UNO Versions List (How Many Are There?)

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You may already have come across several UNO games and their versions. Let’s explore them and know more.

About UNO Game

UNO is a popular American card game that was invented in 1971 by Merle Robbins(Know more by reading the History of UNO). The game is played with a specially printed deck, which contains a mix of numbers, colors, and action cards. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in their hand.

To play UNO, each player starts with 7 cards, and the game begins by randomly selecting a card from the deck to be placed on the discard pile.

Players then take turns drawing cards from the deck and trying to match the card in their hand with the current card on top of the discard pile.

The player must either match the color, number, or type of card with the card on the discard pile, or they must play a Wild or Wild Draw Four card.

If a player cannot match the card on the discard pile, they must draw a card from the deck.

The game continues until a player gets rid of all the cards in their hand.

At this point, the other players will count up the total value of the cards left in their hands, and the player first to reach 500 score points wins the game.

Now, this is the basic classic UNO game rule

However, not all UNO games are played the same, there are many variations in the different versions of the game. The cards are different, some special rules are there.

This makes UNO an ever-evolving game with interesting variations in its gameplay.

How many versions are there in the UNO game?

There are more than 500 versions of UNO since its inception in 1971. The versions are ever-growing and every now and then Mattel releases a new version.

There are so many that the UNO official also said that they have lost count.

Different Versions of UNO

Here are some of the popular versions of the UNO game:

Version/Edition Year Released Description
Classic UNO 1971 The classic Card game and the best of UNO.
Uno 50th Anniversary 2021 Celebratory edition marking the 50th anniversary of the game
Uno Wild Twists 2022 Edition with new wild card rules
Uno All Wild 2022 Edition with only wild cards
Uno Attack (Uno Extreme in the UK and Canada) 1999 Edition with an electronic card shooter
Uno Attack Jurassic World 2018 Edition with a Jurassic World theme
Uno Attack Refill Deck N/A Refill deck for the Uno Attack edition
Uno Bingo 1997 Edition combining UNO and bingo
Uno Blast 2012 Edition with a electronic card dispenser
Uno Blitzo 2000 N/A
Uno Choo-Choo 2011 Edition with a train theme
Uno Color Screen N/A N/A
Uno Deluxe N/A Deluxe edition of the classic UNO game
Uno Dare 2014 Edition with dare cards
Uno Dice 1987, 1996, 2011 Edition combining UNO and dice
Uno Dominoes 1986 Edition combining UNO and dominoes
Electronic Uno N/A Electronic version of the classic UNO game
Uno Flash 2007 Edition with flashing lights
Uno Flip 2009 Target store exclusive edition with a reversible deck
Uno Flip! 2019 N/A
Giant Uno 2016 Large-sized edition of the classic UNO game
Giant BTS Uno 2020 Large-sized edition with a BTS theme
Uno H2O 2004 Waterproof edition of the classic UNO game
Uno H2O To Go N/A Portable waterproof edition of the classic UNO game
Uno Hearts 1994 Edition with hearts
Uno Junior 1992 Edition for younger players
King Size Uno 1994 Large-sized edition of the classic UNO game
Uno Madness 1995 N/A
Uno Moo 2008, 2014 Edition with a farm theme
Uno Party! 2022 Party edition of the classic UNO game
Uno Power Grab N/A N/A
Uno Reflex N/A N/A
Uno Roboto N/A N/A
Uno Royal Revenge 2014 N/A
Uno Rummy Up 1993 Edition combining UNO and Rummy
Uno Spin 2005 Edition with a spinning wheel
Uno Spin Hannah Montana 2005 Edition with a Hannah Montana theme
Uno Spin One Piece (Japan) N/A Edition with a One Piece theme (Japan only)
Uno Spin To Go 2010 A portable edition of the Uno Spin game
Uno Stacko 1994 Edition with stacked tiles
Travel Uno Stacko N/A A portable edition of the Uno Stacko game
Uno Tippo 2009 Edition with a tipping feature
Uno Slam N/A N/A
Uno Tiki Twist 2014 Edition with a tiki theme
Uno Wild Jackpot 2016 N/A
Uno Wild Tiles 1982 N/A
Get Wild for Uno 2016 N/A
Uno Minecraft 2018 Edition with a Minecraft theme
Uno Showdown Supercharged 2020 N/A
Uno Triple Play 2021 Edition with three ways to play(Regular Mode, Timer Mode, and Stealth Mode)
Uno Go! 2022 A portable edition of the classic UNO game

and there are more…

I will keep updating this list.

Thanks for reading!

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