UNO Stacking Rules: Complete Guide(2023)

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You may have already tried to stack UNO wild cards during the gameplay and your opponent might have already said that this is not allowed in the game.

They are correct! But, still, you need to know all scenarios where stacking is applicable. So, to solve all your doubts regarding these, I created this comprehensive guide for the UNO stacking rules.

UNO Stacking Rules

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What does Stacking Mean in UNO Card Game?

Stacking is a disputed aspect in the game of Uno. When a player plays the drawcard, and the next player tries to block their move by stacking another such that the previous player cannot pick up any card, the phenomenon is termed stacking.

Stacking is almost like passing the burden to the next player. Now, the biggest dilemma is – whether to stack the card in Uno.

For ages, the stacking of cards in Uno has been restricted to Draw 2 and Draw four. Uno officially bans the stacking of cards.

But despite this ban, plenty of players continue to practice stacking because it infuses the game with some drive and intensity. 

What are the Official UNO Stacking Rules?

Official Uno rules do not allow you to stack the cards – stacking the Draw 2 cards is the most common practice. When a player draws the Draw 2 cards, the player next to them can go for either of the two moves – either draw 2 cards, or they can play another Draw 2 card.

If the Draw 2 card is already stacked, the next option is to draw four cards or play another Draw 2 card. The next player will have to draw 6 cards in this case.

Similar rules apply to stacking Draw four cards, where the player can play the Draw 4 cards, and the next player will have to draw eight cards in that case.

There is a rare variation of stacking cards That involves stacking Draw 2 cards on the Draw 4 cards and vice versa. This amplifies the effect of the cards – drawing 12 cards is not uncommon in stacking in Uno. 

UNO Stacking rules number

There are no official stacking rules for Uno. While playing the Wild Draw 4 cards, the player can choose the color, and the player next to them should draw four cards, and they will also lose their turn. 

Rules to Stack the Same number of Different Color

In the UNO game, you can stack cards having the same number but of different colors.

Draw 2 Stacking

When a player plays the Draw 2 cards, the next player either has to draw 2 cards or play another Draw 2 card.

If someone stacks the Draw 2 card, the next player must play four cards o play another Draw 2 card. That is how the next player keeps increasing the number of cards to be played.

A +2 card can only be stacked on top of another +2 card. The usual rule around the Draw 2 card in Uno says that – when the player draws 2 cards, the next player must draw four cards or another draw 2 cards. 

Draw 4 Stacking

Officially, no player is allowed to stack Uno Draw four cards. They cannot do it even with a Draw 2 card. Stacking on Draw four cards is less common.

Stacking on Draw four cards will lead to the next player drawing eight cards. This is not as common as Draw 2 cards, but players like to use this because it can make the game difficult for the following players, which may lead to the winning of the others.

Also, dealing with eight cards at a go may be difficult.

Stacking Reverse Card Rule

Stacking reverse cards in Uno is a common practice. When multiple reverse cards are stacked, the play will get reversed.

The number of times the stacking will be done corresponds to the number of reverse cards.

For example, the game moves clockwise, and the player stacks two reverse cards; the next player just to the right of the player who stacked the cards previously will be the one to play. 

Stacking Skip Card Rule

If a skip card is stacked, the number of the skip card will depict the number of skipped players. That means four players will skip their turn with four skip cards being stacked. 

Stacking Rules as per UNO House Rules

As per the official Uno House rules, no cards can be stacked. Stacking is officially forbidden in the game.

But the players have been stacking cards for ages because that infuses fun elements into the game. Stacking is not a legitimate move in Uno.

If you genuinely want to go for stacking, it is vital to ensure that all the players agree to the same. Draw 2 and Wild Draw 4 cards are the best cards to the stack.

The player at the stack’s terminal point will draw 12 cards upwards. If you only want fun and timid entertainment, avoid the Draw 2 card because this card heats the game. 


Can you stack a draw four on a draw 2?

No, you cannot stack a draw 4 card on a draw 2 card.

Can you put a Draw 2 on a regular 2 in Uno?

You cannot stack a +2 on another +2 card. 

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