Wild Swap Hands Card Rules: Complete Guide

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UNO Wild Swap hands card is a very interesting offering in the game. It is a very rare card and there is only one of it in the UNO Card game.

In this post, I will be discussing more on this Swap Hands Card in UNO, its rules, and all you need to know to play the game.

Swap Hands Card Rules

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What is a Swap Hands Card in UNO? 

UNO Swap hands cards are special Wild cards in the UNO card game that enable you to swap hands with your opponent. 

In the card, it will be mentioned, “Swap Hands” with Two person hands and each holding a few cards to swap with each other.

It is very powerful to use whenever you see your opponent has fewer cards and you have a lot of them. Using this card, you can exchange all the cards with your opponent. 🤫🤓

Swap Hands Card Rules

Regular Rule for Swap Hands for Multiple Players(>2)

The rules for using a Swap Hands card in UNO are simple. When a player plays a Swap Hands card, they must choose another player to swap hands with. 

The chosen player must then give their hand of cards to the player who played the Swap Hands card, and vice versa. 

This exchange must happen immediately, and players cannot look at their new hand of cards until the swap is complete. 🤝

However, swapping hands is optional and it is confirmed by Official UNO Twitter Handle @realUNOgame. A play may or may not swap hands with their opponents in the game. 

Swap Hands in Case of 2 Player Game

It’s optional to swap hands with your opponent. In this case, the change would be that you won’t get any additional opponents to choose from.

Ending With Swap Hands Card Rule

If your last card is Swap Hands, you may not swap hands and use them to end the game. It is acceptable as per the official UNO Rules.

UNO Forced Swap Hands in UNO All Wild Card Game

There is another Variant of the Swap Hands Card in the UNO All-Wild game. In the UNO All Wild Card game, if you submit a forced swap hands card, then you must swap hands with your opponent.

In this case, you cannot skip swapping.

Do you have to swap hands with the swap hands Uno card?

No, in the traditional UNO Card game, Swap Hands is optional in the case when you use a Swap Hands card. You may or may not swap hands and use the card as a regular Wild Card in the game.

How many Swap Hands Cards Are in UNO?

There is only one Swap Hands card in a standard deck of UNO cards. 

When did UNO Add Swap Hands Cards?

The Swap Hands card was added to UNO on Dec 7, 2015. (Confirmed by @realUNOGame, Tweet attached below.)

I remember, back in the day, my friends and I would always try to sneak in a Swap Hands card just to mess with each other. It’s always a fun card to play and adds an extra level of excitement to the game.

This card has since become a staple in many UNO games and is a popular choice among players looking to add a little extra excitement to the game. 🤩

Here is the Official UNO Tweet for the launch of the UNO Add swap hands card:


So, the Swap Hands card in UNO is a great way to add some extra strategy and surprise to the game. 

Whether you’re trying to get rid of unwanted cards or trying to steal a winning hand, the Swap Hands card is sure to add some fun to your UNO game.

So, next time you play UNO, don’t be afraid to use your Swap Hands card! 

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