Drunk UNO Rules: How To Play Drunk UNO? (2023)

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Drunk UNO is just another version of the classic Uno game, with just some intoxicating game rules, twists, and drinking as a part of the game.

Bring over your favorite shots and gather a few friends to get started. This one is a party version of Uno.

In this post, I will discuss about how to play the Drunk UNO game and its rules, tips, and all you need to know about the game.

Let’s get started!

Things to Know Before Playing Drunk UNO

Often considered one of the most friendly variants of Uno, the drunk Uno can be the showstopper in the party and ideal ads house game.

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About Drunk UNO Game in Brief

Drunk Uno almost abides by all the rules of the classic Uno version. Here the only difference is that everyone drinks at specific game points.

The game starts with 7 cards. The game’s goal is similar to Uno classic – play a card that matches the card’s color, symbol, and number.

You must draw a card if you don’t have a card that matches. Players have to drink to make the game more exciting whenever they draw a card.

Players also have to drink at two more instances – when they are reversed by another player and when they have only one card left at the end of each round.

Every player must drink when a wildcard is played. Players will drink twice when they draw a “Draw 2” card and a “Wild Draw 4” card. 

Number of Players

3 to 10 players can play the game of Drunk Uno.

Number of Cards to Start With

The drunk Uno game starts with 7 cards and then proceeds like the Uno game. 

How is Drunk Uno different from Regular UNO Game?

Drunk Uno is not much different from the regular Uno versions. The only difference is that you have to drink at specific game points. 

How to play Drunk UNO?

Let us understand the basic Uno rules that are used for playing Drunk Uno as well. Shuffle the cards, and the card dealer will hand over 7 random cards to each player.

The cards will be passed in a face-down pattern. The game starts with the person sitting immediately left to the card dealer. The game proceeds in a clockwise direction, starting from the left of the card dealer. 

The extra cards will be placed at the center, forming the “Draw” pile. Grab the top card of the draws file and place it in another pile – this will be the “Discard” pile.

In the game, if the players ever run out of cards in the original draw pile, they can always use the discard pile as the next draw pile.

Playing the Game

There are two things to keep in mind when playing Drunk Uno. The first is when to sip, and the next is adhering to the game rules of the Uno classic version. The primary objective of e game is to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible and reach the score mark of 500 before anyone else. 

As for drinking, it starts with taking a sip every time you add a card to the hand. Drinking when adding a card to the hand acts as a penalty.

If a player has no playable cards, they must continue drawing them from the “Draw Pile” and drinking for every draw. Every time the player draws a “draw 2” or “wild draw 4” card, they must take 2 and 4 sips, respectively.

If a player draws a “triple draw 2 combo”, they have to take 6 consecutive sips. Players must drink when another player drops the “skip” card before their turn. Drinking is also necessary when the game direction gets reversed.

Players who pick up 4 cards have to drink 4 sips as punishment. When a wild card gets played, everyone has to sip the drink.

Players will enjoy the drink for every leftover card at the end of a round. And lastly, any player who does not know the game rules and keeps asking them has to drink for each question. 

Counting Total Points

The game practically continues until someone gets 500 as their total score. In the end, ask all the players to set their remaining Uno cards to count the scores. The quick breakdown of card values is as follows:

  • Number cards – the numbers mentioned on the cards
  • Reverse: 20 points
  • Draw 2: 20 points
  • Skip: 20 points
  • Wild: 50 points
  • Wild: 50 points 


The first player to hit 500 will win the game. It can be well presumed even before counting the scores. While counting the scores of the cards, it is best to put down the cards all at once to have a better score calculation. 

Tips for playing Drunk UNO

The two fundamentally crucial tips for playing Drunk Uno are:

Choose the Drink Wisely

It is better to have beer or wine as the only option. Don’t go for something too strong. Sometimes, the game can continue for a long, and it would be terrible to have players drunk and unable to stay put in the game.

If you are with people who are uncomfortable with alcohol, fruit juice, club sodas, and virgin mojitos are cool. But the true essence of Drunk Uno lies in the wine. Start with shots if you are not a pro drinker.

Drink Responsibly

When drinking, you can always switch over to water or lime juice. There is nothing wrong with it. If you feel uncomfortable, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Even when drunk, it is crucial to abide by the rules of Uno. 

Use the Blank Cards Wisely

Some of the decks for Drunk Uno are blank. You can fill them up with any rule of your choice (with the consent of other players) to make the game more interesting.

The official Uno rules do not assign any specific value to such cards. But the Uno drunk version is all about fun and games so that you can induce new rules. 


DUNZO is a prevalent Drunk Uno game variant. It is not the official version but has unique rules and regulations.

DUNZO is primarily available online and is trending because of the exciting rules and game patterns. It is popular among teenagers and adults and is an excellent house game.

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