UNO Spin Rules: How to Play? Complete Guide (2023)

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Unlike regular UNO games, UNO spin is a great and unique variation of the game from the House of Mattel.

In this post, I will discuss in detail the UNO Spin Rules, how to play the game, and all other information you need to know.

UNO Spin Rules

Let’s get started!

Things to Know Before Playing UNO Spin

About UNO Spin Game

UNO Spin is a variation of the classic card game UNO that introduces a spinning game board and special cards.

The game board has a spinning dial in the center, which players use to determine the color and symbol they must play on their turn.

The special cards in UNO Spin include “Spin” cards, which allow the player to spin the dial and choose a new color and symbol, and “Wild” cards, which allow the player to choose any color and symbol. 

Players must still try to get rid of all of their cards before anyone else does, and the game ends when a player has no cards left.

About UNO Spin Game Objective

The game’s objective is to be the first player to discard all the cards in your hand. Alternatively, the player who collects 500 points first is declared the winner. 

How many Players can play UNO spin?

The UNO Spin game can be played by two to ten players. 

Total Number of Cards

There is a total of 112 cards in the UNO Spin game’s deck.

How many cards do you get in Uno spin?

Each of the players receives 7 cards from the Dealer in UNO Spin.

What cards are in Uno spin?

Types of Cards In UNO Spin

Here are the different types of Cards in UNO spin with their quantity as shown in the table below:

UNO Spin Card Type Color/Pattern Number/Symbol Number of Cards
Number Cards Blue 0-9 14
Number Cards Blue Card With Swirling pattern Spin #1-5 5
Number  Cards Green 0-9 14
Number Cards Green Colored Card With Swirling pattern Spin #1-5 5
Number Cards Red 0-9 14
Number Cards Red Colored Card With Swirling pattern Spin #1-5 5
Number  Cards Yellow 0-9 14
Number Cards Yellow Colored Card With Swirling pattern Spin #1-5 5
Draw Two Cards Blue, Green, Red, Yellow 2 8
Reverse Cards Blue, Green, Red, Yellow 2 8
Skip Cards Blue, Green, Red, Yellow 2 8
Wild Cards 4
Wild Draw Four Cards 4
Wheel Reference Cards 4

Total Cards: 112 Cards

Cards Without Wheel Reference: 108 Cards.

Note: The “Wheel Reference” card is a card that is included in the UNO Spin game to help players understand the different colors and symbols on the spinning dial. It is not a card that is played during the game.

UNO Spin Rules

Reverse Card

You can play a reverse card on a matching color discard or a previous reverse. The playing of the reverse card will alter the direction of the game. It will get reversed. 

Skip Card

You can play a skip card on a matching color discard or a previous skip. The next player’s turn will be skipped when you play the skip card.

Wild Card

When you play a wild card, you need to state a color. The next player must play a card in the same color.

Wild Draw 2 Card

You can play the Draw2 Card on a matching colored discard. Alternatively, you can play it on a previous Draw 2. 

When you play this card, the next player must pull out two cards from the draw pile. This is kind of a penalty imposed on the next player as that player needs to draw two cards.

Wild Draw 4 Card

The rule is the same as the Wild Draw 2 Card. The only difference is that the next player needs to pull out four cards instead of two from the draw pile. 

Spin Cards (20 in Count)

Each color(Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue) of the card contains five spin cards. A spin card looks similar to the other number cards, but the number is surrounded by swirls. In total, there are 20 spin cards. 

A spin card can be played like a normal card. When you play a spin card, the next player needs to spin the wheel on his or her turn. Based on the spin outcome, an action is taken.

Spinning the Wheel Rules

When you spin the wheel, you must take the action as indicated by the arrow when the wheel stops. 

