Monopoly House Rules: Guide to The Casual Rules(2023)

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In the game of Monopoly, there are many different Monopoly house rules that players can choose to use in order to make the game more interesting or challenging.

These are different from official Classic Monopoly Rules and are often very much less common in the game.

However, using these House Rules in your Monopoly game can be fun and interesting.

Monopoly House Rules

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What are the Monopoly House Rules?

The classic board game Monopoly aims to amass wealth at the expense of your rivals using property acquisition, exchange, and development. 

Players utilize Monopoly money to buy hotels and auction off and create assets. The winner is determined by who has the most money after the game is over.

1. Rolling Snake eyes in the Game

Hearing Snake Eyes Wondering What it is?

Snake eyes in Monopoly are Rolling Two Ones in Two Dice. So, you will have to roll a double where the value is 1.

You need to know about Snake Eyes rules in the game as there is some special treatment that happens once you get your Lucky Snake Eyes.

You and the opponent should set a stake before playing. Your following location doesn’t charge rent, so you may stay free. 

Many Monopoly-based video games offer optional house rules. Snake eyes in Monopoly Plus give you $1,000.

Players usually agree on house rules before playing Monopoly. Also, you can change the amount as per the agreement.

Getting a Snake Eye is very rare in the game. It changes the rules and may influence gameplay. 

You may not declare bankruptcy if you roll snake eyes and earn $500.

This may cause a more significant game or an unforeseen win. 

If you love Monopoly, try other rules. Someone might argue that it enhances the role of chance.

Luck decides whether Chance cards help you in this game.

2. You Cannot collect rent in Jail

Upon entering the country, you must immediately report to Jail. This causes you to move across the board, lose at Go, and miss out on $200. 

Once you’ve been booked into jail, it’s no longer your time to go.

If you’ve landed in jail due to rolling three doubles, you can’t take your time deciding where to go; instead, you must report to prison immediately.  (You can check the Official Monopoly Jail Rules here.)

Because of this, you will have to wait your turn before making any significant purchases or initiating any transactions.

The current turn instantly finishes with you out of it. You need to save up $50 or get a Get out of Jail Free card if you don’t already have one to post bail. 

Players may get this through selling houses, taking out mortgages, or trading with one another.

If you can’t find the necessary funds, you’re out of luck and out of business.

3. Free Parking cash

Monopoly Free Parking does nothing.

The Freestyle Park “House Rule” states that penalties are put in the middle of the board and accessible to anybody who lands there. 

Fine Speeding fines range from $15 to $1,000. 

The player who collects this money will have a safety net or enough money to construct residences and hotels.

When a large pot has been collected, players may attempt to win by landing on Free Parking first.

Users contribute used Get It out Jail Free tickets to Parking Available. 

Others return stuff and deposit cash in Free Parking.

Before playing A with the new rule, players leaving jail must be qualified for the Parking Free bonus.

4. Getting a Headstart

In this rule, you get two properties from the bank and you need to pay for that to get the deed.

If you play using this, then the game would be a shorter version of what you regularly play.

This rule is mentioned in official rules to speed up the game i.e., to play Monopoly quickly.

5. Transporting via Owned Railroads

In this case, when you own multiple railroads, you can travel from one destination to another.

This looks awesome as you don’t need to step in anyone’s space and can skip in between.

Do check before if your rules allow this. If you consider this rule, it will be fun.

6. Starting with More Money or Less Money

You can decide how much money you would like to start with.

By default, you get $1500. You can increase or decrease it as per your agreement with other players.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly House Rules!

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and liked the casual Monopoly Rules that are not official rules.

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