the same as the other editions. The only major difference is that there is no involvement of real cash.

The players will use bank cards and electronic banking units to transfer funds. The classic Monopoly Go rules are applicable here. So, the Go space rules of Classic monopoly remain intact even in the Monopoly Electronic Banking game. 

Do you get $200 every time you pass Go?

The salary for passing the Go space in Monopoly is $200. This is a default amount. There is also another clause called “Double Salary on Go.”

This is a prevalent house rule according to which the player will get a double salary of $400 when they land on Go space on the Monopoly board.

That sums up to – if you pass the Go space without exactly landing on it, you collect $200, whereas if you roll the dice and land in the Go space, you will collect double the amount, $400. 

What does “Do not pass Go do not collect $200“ means?

If you draw a card that says Do not pass Go, that means you have to go to jail. This instruction is usually printed on the Go to jail card.

Drawing this card will send the player directly to jail, and they will not be allowed to traverse the monopoly board as usual. 

Do you have to stop at Go?

You don’t have to stop at Go space in the monopoly game. The Go square functions just as any other square in Monopoly.

So, while rolling the dice, if you get the exact number to land on the Go space, only then should you stop there.

Otherwise, you will carry on rolling just like normal conditions, passing the Go space. The collection of money does not depend on whether you halt at the Go Space or not. 


In conclusion, the Go space in Monopoly is an important aspect of the game. Players can collect money by passing or landing on the Go space, with the amount varying depending on the version of the game.

However, players cannot collect money from the Go space if they go to jail. Understanding the rules associated with the Go space can help players strategically plan their moves and maximize their rewards during a game of Monopoly.

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