How to Cheat at Monopoly Game? (Know This FIRST!)

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Players will stop at nothing to win a game of Monopoly against their pals, even sneaking in some underhanded cheating.

Hasbro introduced the Monopoly CheatBot so that players could report others for cheating. Offenders will get unusual punishments using Facebook’s Messenger feature.

However, what rules are being broken by cheating while playing the game?

Hasbro revealed to INSIDER the most common methods players cheat during the game.

The Monopoly team recently surveyed two thousand board game enthusiasts to learn their fans’ strategies to gain an advantage during the passing go-round.

No one can be sure they are playing a fair game of Monopoly, even if they believe they are.

In this post, you will learn about how to cheat at Monopoly Games in a sneaky way and increase the Odds in favor.

How to Cheat at Monopoly Game

Let’s get started!

How to Cheat at Monopoly Game?

Here are several ideas to cheat at Monopoly which you can implement while playing the game.

1. Become a banker if you want to hang around with the money.

Put the bank behind you where it will be out of reach. This is the trick to get them to hand up the cash first.

To avoid the hassle of banking, it’s a good idea to sneak the money under your mattress every once in a while.

Then stealthily remove it and deposit it in your hidden savings account.

You might even steal money from another Monopoly game and sneakily add it to your pile as the game progresses.

However, it would help if you highlighted them to separate them from the rest of the notes.

2. Take the money out of the bank before the game even starts

A few hours before playing Monopoly, go ahead and take out bills of all different denominations from the game’s box.

Then, restock the game and preserve the cash for future purchases.

Take the money out of the bank in Monopoly

The banknotes may be added to your money pile in the middle of the game without anybody noticing.

If you add to your money pile, make sure it stays disorganized so no one can tell you have an additional $500.

That’s the one that might get more attention from the public.

3. When everyone leaves the table, you should take a few bucks

Please take the opportunity to steal money from the bank or another player whenever it presents itself.

To avoid being caught, it seems you are preoccupied with anything else immediately after cheating.

4. Let your cash pile become a little untidy

Do not separate your cash into separate piles according to denominations; keep it all mixed together.

Most players want to store their funds in a neat arrangement, but this might make them easier targets for occasional theft.

5. Throw the dice down quickly

Do not interrupt the other players if you have a chance to roll the dice while they are discussing the game.

Keep them preoccupied and throw the dice.

Throwing Dice Quickly

Get your marker where you want it before anybody else sees the numbers.

Always keep track of how many spaces you advance so that if your opponent asks what you rolled, you can confidently respond with a number corresponding to your new location.

Keep a straight face and continue the deception if a player challenges your move.

6. Please keep your Chance and Community Chest cards hidden

When you draw one of these cards, don’t flaunt it; instead, seem genuinely happy with your draw, and be sure to collect the entire sum specified on the card. Then, hastily return the card to its stack.

7. Do not draw attention to the fact that you have landed on an opponent’s property

Let it go undetected if the other players aren’t keeping an eye on their properties or your landing spot.

If your opponent hasn’t noticed by the time two more players have a chance to act, you’re excused from paying according to the rules.

Please make the following two players feel pressured into taking their turn by bringing up how slowly the game moves.

If the game goes faster, you won’t have to pay as much attention.

Do all you can to divert the attention of the landowner.

If you want to keep that individual talking until it’s their time again, a good strategy is to give them a joke or a lengthy tale.

8. Connect with another participant to ally

Make a secret pact with another player to assist each other before the game begins, but don’t tell anyone else about it.

You will have to break up your alliances as much as you’d like to, but doing so could help you eliminate other players.

We’ve compiled a list of stealthy maneuvers you may try out as a pair:

Landing on a shared property should be free for both of you.

You may keep doing this until you’ve driven all the other players to bankruptcy.

You and another player may acquire the properties you want by communicating your wants and trading them to each other for cash when you arrive at the desired locations.

9. Talk it out with the other players

If you desire all the railways, but another player already owns one, you should attempt to negotiate a deal that gives you both what you want.

You may contract with another player if you both land on properties you desire.

You will purchase the property and then sell it to the other person at the same price you paid.

Assuming less risk in acquiring the properties you seek could not be simpler.

10. Pay off the other competitors

Offering a real-world bribe to another player is one way to acquire real estate if you lack the necessary means to accomplish it on your own.

Someone who wants a free meal or favor might be willing to exchange a property like Park Place or Boardwalk for it.

If you’re going to take a property from another player but don’t have the money to buy it, you may try trading with them instead.

11. Falsely attributing favorable outcomes to your Chance or Community Chest cards

When you’re already battling to pay rent on some other properties or acquire your Monopoly, the last thing you want to do is go to prison or pay any further needless taxes.

12. Paying actual money to other players to get them to aid you in a game

Since you’ll be staying at your brother’s St. Charles Place hotel for the week, you’ve agreed to handle the cleaning in exchange for free lodging. So, in this case, paying high rent can be avoided.

13. Changing the dice’s placement to get the desired outcome

Either you’re trying to avoid your friend’s hotel on the corner of Boardwalk and Park Place, or you don’t want to roll the third set of doubles and go to prison.

14. Subtly tack on more rooms or apartments without increasing the price

Those hotels weren’t cheap, and someone shelled out real Monopoly money to buy them.

It takes courage to sneak in an additional home (or three to construct equally). Rude!

15. Making up rules as you go along, in the eyes of someone who doesn’t know any better

Free parking doesn’t give you a chance to earn more money, despite what you may think.

16. Gain an advantage by shifting your token a greater distance than the dice roll indicates

Since everyone is watching, you can’t roll the dice; yet, since no one is paying attention, maybe you can sneak by with a move of 11 spaces instead of 10.

17. Attempting to maintain radio silence after crash landing on enemy territory

They are responsible for missing a crucial play because they weren’t paying attention.

If they are unaware you can move one more or fewer spaces on the board when there are more chances to land on your opponent’s territory.

Are you allowed to Cheat in Monopoly?

Monopoly has no laws governing what happens when you cheat since cheating is not meant to be a part of the game. The other players determine the outcomes.

One or more people may decide to deal you such a punishment. Some people might prefer to start over, this time ensuring that no one can cheat.

Why do people cheat at Monopoly?

People cheat while playing Monopoly to be certain that they win!

When playing Monopoly, a dishonest player may attempt to steal from other players, not pay rent, gain financial advantages by passing Go, or engage in other devious maneuvers.

The cheater will be rewarded if they are successful.

But if the perpetrators are apprehended, they may look forward to a trip to the clink.

Is it Fair to Cheat in Monopoly?

No, it is not fair to cheat in Monopoly. If you catch someone cheating or admits it, they will be punished.

One of the punishments may be “Go straight to prison,” “Pay $200,” or any other well-known Monopoly-style penalties.

A digital card will be sent to the player detailing the sentence, which they may then post online.

How to tell if someone is cheating at Monopoly?

If a player uses any of the methods mentioned above, it indicates that the player is cheating in Monopoly.

If you want to know if your opponent is cheating or not, then read the cheating tricks mentioned above thoroughly!

What happens if you get caught cheating in Monopoly?

If someone is caught cheating or confesses to cheating, they will be penalized for their actions.

One of the penalties may be anything like “Go directly to jail,” “Pay $200,” or any other well-known fines from the Monopoly board game.

The player will get an electronic card with the sentence’s specifics, which they may subsequently upload to an internet forum of their choosing.


Let’s conclude the post on how to cheat in Monopoly!

Playing Monopoly is much fun and with these ideas, you can easily increase the winning chances of your game.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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