UNO Moo Rules: Complete Guide(2023)

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Uno game versions have very unique variations than that of the classic UNO game.

Looking to know about the UNO Moo game? In this post, I will discuss the complete guide to UNO Moo Rules, how to play the game, and every minute detail you need to know.

UNO Moo Rules

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Things You Need to Know Before Playing UNO Moo

Uno Moo is a preschool game that is specially designed for kids. Young children (toddlers and pre-schoolers) cannot truly understand the complexities of the classic UNO game, so this one caters to their needs and standard.

Uno Moo simplifies the standard Uno game and makes it ideal for kids. If you truly want the children to play the game, you must teach them some basic yet easy rules.

The game is super enticing and keeps the kids engaged for a long time. It also leads to their cognitive development. 

Components Required in The Game

There are no real-time cards in the Uno Moo game. Since toddlers have small hands, they won’t be able to hold the cards or have a grip over them. The Uno Moo game, therefore, uses small plastic figurines of attractive animals, trees, and figures as game components.

UNO Moo Game Components
UNO Moo Game Components

The most popular plastic motifs are barn animals and farm animals. The figures are coated with attractive stickers to make them lucrative for the kids. 

Objective of the Game

The game’s object is to eliminate all the animals hiding behind the haystack. The object is quite similar to the classic Uno game, where you must get rid of all the cards. The player who first gets rid of all the animals wins the game. 

Age Group That Can Play the Game

Children of age 3 years to 6 years can play the game. It is a kid’s version of the Uno game. It is exclusively designed for the pre-schoolers as per their intelligence and expected activity level. 

How many animals do you start with in UNO Moo?

There are 24 animals at the beginning of the game to start with. Each player picks 5 random animals from these 24, and the game starts.

UNO Moo Pieces
UNO Moo Pieces

It is similar to random card distribution at the beginning of the classic Uno game. Animal figures replace only the cards. Initially, the Uno Moo version had 28 animals to start with, but now there are only 24. 

Who starts the UNO Moo Game First?

By convention, the youngest member of the group of players starts the game. It could also be otherwise, but allowing the youngest toddler to make the first move is the norm. 

How many pieces are there in UNO Moo?

There are 24 animal figures and a barn at the beginning of the game. 

UNO Moo Rules

Image of UNO Moo Pack(Front & back) showing the rules
Image of UNO Moo Pack(Front & back) showing the rules

General Figures

Uno Moo is a farm game, and the available figures are animals. There is a barn and a haystack. The animals are made attractive, so the kids find the game happening, easy and exciting. 


The barn is the large storehouse where farmers store their grains and hays stack. The target of the Uno Moo game is to place all the animals behind the barn through the barn door. 

Shunk (Draw 2)

Skunk is the alternative for Skips in the Uno game. Skunk in Uno Moo performs the same task as Skips in Uno standard. The Skunk can only be played with matching color Skunks.

If there is a matching skunk on the barn door, a player can use the skunk with them. If they use skunk, just as the skip function, the next player will skip their turn, and the game will proceed. 


Farmer acts like the Wild cards. You can play a Farmer any time during your turn. Farmers match with any random color of the barn door. Players playing with the farmer can choose the following colors to help them continue the game.

When the farmer becomes the first figure on the brand door, the first player has the privileged rot choose the following colors to play with. 

How do you play UNO Moo?

The new version of the Uno Moo game has 24 figures and a Barn to start the game with. You will receive a box for the Uno Moo version that contains the figures and barn.

When the game was initially launched, there were 28 figures, but now there are 24 animal figures. 

Setting Up the Game

Step 1 of setting the game up is to place the 24 figures you receive in the box in the barn and then randomly mix them up. Each tiny player will put their hands within the barn and pick out 5 random figures.

Playing the Game

First, they take put any random animal piece and place it on the Barn door. The group’s youngest member starts the game (it is the convention).

Now, he or she will compare the animal placed on the barn door with the 5 animal figures they have. The matches will be made based on either color or type.

If there is a match, the animal figure on the barn door will be pushed back to the barn and replaced by the player’s figure at the Barn door. If the first player does not have a match, the turn passes to the following players.

There are different rules for the Skunk and the White Color Farmers. The first acts like the skips, and the following acts like the Wild card. The rules are the same as skip and wild in the Uno standards version. The Uno Moo game usually continues in a clockwise direction. 

Saying, “UNO Mooooooo!”

The player with only one animal behind their haystack must scream, “UNO Mooo!!”. It indicates that they have only one more animal to get rid of until they win.

If a player does not scream out while they have only one figure left and any other player caches them, two more animals will be added to the reserve of the player which will automatically delay them winning the game. 

Ending the Game

The player who first gets rid of all their animals wins the game. Whoever can place all their animals inside the barn before anyone else does win the game, it is fun, exciting, and a great zeal for the tongue toddlers, increasing their observation and cognitive power. 

Who Wins UNO Moo?

The kid who first gets rid of all their animals and places them all inside the Bran wins the game.

My Thoughts on UNO Moo Game

The Uno Moo game is an excellent game for toddlers. It keeps them engaged and also contributes positively to their cognitive development.

It helps young children to improve their attention and memory. The Uno Moo game is fantastic for improving the observation power of young kids.

They also learn how to play harmoniously with other players in the group. Children can also enjoy winning, and it develops self-confidence in them. It is a great family game and can be introduced in the play schools to keep them engaged.


Let’s conclude the post on UNO Moo Rules!

Being a kid-friendly version, this is very simple and fun to play. Every piece of it is good and it is especially fun when we have wild pieces like Shunk and Farmer.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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