Monopoly Trading Rules: The Definitive Guide (2023)

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Do you know that you can also trade properties with other players in the Monopoly Game?

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In this post, I will discuss in detail about the Monopoly Trading rules and all you need to know about it.

Monopoly Trading Rules

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Can you Trade Properties in Monopoly?

Yes, Properties can be traded in the Monopoly game. Trading is one of the fundamental activities in Monopoly to take the game forward. Monopoly will move forward only if trading happens correctly with all the house rules in effect. Players can trade properties in Monopoly among themselves.

Trading means buying and selling properties. With the ultimate target of becoming the wealthiest player in the game, all the players transact the properties.

Buying and selling will involve cash transactions. Pliers target the best properties to help them complete color sets and win the game.

Some players can also sell properties that seem unuseful to other players to gain money to help them stay alive in the game.

Overall, the trading depends on the property’s worth and value. Monopoly has multiple trading rules, helping players make better and faster deals. 

How to trade a Property in Monopoly?

In Monopoly, trading properties is one of the significant game steps to ensure a swift game win. Players usually trade with other co-players.

You can trade properties like railroads, utilities, Get Out of Jail Free Cards, and cash. You cannot trade too much in the game because of certain restrictions.

Trading is actively encouraged in Monopoly but with proper rules in place. You can make property deals with other players any time you want in the game under the regulations of the house rules.

Trading is done both ways – either you can approach the players or accept the trading proposal of other players. With trading, players can win over all the properties of a particular color set.  

To initiate trading in Monopoly, a player has to name the other player with whom they wish to trade and speak out aloud with an explanation- which property they want and what they can expect in return. Trading proposals work both ways – players can either offer properties or ask for them.

It is up to the other player to accept or reject the proposal. Usually, the players only partially accept the proposals of one another – it is a negotiation deal that is reached.

The plan is to barter for the best deals. Video game versions of monopoly do not feature this negotiation option, which is why most people abstain from playing the virtual mode of the game.

Monopoly Trading Rules

There are specific rules and regulations regarding property trading in Monopoly.

Let us explore some of them:

There is no fixed time to start trading in Monopoly. Trading options become available as soon as you start the game. Soon as one of the players starts landing on the GO Space or gets into jail, the game starts, and players can initiate property trading.

One of the best pieces of advice for winning a monopoly game is property acquisition as soon as possible. 

If you acquire properties at the initial stages of the game, you can reap the rent for a long time, which will add to your cash reserve, helping you to win the game fast.

Most players tend to engage in property dealing right from the first moment, focusing on acquiring all the properties of a particular color set.

Once they can acquire all the properties of any color set, numerous options, such as building hotels on the color sets, open up. But trading in its full-pace stars only after players have acquired some properties because people need to have properties with them before they can trade for those. 

There is little connection between Monopoly pretty trading with rolling. Players can trade either before or after their roll. They can also call for trading during other players’ turns.

All you have to do is declare that you want to trade and announce the player’s name you want to deal with. Then, you must declare the property name and the deal you are ready to make. 

There needs to be some clarification regarding trading full-color sets in the Monopoly games.

Players can trade full-color sets as long as houses or hotels don’t exist but not if there are some properties in the color sets.

If players want to trade full-color sets and hotels or houses that exist on them, they have first to sell the hotels and houses to the bank, and only then the full-color sets can be sold.

Pro players mostly want to trade the red and orange color sets because they yield the highest ROI. You must know the properties well before deciding which trade will be beneficial. 

Trading for mortgaged properties with other players is allowed in Monopoly. The new property owner is liable for paying interest.

Unmortgagaing properties will demand 10% interest, whereas if you wait to unmortgage it later, the interest rates will rise to 20%.

Monopoly Strategy in Trading Properties

Players cannot trade any color set with hotels and houses on it. You need to sell the house and hotels to the bank, and only then can you sell the color set to the other players.

When planning to sell houses, remember that you will receive half the price of the houses. So, if you want to sell houses, you will eventually lose a lot of money. 

Trading properties in exchange for rent is one of the grey Monopoly areas. Most players don’t know much about it. One of the fundamental Monopoly rules is that you have to pay rent for the property whenever you land on any property space. If a player cannot pay the rent, they become bankrupt.

If you realize that you don’t have enough money to pay the rent, you can sell off any of your property to raise the rent, but you cannot pay your rent with your property. 

At the end of the game, many people start selling their properties to acquire cash for paying rent because the idea is never to get bankrupt. Most Monopoly experts say this is the end of your fate in the game. It is the beginning of the destruction for any player.

You can start trading properties that are not that important to you initially; this is a vital step to understand because trading properties to pay rent is not a good idea.

But it will help you to buy some time. Towards the end, buying time in Monopoly is also essential. It can help you be in a better position than others, and if the others run bankrupt before you do, you have a high chance of winning.

Another permanent question among many players is whether -you can trade while in jail. The answer is yes. You can also trade for properties in Monopoly while in jail. It is usually not customary for the player in Jail to initiate an offer, but they can always respond to the offers. 

Monopoly Trading Properties FAQ

Can you sell the property to another player in Monopoly?

Yes. Trading is viable between any two players in the Monopoly game. Any player can initiate trading in the game of Monopoly. You just have to announce the name of the property you wish to sell. The players interested in buying will initiate the trading process. Usually, selling will start with some negotiation about the price. 

Can you trade properties in Monopoly before all properties are sold?

Trading in Monopoly is allowed until someone owns all the properties. At a point when any one of the players wins all the property, it is not possible to trade anymore. No more trading is possible at this specific time, and all the players run bankrupt. The one player owning all the properties becomes the wealthiest player and wins the game. 

Can you Trade Mortgaged Properties In Monopoly?

When you mortgage a property, you submit it to the bank in exchange for money to help you sustain the game. When planning to trade properties, you must first unmortgage the property from the bank paying the value, and only then can you trade the properties.
When a property is mortgaged, it is under the bank’s control, and you cannot randomly pick it up for trading. One of the vital points to note here is that – only the player who had mortgaged the property to the bank will be able to lift the mortgage from the bank by paying the amount.
No other player in the game will be able to pay the money on their behalf to the bank for lifting the mortgage. 


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Trading rules!

So, now, you can trade properties in Monopoly as per your strategy in the game.

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