How To Get Out of Jail In Monopoly? (Explained!)

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by Basana Saha

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Monopoly Jail is an interesting thing as it can either be good or bad depending on the time of the game.

If you are at the beginning of the game and you are in a mode to capture more properties in Monopoly, getting into Monopoly Jail can make you wait for the next 3 turns.

In this post, I will discuss how to get out of Monopoly Jail and that also with all possibilities in the game.

How to get out of Jail in Monopoly

Let’s get started!

How to Get Out of Jail In Monopoly?

Any player can get out of jail before their tenure ends in the following ways:

  • Rolling Doubles Three Times in a Streak: If the player rolls “Doubles” in their next three turns while in the Jail, they can instantly move forward by the number of moves according to the number reflected in the throw. 
  • Using Get Out of Jail Free Card: The player can use a card named “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE.” This card is not available at random. The player must buy the card from another player by paying the price. The price of the card is not fixed. It is subject to negotiation between both players. 
  • Paying a fine of $50 to Monopoly Bank: Players may pay a fine of $50 to the Bank before throwing the dice for the first or second turn while in Jail. 

No player in Monopoly has to remain in Jail after their third turn. That means the game will proceed normally after a player is thrown into jail.

The player will automatically get out of jail when the game completes three turns after the player has been jailed (the player has rolled the dice for three turns) if the player cannot roll doubles on his third turn while in jail, the player must pay a fine of $50 to the bank.

After the third turn, when the player is out, they will move on the board by as many spaces as the dice reflect. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Get Out of Jail in Monopoly?

It takes $50 to get out of Jail in Monopoly. If any player fails to roll doubles even by the third turn while in Jail, the player must pay a fine of $50 to the bank to get out of Jail.

While in Jail, the players can still buy and sell property, own and erect hotels, and even participate in the various deals or auctions for property buying.

After getting out of Jail, the player will resume normal movement on the Monopoly game board, just like when they were not in Jail. 

What is the Meaning of “Visiting Jail”?

It may seem contradictory to the jail concept, but in monopoly, you can even visit the jail when you are not a prisoner. That is a very interesting part of the game.

The Go space in Monopoly is the place where players can rest. But, did you know that the Jail is also a place to rest on the board?

Players can “JUST VISIT” the jail even if they are not imprisoned. Visitors who visit the Jail don’t have to pay any penalty. In the visiting jail phase, players can move ahead just like they usually do during the game. 

How does a Player Lands in Jail on the Monopoly Board?

Any Monopoly player will land in jail in the following cases:

  • If the player rolls the dice and the number on it takes them to the “Go To Jail.” square, then the player will directly land in the Jail.
  • When a player draws any Chance card labeled “Go Directly to Jail” or a Community Chest Card labeled “Go To Jail,” the player must go to Jail. This is purely a chance factor.
  • If any player rolls three times Doubles in Succession, then the player has to go to jail. There is only one exception to this rule – when the player rolls from the space of “Advance to Nearest Utility,” they need not go to jail even if they roll three doubles in succession. 

Essential Points for Players Who Go to Jail

Here are some critical factors that any player in Jail must keep in mind:

  • A player in jail is not entitled to collect a salary ($200). Even if their piece on the board is at a location where they would collect money in the ordinary course, the money has to be given up while they are in jail.
  • If any player lands on Go space and then chooses a chance and community card that directs them to Go to Jail, the player can still collect the salary.

It is not mandatory to stop or cease every activity in jail. Players can still perform some of the activities, such as the ones mentioned above, to keep business running and the game rolling eleven when in jail.

Almost all the House Rules are applicable even when in Jail. Players are not entitled to stay in Jail as long as they want. In that case, players have to pay a fine. 

How Long Do You Stay in Jail in Monopoly?

Players cannot stay in jail as long as they want. In Monopoly, the player can stay in jail for three rounds across the board. The player remains in jail only till their third turn.

That means the player gets to roll the dice three times while in jail. After rolling the dice for the third time, they must escape jail.

During these three rolls, if the player rolls doubles, they can get out of jail quickly.

Unfortunately, if they cannot roll doubles during these three chances, the player will pay the fine of $50 to the bank or get out. 

How to Get Out of Jail in Monopoly Electronic Banking

The rules to get out of jail in Monopoly electronic banking are almost the same as in the other monopoly games. During the game, when a player goes to jail, they lose their chance for that turn.

Starting from the next game turns, they get three chances to roll the dice three times in succession, during which they have to try and roll doubles.

The main difference lies in the next part of the game, where the player has to pay a fine to get out.

In monopoly electronic banking, when the player needs to get out of jail, they must pay a fine of $500 thousand dollars.

This is a considerable amount, unlike classic monopoly, where players need to pay only $50. 

How to get out of jail in monopoly junior?

The same rules as Monopoly classic apply to monopoly junior for getting out of jail. The fine is also the same in the amount that is $50. 

Can more than one person be in jail in Monopoly?

Theoretically, all the players can also land in jail simultaneously. More than one player can be in jail at once. Even all can be in jail since every player has to wait for three turns while in jail, the event that all people will be in jail at once is quite rare.

But according to game rules, it is possible for more than one player to be in jail at a time. 

Can you pay to get out of jail in Monopoly?

The player has to wait for three turns while being in Jail. If the player fails to roll doubles in these three turns, can they only pay the fine to get out of jail?

But paying a fine is not possible before three turns are completed. After three turns, the player can escape jail and resume the typical game. 

What happens if you don’t have money to get out of jail in Monopoly?

If a player fails to roll doubles even at the third attempt while in jail, they must pay the fine. If they don’t have the money to pay the fine, the players can sell their property or put them out on a mortgage to raise the money to pay the fine.

The players can also play the “Get out of Jail free” card. Houses and hotels can be sold or rented to raise sufficient money. 


Let’s conclude the post on how to get out of Jail in Monopoly!

So, next time while playing Monopoly, keep these getting out of Jail Rules in mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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