Those actions for the spinner to take are as follows: 

Spin Wheel Action Description
Almost UNO In case your turn gets “Almost UNO”, then you need to discard all but two cards in the hand. 
Discard Number In the case of a Discard Number, you need to pick up a number card and discard as many cards in your hands as you desire whose value matches that number. 
Discard color In this case, you need to choose a color and then discard as many cards in your hand as you desire that match the color picked by you. 
Draw red If you get “Draw Red” you need to draw cards until you pick up a red or wild card. 
All the cards you picked before you picked the Red or Wild also need to be kept.
Draw blue It is the same as “Draw Red” except for a blue card. 
Show hand  This is a card that can reveal your cards to your opponents. 
If you roll a Show Hands in the Wheel, then you need to show cards in your hand to other players. 
This will give other players an opportunity to see the cards before their turn.
Trade hands In case you get “Trade hands”, all the players trade hands, passing their hands to their left. If a player receives a single card, they must yell “UNO,” otherwise a two-card penalty will apply. 
War In case the Turn comes to the Wheel demarcation “War”, every player starts selecting the highest number of cards they have in their hand. Now, every player throws their top numbered card out and now we check which one is the highest.

The player with the highest Numbered Card can discard that card and others take back their card back.

However, in the case where you get a tie among the players, there the players with a tie draw out the next highest-numbered card they have.

This goes till we don’t have a tie among them. The winner of this can discard all the cards he used in this War when he was dealing with a tie with the other player.

How to Play UNO Spin?

How to Play UNO Spin

UNO Spin Game Setup

Before you start playing UNO Spin, here is the setup. You need to place the spinner gameboard in the middle of the table. 

The next move is to choose the dealer. The wheel reference cards should be spread around the table. 

Players will pick cards and the one with the highest number of cards will be the dealer. The dealer needs to shuffle the deck. 

Secondly, he or she should distribute seven cards each to all the players and keep the rest of the cards facedown as a draw pile on one side of the arrow. 

Lastly, the dealer must draw the top card from the draw pile and place it in the slot on the other side of the arrow. 

This slot will be from the discard pile. If the dealer chooses a wild card it must be replaced with another card to create the discard pile. The player to the left of the dealer will start the play. 

Playing the Game

In the UNO spin game, every player rushes to yell the term “UNO Spin”. This is because, as per UNO Spin rules, the first one to yell “UNO Spin” can discard one card of their choice from their initial deck of 7 cards.

Now, the Winner of the UNO spin game spins the UNO Spin Wheel in the current direction of the game.  Like this, the game goes on the turn by turn. 

Now, if there is a case where you need to discard more than one card in the span of the game, then you can decide the order in which to place the card in the discard deck. 

However, this will affect the next player’s turn as he/she may have a need to take a card from the Discard pile in their turn.

How does Scoring work in UNO Spin Game?

When a player wins a round in the UNO Spin game, he or she is awarded points based on the cards remaining in the other player’s hands. 

This is how the numbering is given:

UNO Spin Scoring List
  1. In the case of Numbered Cards: The numbered cards are worth their face value. For example, a one is worth one point; a nine is worth nine points. 
  2. In the Case of Action Cards: The reverse, skip, and draw cards are worth 20 points each. The wild and wild draw 4 cards are worth 50 points each. 

Ending the Game: Who Wins the Game?

The total number scored by the players is recorded. After all rounds, the player reaching 500 points will win the game. 

Strategies for Playing the UNO Spin

One important strategy for playing the UNO spin is to keep cards of the same number or color together. If you spin the matching slot on the wheel, this move will help you get rid of a lot of cards.

Another strategy to win the UNO spin is to pay close attention to opponents’ cards. If you count the number of cards opponents have, you can devise your gaming tactics accordingly. 

You can also think of saving Wild Draw 2 cards and Wild Draw 4 cards for emergencies. You can use these cards to your advantage whenever you see your opponent has two or fewer than two cards. Lastly, play your action cards smartly. 

FAQs on UNO Spin

When was Uno spin released?

UNO Spin was released in 2005.

What does a spin card look like in Uno Spin Game?

A spin Card is a number card with a Swirling pattern drawn on it.

Who spins on UNO Spin?

When a player plays a Spin card, the next player to him spins the UNO Spin Wheel.


Let’s conclude the post on UNO Rules!

This game is fun like the other UNO games, and you will really enjoy this with your friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful.

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