UNO Blank Wild Card Rules and Ideas

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You may have already seen Blank Wild Cards in your UNO deck. If you have wondered about what the blank card means or how to use it, here’s your answer!

UNO Blank Wild card Rules and Ideas

What does the UNO Blank Wild card mean?

Blank Wild Card in Uno is a replacement card that you can use in place of any other lost or damaged card in the game. You can incorporate that missing card by writing its details in the blank UNO card.

There are 4 Blank Wild Card in the UNO deck.

The blank UNO cards can be a replacement for any card be it a number card or any of the action cards.

Even, people get very creative and make their own rules which they write on blank cards.

About UNO Game

If you are unfamiliar with UNO, it is a traditional card game in which each player is dealt seven cards.

The objective is to discard all of your cards first by matching them with the same color or number. Action cards can also be used to increase the game’s strategy and fun. 

The main cards, however, are the numbered cards(1 to 9) since they hold the main gameplay.

Mattel’s Official UNO Blank Wild Card Rules

UNO Blank Cards do not have a specific rule attached to them. Also, they remain unused in the game.

However, once you write a rule on them, we can use them in the game. It would behave as per the rule you write on it. E.g., If you write Wild +2, then it will have rules similar to the UNO Draw 2 Card.

Now, let’s see some specific rules as per diff UNO version:

Blank UNO Card in UNO Attack

In the game of UNO Attack, a blank UNO card would not have any specific action or effect. The game is designed to be played with standard UNO cards that have specific colors and numbers. 

A blank UNO card would not be a valid card and would not be able to be used in gameplay. You may use that if you decide to write a rule and assign it to the card.

UNO Blank Wild Card Rule Ideas

As the name suggests these are blank and wild cards that you can write any rule or that you can use it to replace your existing card.

Here are some awesome UNO Blank Wild Card Rule Ideas:

Idea #IdeaIdea Description
1Blank Wild Card as a Dance PartyAllows the player to make everyone at the table to dance for 1 minute before they continue playing.
2Blank Wild Card as a Switch PlacesAllows the player to switch places with the next player.
3Blank Wild Card as a Sing a songAllows the player to make the next player sing a song before they can continue playing.
4Blank Wild Card as a Speak in TonguesAllows the player to make the next player speak in a foreign language for their turn.
5Blank Wild Card as a Tell a JokeAllows the player to make the next player tell a joke before they can continue playing.
6Blank Wild Card as a Do a TrickAllows the player to make the next player do a trick (e.g. magic trick, card trick) before they can continue playing.
7Blank Wild Card as an Imitate an AnimalAllows the player to make the next player imitate an animal before they can continue playing.
8Blank Wild Card as a Do a ChallengeAllows the player to make the next player do a challenge (e.g. balance a spoon on their nose, do 10 push-ups) before they can continue playing.
9Blank Wild Card as a Repeat after meAllows the player to make the next player repeat a phrase or sentence that they say before they can continue playing.
10Blank Wild Card as a Switch HandsAllows the player to switch hands with the next player, and play with their left hand if they are right-handed and vice versa.
11Blank Wild Card as a Penalty Reverse CardThis allows the player to use this Blank card on top of any other Wild cards and protects the player from getting a penalty.

What is the blank Wild card worth in UNO?

The worth of a Blank Wild Card depends on the type of card you make it. If you don’t write any rule, then it does not have any worth.

Here is the worth of the UNO Blank Wild Card as per the rule attached to it:

Card You Assign Blank Wild CardWorth(In Points)
Number Cards(0-9)Face Value of The Card
Draw 220 Points
Reverse20 Points
Skip20 Points
Wild50 Points
Wild Draw 450 Points
Using any Custom Made RuleYou can assign any points as per your convention of House Rules.

What is the best thing to put on a blank wild Uno card?

If you are playing by the Official Rules and if you have lost a card, you can use the Blank Wild Card as a replacement card.

Otherwise, you can even write any rule as per your choice if you are playing unconventionally by the house rules of the UNO card game.

Can you put a blank Uno card on top of Draw 4?

As per the Official UNO Rules, If the Blank UNO Card is Draw 4 or Draw 2 then you cannot put it on top of Draw 4.

However, in the case of any other card, we can put it there.

In case if you follow the House rules instead of the official Rules, then you can decide at your convenience.

What’s Next?

Learn About the UNO Rules and Gameplay. Here are the different Official UNO Rules and rules for each of the components in the game:

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