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Many people all over the world adore the UNO Card Game. The final card played in this game determines the game’s outcome, hence it is crucial.

Thus, it is crucial to comprehend its regulations. I’ll go into great detail about the UNO Last Card rule in this blog post so that it will answer any question you have and offers some useful advice and winning tactics.

This information will be useful for enhancing your turns in the game and having more fun with friends and family whether you are a seasoned pro or just beginning how to play.

UNO Last Card Rule

Let’s get started!

What is the Last Card Rule in UNO Card Game?

When a player has only one last card remaining, they are in a “hand-over” position and must say “UNO” to alert the other players. If the player does not say “UNO” and another player notices before the player has played their last card, as per the UNO rules the player must draw two additional cards as a penalty.

Action cards, such as Reverse, Skip, Draw 2, or Wild Draw 4, can also be played to end the game as the last card, as long as the next player follows the instructions on the card (e.g., drawing the specified number of cards). The scores from these cards will be counted along with the other scores when the game is over and the scores are totaled.

Rules UNO has to call the last card

Rules UNO has to call out a player’s last-card is very clear and you need to remember for every match you play. However, people forget this often and get caught by their opponents in the game.

The last call in UNO, with the words UNO OUT, was long used in the game whenever any player played their last card.

But UNO has settled this issue by clarifying that you don’t always have to call out Uno Out aloud when playing your last card. 

However, that has been the traditional way of dealing with things.

But, the old way of playing the UNO card game is that – you have to call out Uno aloud, and if any other player catches you with the last card before you announce, you have to pay the penalty.

What Card Can be Your Last Card as per the UNO Rules?

Generally, all number cards can be your Last UNO card in the game.

In this section, I will discuss about the other Action cards and whether those can be used as the final card.

Can you Use Power cards as your Last card?

Yes, you can use power cards(action cards) as your last card in the UNO game.

Below, I will cover specific action cards that can be used in your last turn.

Can your last card be a Wild Draw 4 in UNO?

Yes. The last card can be an action card that is Draw 4 in Uno. The same Draw 4 Wild card rules will apply as in the game under normal circumstances for the next player.

Draw 4 was my last card

However, you cannot play the Draw 4 card if already Draw 2 card is there out. You cannot stack this card as Stacking is not allowed as per official rule.

Can we end UNO with Draw 2 Card?

Yes, we can end UNO with Draw 2 Card as the last card. If the last card is a Wild Draw 2, the next player has to draw 2 cards and up, losing their turn. There is no card stacking allowed in the game.

Last Card is Draw 2

Mostly it is the same rules as applicable for the Draw 2 cards in the game, even if it is not the last card. 

Can we End UNO with Shuffle Hands as the Last Card?

No, You cannot end UNO with Shuffle Hands Card as the last card. If you have Shuffle Hands as your last card in UNO the game does not end. This is confirmed by the Official UNO Twitter handle. They said that you need to shuffle all player’s cards and distribute them equally among every player including you.

Tweet regarding Can we End UNO with Shuffle Hands as the Last Card
Source: Twitter

Can you End the UNO game with Swap Hands Card as your Last Card?

You can end the UNO game with Swap Hands Card as your last card and win the game.

As per the official rules of UNO, the swap hands card is used to swap cards with another player, but that is optional and depends on the player giving the Swap hands card.

So, a person can use Swap Hands Card as the last card in the game and win the game.

Can you End with Reverse Card as the Last Card?

UNO Reverse Card

Yes, you can use the Reverse card as the Last card of your turn in the UNO game as the official rule allows that.

Can you End the UNO game with Skip Card as your Last Card?

UNO Skip card

Yes, using a Skip card as your Last UNO card is acceptable.

To know more about the uno game rules, you can check this post.

What if the deck cards end in UNO?

The remaining deck cards are counted when the score is determined at the conclusion of the game.

The Discard pile must be reshuffled, and play will continue if none of the players are out of cards when all the cards in the Draw pile have been played.

deck cards end in UNO

When one person eliminates all of their cards before the other players, that individual wins the game.

Additionally, you will gain points for the cards still in the other players’ hands if you win the game before they do. The quicker you can win, the more points you can score.

If a player plays their last card without declaring “UNO,” what happens?

In this case, the player must draw two cards from the draw pile as a penalty.

What happens when a player has one card left but cannot play their last card due to no matching card? 

If the UNO player does not have a matching card in his/her hand on their last turn, then they need to draw a card from the pile.

Now, if any of his/her cards match by color/number or be a usable wild card then the player can discard a card back to the discard pile and call UNO again. Otherwise, it moves to the next player’s turn.

Can players challenge other players for not calling out “UNO”? 

A player may challenge another player if they believe they should have called “UNO” when they had only one card left but didn’t.

The challenged player must draw two cards as a punishment if the challenge is successful (i.e., the challenged player really did have just one card).

The challenger is penalized by having to draw two cards if the challenge is unsuccessful (i.e., the challenged player has more than one card).


Let’s conclude the post on UNO Last Card Rule!

By following these rules mentioned in this post you will be able to yell out UNO and know the last card usages in detail. I hope this post was helpful to you.

If you like this post, then please do share it among your friends and family to increase awareness of these rules of the UNO card game.

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