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Looking for the ultimate guide to UNO All Wild rules? You’ve found it!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to play UNO All Wild like a pro.

From new twists on classic rules to the inclusion of special “Super Wild” cards, this guide has everything you need to dominate the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned UNO player or new to the game, this guide will give you the tools you need to master UNO All Wild.

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The Objective of UNO All Wild

The objective of the Uno All Wild game is quite similar to the other Uno versions.

The fastest player who gets rid of all their cards wins the game. The winner is the person who is left with no cards, and he reaches this position faster than any other player. 

UNO All Wild Rules

In this section, I will discuss the important rules of UNO All Wild.

Wild Card

All the cards of this gameplay are the Uno Wild Cards, as is evident from the game’s name. The traditional Wild Cards (4 in number) present in the original version of Uno are the nonaction cards for this game. In contrast, all the other cards behave as Action cards.

In the traditional Uno, the Wild Cards is also an action card along with the other numbered cards in the deck.

There are no customarily numbered cards for this version, so the game is all upon the wild cards. 

The wild cards make up most of the Uno All-Wild game version cards. In the traditional version of Uno, there are only 4 cards present, whereas, in this game version, all the cards are Wild Cards.

That means the wild cards are the standard cards for the Uno All Wild version because no others exist. While playing the game. You can call out any color, but that would be of zero use since colors don’t matter in this Uno version.

The Wild Card is not an Action card in the game because it will not direct any peculiar game movement in the Uno All-Wild version. 

Wild Reverse Card

The Uno wild reverse card reverses the game’s direction. Its role is the same as in the other versions of the game.

If the game is proceeding in a clockwise direction, drawing out the Uno Wild Reverse Card would mean that game will now proceed in an anti-clockwise direction and vice versa. 

Skip Card

When a player draws the Uno All Wild Skip card, the player immediately next to them loses their turn, and the turn passes to the next player.

Skip Two Card

When a player draws the Skip Two card, the following two players lose their turn, and the third player in the row gets the chance to draw cards.

If you are playing an Uno All-Wild version with just 2 members, the opponent of the player who draws the card will miss two turns, and the concerned player will get two consecutive chances to play. 

Draw +2 Card

This is known as the Wild Draw Two card. When any player draws this card in the game, the next player (in the case of a two-player game, the only other player) will have to skip their turn. 

Draw +4 Card

This card works quite similarly to how it does in the traditional game of Uno. This card resembles the Four Card of the standard Uno version.

The best part is that, unlike the regular Uno game, you can play this card during any of your turns in the Uno All-Wild game because the colors don’t matter here.

If any player draws this Wild Draw 4 card, the next player will draw four cards and skip their respective turns. 

Wild Forced Swap Cards

This card means that another game player must swap cards with the player who draws this specific card. You will take your cards and the cards of the player you want to swap them with.

You will take their cards, and they will take yours. You can also swap cards with a player with only one card left. In this circumstance, make the game more exciting by screaming Uno. 

How to Play UNO All Wild?

Setting Up the Uno All-Wild Game

All you need is a deck of 112 cards and players ranging from 2 to 10 in number. That is all. With the proper knowledge of this game version, you can quickly start playing the game.

The dealer will deal seven cards each to the members. The remainder cards of the deck will be placed in the face-down position to form the draw pile. 

Playing The Game

The first player to start the game is usually the player who is sitting right to the immediate left of the card dealer. The game, under all conditions, starts to proceed in the clockwise direction unless someone plays the reverse card.

Each player will put down one card at a time from their hands. The best part about the Uno All-Wild version is that there is no need to match the colors of the cards because colors do not matter in this case.

Uno All Wild is a simplified version of the Uno game, and the scoring is precisely the same as in the standard Uno game. 

Ending the Game

The points are scored based on tallying cards in every player’s hand. This keeps on continuing unless any player hits the benchmark of 500 points. 

Winning the Game

The first player to get rid of the cards wins the game, just like most other Uno versions. Also, the first player to hit the 500 score becomes the winner in most cases. 

Knowing the UNO All-Wild Game With These FAQs

What is the difference between UNO and Uno All Wild?

Uno All Wild is a fun, revamped version of the Uno game with nothing but wild cards. This is one of the newest addition to the Uno family of games.

The game is much more exciting than the traditional game of Uno because Wild cards can make the game like a rollercoaster ride.

All the cards of this game version are Wild Cards, hence the name All-Wild Version of Uno. 

The Uno All-Wild rules vary significantly from the other Uno versions. There are a total of 112 cards in the Uno All-Wild game version.

The game’s primary target is the same as in other Uno versions: to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible. The first player to get rid of all their game cards wins. 

How many Players can play UNO All-Wild?

Approximately 2 to 10 players can play this game. The 2-player game is a typical face-off like other 2-player Uno games. The maximum number of players could get up to 10

How much time does it take to Play?

You can finish an Uno All-Wild game in as few as 2 minutes. It all depends on the number of players and their expertise.

Usually, with many players, it takes more time because each member has to wait for a long time for their turn. 

Can you stack in Uno All Wild?

No. Like the standard version, stacking is not allowed in the Uno All-Wild game. 


Let’s conclude the post! Thank you for reading our guide to UNO All Wild rules.

We hope that this guide has provided you with a thorough understanding of all the new and exciting rule changes included in this version of the game.

Whether you’re looking to mix things up with the “Draw Four” card or want to get your hands on some powerful “Super Wild” cards, UNO All Wild offers endless possibilities for fun and excitement.

So gather your friends, shuffle up the deck, and get ready to play UNO All Wild like a pro!

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