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Skip cards have been a staple of UNO since its inception. The Skip card has the power to “skip” the next player’s turn and can be a useful tool to gain an advantage in the game. 

However, as with all cards in UNO, there are rules that must be followed when playing with a Skip card. 

This article will explain these rules as well as answer some frequently asked questions about using the Skip card.

UNO Skip Card

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What is a UNO Skip Card?

UNO skip cards come in all four colors: Red, green, blue, and yellow. It contains a forbidden sign in the middle of the card. The top left and the bottom right corners also have two forbidden signs printed.

The purpose of the Skip card is to give players a chance to disrupt each other’s turn. When someone plays a skip card, they can select any player (including themselves) whose turn will be skipped during that round. 

UNO Skip card of  Red, green, blue, and yellow colors.

It’s a great way to stop someone from getting too far ahead in points or prevent them from playing cards beneficial to their hand. 

UNO Skip Card Rules

The UNO skip card rule is simple. If a player uses this card, the next player loses his or her turn. 

Rule of UNO Skip Card in case of Two Players

If you are playing UNO with two players, the UNO skip card does not have any special rules for them. 

However, if you are playing a Two-player UNO game, then the player playing the skip card gets to play another card immediately after playing this card. And as always, the next player loses his or her turn.

How many Points is a UNO Skip Card worth?

The UNO skip cards are worth 20 points. 

Can you stack 2 skip cards in Uno?

When more than two players are participating in the game, UNO rules dictate that no two skip cards can be stacked. 

Can you win Uno with a skip card?

As per the official rule of UNO, a player can win the game with a skip card. 

What card can you play next in Uno after a skip card has been played?

The moment a skip card is played, the next player loses his or her turn. Then it is the second player’s turn to play a card. This player can play any valid UNO card that suits his or her strategy. It can be a number, color, action, or wildcard.

How to Use UNO Skip Cards Strategically?

Uno Skip cards not only help solo Uno players, but with the right strategy, individuals can use them to great advantage and win the game more often. 

Here are some ways to use Uno Skip cards to their full potential:

Tip #1. Timing is Everything: 

Timing is everything when it comes to using the UNO skip card. When using the skip card, it’s important to plan ahead and time it appropriately. If you do not use it to its full potential, it is possible that you will have wasted time and money.

Tip #2. Know When to Skip: 

Knowing when to use the UNO skip card is integral to your success. If your opponents are about to play a Wild card or a Draw Two card, it’s an appropriate time to start using the UNO skip card.

Tip #3: Save it until the last turns of the UNO game:

One of the best strategies is to save the UNO skip card for the final round. You may be certain that your adversary won’t be able to utilise any further cards to offer you the upper hand by doing this.

Tip #4: Target the Skilled Player:  

If you want to win, you need to pay close attention to playing the game’s most competitive player. You may avoid their pitfalls and stop them from having an advantage over you by focusing on their achievements.

Tip #5. Know Till When to Hold UNO Skip Card: 

Keeping your UNO card with you after you’ve already made up your mind on whether or not to use it can still be beneficial.

Use it when it’s appropriate and then reap the most benefit from it. Use your UNO card with the proper tactics in mind to maximize its abilities. Play UNO and enjoy yourself.


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