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Let’s get straight into the UNO Facts which I have grouped into interesting ones, fun ones, weird ones, and unknown ones.

UNO Facts

Interesting UNO Facts

  • Uno is one of the most popular globally played card games. Any time is a great time to play Uno. Whether with friends or family, Uno is a perfect way to entertain. Whether you are new to Uno or an ardent player, here are some facts about Uno.
  • The game was invented in 1971 by Merle Robbins of America. (Read More in History of UNO)So, the birthplace of Uno is America, though it has now become popular in almost every country globally. 

Fun UNO Facts

  • Uno was never devised as a game. Instead, it was created to solve the terrific arguments that would arise over the Crazy Eight game. The creator of Uno is Merle Robbins, and he often had terrible fights with his son over the game of crazy eights. To avoid the arguments, he created the game Crazy Eights.
  • The UNO game has a unique deck of 108 cards. You cannot play Uno with any standard card deck. You have to proceed with the ones specially curated for Uno. There are numbered cards and action cards in Uno.
  • Uno is a great way to socialize. It can bring your family together. Playing Uno makes all the family members come together, sit, and spend time together. 
  • Uno is a highly portable game. You can carry it anywhere and at any time. So, it is ideal as a game for picnics.
  • Uno is perhaps one of the few games you can use for multiple purposes. Because the age group that can indulge in the game is so broad, kids and even teenagers and adults can participate in the game, and learn a lot from the game.

Few Weird Facts About UNO

  • Uno is available even on gaming consoles. People are unaware that you can also play Uno virtually on gaming consoles. Not that you always have to sit down with a physical deck of cards. You can play them virtually with your friends connected from across the world.
  • Uno is available in multiple themes. For example, Barbie, Movie TV shows, Cartoons, Super Heroes, and Sports Team. (Check UNO Versions)

Unknown Facts About UNO

  • People may think that Uno is now quite old as a card game, and it never makes any profits. But Uno sales are increasing every day. With rising popularity, Uno sales are ever-increasing.
  • Uno is an excellent game for enhancing children’s cognitive and motor skills. Uno is a fantastic way to teach kids to recognize numbers and colors. At the same time, Uno also helps to teach children about tuning their fine motor skills, such as quick reaction, prompt understanding, and group work. 

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UNO Facts FAQs

What was UNO called initially?

Uno was initially called Pesto.

Why was Uno called Uno?

When the gameplay of Uno reaches a point where a player has only one card left in their hand, they have to scream out Uno, which literally means one. This is a way to let the other players know that this player has only one card left in their hand. From this term, the term Uno came up. 

Which country invented Uno?

Merle Robbins of America invented Uno. So the country of origin is America. 

What is the Uno rule that no one knows?

The one Uno rule that most people don’t know about is – you can play the draw 4 card only when you don’t have any other card at hand, and it can be played only when the card’s color matches the color of the card played previously. 

How old is Uno?

Uno was developed in 1971. So it is almost close to 60 years. 

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