UNO Flip Rules: How to Play the Game? (2023 Guide!)

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UNO Flip is a very exciting UNO’s version. It has unique addition to its gameplay rules and cards.

In this post, I will discuss in detail about the UNO Flip rules and how to play the game. After reading this guide, you will get a complete idea about the game UNO Flip.

UNO Flip

Let’s get started!

Things You Need to Know Before Playing UNO Flip 

What is UNO Flip?

UNO flip is a modified version of the game that almost plays like regular UNO. The only difference is that there are two sides to the card decks.

One is the dark side, and the other is the light side. The game starts with the light side, but as soon as any player plays a FLIP card, the deck needs to be flipped over, and all the other players will now have to play the dark side of the cards.

The difference between playing the light side and the dark side is that – the penalties for the dark side are much stiffer.

The game will continue with the dark side until another player flips the card and plays the light side.

The game ends in the same way as the UNO classical version. The first player to eliminate all the cards will win the game. The scoring will vary according to which side of the card is being played. 

Components Required in The Game

LIGHT SIDE (white border): 

  • 18 Blue cards – 1 to 9 
  • 18 Green cards – 1 to 9 
  • 18 Red cards – 1 to 9 
  • 18 Yellow cards – 1 to 9 
  • 8 Draw One card – 2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow 
  • 8 Reverse cards – 2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow 
  • 8 Skip cards – 2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow 
  • 8 Flip – 2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow 
  • 4 Wild cards 
  • 4 Wild Draw Two cards 

DARK SIDE (black border): 

  • 18 Pink cards – 1 to 9 
  • 18 Teal cards – 1 to 9 
  • 18 Orange cards – 1 to 9 
  • 18 Purple cards – 1 to 9 
  • 8 Draw Five cards – 2 each in pink, teal, orange, and purple 
  • 8 Reverse cards – 2 each in pink, teal, orange and purple 
  • 8 Skip Everyone cards – 2 each in pink, teal, orange, and purple 
  • 8 Flip – 2 each in pink, teal, orange, and purple 
  • 4 Wild cards 4 Wild Draw Color cards

The objective of The Game

The game’s objective is to get rid of all the cards before anyone else does. The aim of the game is similar to that of the Uno classic version. 

Age Group That Can Play the Game

The Uno Flip game is ideal for anyone above 7 years. Kids, teenagers, and adults can participate in the game. 

How many Players can play the Game?

2-10 players can play the UNO flip game. With a higher player number, the game becomes more interesting and exciting. It is an excellent indoor game. 

UNO Flip Rules

Uno flip rules are pretty complex. You have to master the rules to grip the game better. The rules are similar for most cards on the dark and light sides.

But, the dark side has stricter penalties than the lighter side. 

Light Side Cards

Draw One Card

The next player will draw a card and have to miss their turn when you play the draw one card.

The only rule for this card is that – it can be played only on matching color or on another draw one card. It will call for the same rules if you draw it at the beginning of the game. 

Reverse Card

The game direction reverses when this card is drawn. That means if the game is currently moving in the left direction, it will proceed toward the right, and the opposite is true.

You can only play this card with a matching color or with another reverse card. When the reverse card is played at the beginning of the game, the gameplay will start from the right because it is customary to start the game from the left direction. 

Skip Card

When you play the skip card, the next player loses their turn. Like most other light-face action cards, this card can be played only on the same color or another Skip card.

When this card is drawn at the beginning of the game, the first player to the left starts the game. 

Wild Card

Players playing the Wild Card can choose the color to continue the play.

Any player can play the wild card during their turn, and when they have another playable card at hand, when the wild card is played at the beginning of the game, the first player to the left of the dealer chooses the color to start the game with. 

Wild Draw 2 Card

For this card, the same rule as the wild card applies. In addition, when a player draws this card, the next player draws two cards from the draw pile and loses their turn.

You can also play this card when you don’t have any other playable card. 

Flip Card

This card is used to flip light cards to the dark side. You can play the card on matching colored discards. It will flip the deck side that is being played. That means playing a flip card on the light side of the cards will reverse the gameplay to the dark side. 

