How To Play Spicy Uno?

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Are you looking for an exciting card game to enjoy with your friends and family?

Have you heard of Spicy Uno, a fun twist on the classic card game?

If not, then this blog post is just what you need!

Here I will discuss how to play Spicy Uno and provide fun rules so you can play the game.

So, grab your cards and get ready for a wild fun ride – it’s time to learn how to play Spicy Uno!

How To Play Spicy Uno

Let’s get started!

How to play Spicy Uno? 


Like a normal Uno game, players will start with seven cards. The dealer will keep the rest of the cards facedown on the table to create the draw pile.

The dealer will also pick the top card and place it face up beside the draw pile to create the discard pile. The game will start with the player sitting on the left of the dealer, and it will move clockwise. 

Playing the Game

On their turn, a player will match the card on the discard pile by color, number, or symbol. They can play a wild card on any card. Once the player’s turn is over, the next player will play.

If a player does not have a card matching in number, color, or symbol to match the last face-up card on the discard pile, they can pick one from the draw pile to continue the game.

However, even after drawing from the pile if a player cannot match the cards, his or her turn ends there, and the game moves to the next player.  

Ending the Game

The game’s objective is to get rid of all the cards first. When a player is left with only one card, he or she must shout, “Uno!”.

In case the player with one card left fails to yell the word and another player notices that he or she must draw four cards from the draw pile. The person to lose all the cards first becomes the winner. 

Rules of Spicy Uno (Different Ones)

There are a few rules that make Uno Spicy more interesting.

First, it is a slap on the six. Whenever a player plays a six card, all the players must slap on the table. The person who slaps last must draw a card from the draw pile. 

The Second one is the silent seven. If a player plays a seven card, all players must remain silent till another seven cards are played.

If someone speaks before another seven cards are played, he or she gets a penalty. The player must draw two cards from the draw pile.

Another variant of this rule is that the defaulting player must pick as many cards as the number of words uttered. 

The regular Uno rules

Uno is a classic card game that is fun for all ages! The basic UNO rules are simple: each player is dealt seven cards, and the remaining cards form the draw pile.

On your turn, you must match either the color or the number of the card on top of the discard pile. If you can’t make a match, you must draw from the draw pile until you can.

When you have one card left in your hand, you must yell “UNO!” to let everyone know. If someone catches you not saying it before the next player takes their turn, you must pick up two cards from the draw pile as a penalty. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins!

If a wild card or action card is played, there are additional rules that apply. Wild cards allow players to change the color being played and action cards allow players to skip turns, reverse direction, and more.

The special Spicy Uno cards 

  • Skip Card: The skip card deprives the next player of his or her turn. 
  • Reverse Card: The reverse card changes the direction of the game. If the game were being played clockwise, it would now be played anticlockwise or vice versa. 
  • Wild Card: Players can play wild cards in any color. They need to announce the color while playing the card. 
  • Draw 2: The draw 2 card commands the next player to draw two cards from the draw pile.
  • Wild Draw 4: Similarly, the draw 4 wild card forces the next player to draw four cards from the draw pile. 

Scoring in Spicy Uno

The game ends when a player scores 500 points. At the end of each round, the winner of the round gets scores according to the number of cards remaining in the hands of the opponents.

The number cards have their face value as the score. The skip, reverse, and draw 2 cards are worth 20 points each. The wild and wild draw 4 cards are worth 50 points each. 

Advanced Spicy Uno rules

An advanced rule in Spicy Uno is that in case a player does not have matching cards, he or she can pick one from the draw deck. However, in the case of Spicy Uno, the player can ask for help from other players who may offer them a card from their hands. 

Another advanced rule is zero switch. When a player uses a zero card, he or she can select another player to switch hands with them. 

A player can play out of turn if he or she has the exact same cards. 

Players can stack up all +2 and +4 draw cards in this game.  

What is the minimum age limit to play Spicy UNO Game?

The minimum age for playing Spicy Uno is seven. 

How many people can play this game?

You can play Spicy Uno with a small group of two. The number of players can go up to 10. 


Let’s conclude the post on Spicy UNO Rules!

The Spicy Uno card game can be an enjoyable and exciting way to add a little spice to your game nights.

Following the rules and understanding the different card actions, you can master the game and become a Spicy Uno pro.

With a little practice and patience, you’ll be playing Spicy Uno like a pro in no time!

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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