Monopoly Free Parking Rules: Complete Guide (2023)

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Monopoly is a game of turns and twists. Numerous rules and an even greater number of twists are associated with each. Whether a seasoned player or an amateur player.

Greater knowledge about the rules will help you perform better in the game. Let us have a deeper insight into the Free Parking Zone of Monopoly and the rules associated with it.

Monopoly Free Parking Rules

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What does Free Parking Mean in Monopoly?

Free parking in monopoly is a corner section of the monopoly board game. The location of this square corner is exactly diagonal to the GO section.

If a monopoly player lands on the free parking zone, nothing will happen to their game, and they can easily move off the space during their next turn on the board.

Any player who lands on this space will not receive money or rewards of any type. They won’t get access to any property as, well. 

The free parking zone of the monopoly game is often misinterpreted, and there are several misconceptions and disagreements over it.

However, the rules are pretty simple. Many players find a breath of respite in the Monopoly free parking zone because they don’t have to pay rent while on the monopoly board’s free parking zone. 

How does Free Parking in Monopoly work?

Free Parking is ideally destined to be a free resting zone where the players can rest without earning or losing any money, reward, or property.

However, with the evolution of the game, many new rules (unofficial) have come up, making the free parking zone lucrative among the players.

With these unofficial rules, the free parking zone often becomes a region to earn more cash rewards for the players. 

What happens when you land on Free Parking in Monopoly?

According to the official rules of Monopoly, a free parking zone is a final resting place. You don’t have to pay rent when you land in this board area.

But, there are several “house rules” in Monopoly, according to one of which, all the fines collected at the exact midpoint of the board during the Monopoly game can be claimed by the player who is currently residing in the free parking space. 

Several other Free Parking rule variations have become very popular over the passing years.

The players have also developed specific unofficial rules for the free parking space, many of which have been incorporated into famous game guides such as the Hasbro Monopoly game guide. 

Monopoly Free Parking Rules (Official)

There is only one valid official rule of the Free Parking Zone of the Monopoly board game, and that is – any player landing on the free parking zone of the Monopoly board cannot receive money, reward, or property of any kind during the phase.

As the name suggests, the free parking is just a free resting space. However, this rule is quite dull and often interrupts the spontaneity of the Monopoly game. 

Monopoly Free Parking House Rules (Unofficial)

Specific unofficial rules have come up over the years to break the boredom. Let us have a look at some of them: 

1. Free Parking Cash Rule

This one is the most popular unofficial Free Parking zone rule of Monopoly. As you must know, the money collected in the form of taxes from the community and chance chest cards, or the money bribed for getting out of the jails, are all collected and placed in the center of the board.

The free parking cash rule says that any player landing in the Free parking zone has the liberty to collect and own this money. 

As the game proceeds, sometimes there is a race between the players to occupy the free parking zone just to get access to the cash in the middle of the board. The cash pool may get quite high sometimes, helping the players in the free parking zone to revive. 

2. Free Parking $100 Rule

Any player landing in the free parking zone can collect $100 from the bank. This is known as the cash rule. It works as follows: initially, the player has to withdraw $100 from the bank and place it at the center of the board.

Once that same player gets access to the free parking zone, they can immediately claim those $100 placed earlier in the center of the zone. 

3. Free Parking One of Each Bill Rule

While any player is in the Free Parking Zone, they can collect one bill from each of the banks enlisted in Monopoly.

A player can collect one bill each of the following denominations: $500, $50, $20, $10, $5 or $1. It sums up to $686.

While collecting bills, it is recommended not to collect the fines from the center of the board. Pursuing both can be more stressful and make the game a chance factor. 

4. Free Parking Pay to Move Rule

Any player who lands in the free parking space can move to any other space on the board according to their will by paying $100.

It originated from the Monopoly Empire version but has been established as a standard game rule for other versions. You can also move to the “Go” space from the free parking zone and collect 200 euros as the worth of the go space. 

5. Free Parking Pay to Pass Rule

If a player passes the parking zone but does not land on them, they have to contribute some amount t the cash pool of the game. The player can retrieve this amount when they land on the free parking space. This rule is a bit risky and works more on luck than skills. 

6. Free Parking Last Property Rule

When the penultimate property is purchased on the monopoly game board, the last remaining property of the board will be placed in the game board center.

Whoever is the next player to land on the free parking space will win this last sellable property.

This is a massively profitable rule and attracts plenty of players to occupy the free parking space at a strategic time to enjoy the benefit of acquiring a property. 

Monopoly Rules for Free Parking As per Different Versions

Monopoly has several versions like an Empire, ultimate banking, and plus. The rules for free spring remain more or less similar in all the versions.

However, there can be some minute differences according to the version variations. Let us have a look at some of them briefly:

Monopoly Empire Free Parking Rules

If you land in the free parking zone of the monopoly Empire version, the rule remains the same: nothing happens. This is just a place on the board to relax and hang out. No property acquisition or cash rewards are possible.

In the original versions, collecting bills or money from banks was not included. The free parking pay-to-move rule evolved through this game version and is immensely popular. 

Free Parking Rules in Monopoly Ultimate Banking

The house rules or unofficial rules are quite pertinent in Monopoly Ultimate Banking.

Though the definition of a free parking zone remains the same – the place to relax idly and rest- the house rules that facilitate winning cash persist in this area. In the ultimate banking version, all the house rules (are unofficial). 

Monopoly Junior Rules for Free Parking

The Monopoly junior game is exclusively designed for younger players to learn about the game. The free parking rules have been kept as simple as possible in this version.

The house rules usually don’t apply in this case. In the Monopoly Junior rules, the standard free parking rules apply, which designates free parking space as a board area to hang out and rest. 

Monopoly Plus Free Parking Rules

The Monopoly plus version of the game highly focuses on free parking being a space where players can collect all the luxury charges, jail fines, and other taxes placed at the center of the board. Income tax also collects at the board center, from where the players can collect the money when they are in the free parking space.

If there is no money at the board center, the player will receive the money from the bank. The amount is usually constant, which is $100. The money collected from the community chest is also placed in the board center. 

Monopoly Here and Now World Edition Rules for Free Parking

The free parking rules for this edition are just the same as the other adult versions of the Monopoly game. The house rules apply in this version.

The players can collect tax money, get cash from the bank and also collect other bills while landing on the free parking space of the game. 

Monopoly Free Parking Rules FAQs

Q. How much money goes into Free Parking in Monopoly?

While a player is in the free parking zone, they can collect all the fines and taxes from sources like Jail relief or luxury that collects in the center of the board. On the other hand, the players of this zone are also entitled to collect $100 from banks and several other bills with a net worth of $686.

Q. Does money get added to Free Parking?

Money does not get directly added to free parking. The players can claim the fines from the center of the board, collect money from banks, and get entitled to some bill collection. However, all the sources of money collection do not operate simultaneously.

Q. Why does Monopoly have free parking space on the board?

The free parking space is just an area to hang out and rest. In the original monopoly game, this area was dedicated only to free resting without involving cash, rewards, or properties. In the new versions, some unofficial rules have made earning money in this zone possible. 


In conclusion, the Free Parking zone in Monopoly is a corner space on the board that offers players a resting space where they don’t have to pay rent.

While the official rule states that players cannot receive money or rewards while on the Free Parking space, there are several unofficial “house rules” that have been developed over the years to make the space more lucrative for players.

Some popular variations include the Free Parking Cash Rule, where players can collect money from the center of the board, and the Free Parking $100 Rule, where players can collect $100 from the bank.

Despite these variations, the Free Parking space remains a neutral area in the game, providing players with a break from the intensity of the game.

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