Dark Side Cards

Draw Five Cards

Draw +5 card can be played on a matching discard color or a previous draw +5 card. When any player draws this card, the next player must draw 5 new cards from the draw cards pile. The play will move to another player. 

Reverse Card

When a player draws the reverse card of the dark side, it will reverse the play turn, provided that it is played on the previous reverse or a matching discord color. 

Skip Everyone Card

You can play it on a matching discard color or a previous skip-everyone card. When any one player draws this card, all the other game players lose their immediate next turn. At the same time, the player who played this card gets another chance. 

Wild Card

The wild card for the Uno dark side has the same features as the Uno dark side. 

Wild Draw Color Card

Any player who draws the Wild Draw Color Card will state a color that the other players have to adhere to. The next player will continue paying cards from the draw pile until they can obtain the color stated by the player who drew the Wild Draw color card. 

Flip Card

When you draw the dark-sided flip card, everything in the game will flip back to the light card side again.

Card Stacking Rules

Stacking is an attempt by a player to block the card drawn by the previous player. This is strictly forbidden in UNO flip.

How to Play UNO Flip?

During the initial card distribution, the most curricula factor ensures that all the cards face the same direction – either upfront or bottom.

UNO Flip gameplay deck

The lighter and the darker sides should be aligned symmetrically. All the light cards should face one way and the darker cards the other. 

The dealer of the cards is chosen based on the number drawn. Each player will draw a card at the beginning of the game, and the player who draws the card with the highest number will become the dealer. 

Now, the dealer will shuffle the cards, and each player will get 7 cards. The light side of the cards will face the player, and the dark side will face the opponent.

The other remaining cards of the deck will be placed in a draw pile with the Light side facing downwards and the dark side facing upwards.

The topmost card of the draw pile will be turned over to begin the discard pile, where the light side cards will face Upwards. 

The game will start with the player immediately left of the dealer. The game rules will be as the classic rules. The player will have to follow the same rules with both the dark and light sides of the game.

Just watch the card’s color, symbol, and number on the top of the discard pile and the cards in their hand.

If it matches, you can get rid of the card. If not, the player must draw the card from the draw pile. The one mandatory rule is when you add cards to your hand, you have to ensure that they face the same direction.

For Example: If you are presently adding cards to the dark side, the new cards can be added only with the dark side facing you.

You can put down the card in the same play if there are realms for the same. If not, the play turn will pass to the next person.

Most players need to learn that you can also choose not to play a card, even if it is playable. It depends on the type of gameplay you are planning. 

Strategies for Playing UNO Flip Game

Here are the top 5 strategies to win the Uno flip game faster than you can ever imagine:

  • Learn all the rules: If you want to ace the game, you should be a pro with all the house rules. Uno flip is like chess. There is no reversal of moves; you can only move ahead and score the best with the available cards. But, to perform optimally in all situations, you must learn the game rules. 
  • Observe Your Opponents: You don’t know your opponent’s cards, but you can always estimate how many more cards they have. This will help tackle the game better.
  • At-Hand Score Should Be Low: Always keep the at-hand score as low as possible. The best strategy is to get rid of the high scorecards from hand as soon as possible. 
  • Best Cards: Keeping some cards at hand will help you win the game easily. These cards include Draw+2 and Draw +4. Always reserve these cards at hand to deal with emergencies. 
  • Changing Color: frequent changing of colors can provide you with several advantages. It will confuse the opponents and give you a lead in the game. 

UNO Flip Game FAQs

1. What is the difference between the Light and Dark Side Action Cards?

The action cards are more potent for the dark sides than the light side. Similarly, the dark side offers stricter penalties, absent in the light side.

2. How is UNO Flip different from regular UNO?

In Uno flip, the card decks have two sides – dark and light which is not present in the classic UNO game. 

3. Can I play a Wild card on a Flip card in UNO Flip?

During their turn, the player can move ahead with any playable card that matches the discard pile’s topmost card. The players can also play a wild card if that matches the other card types. 

4. Can 2 people play Uno flip?

Yes. Uno flip can be played by players ranging from 2 to 10. 

5. Can you stack a plus 2 on a plus 1 in Uno flip?

No. Stacking any card in any form is not allowed in Uno flip.

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