Monopoly Strategies: Tips and Tricks to Win at Monopoly!

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In the game of Monopoly, there are many strategies following the official rules that players can use to ensure victory and prevent them from getting bankrupt in the game anytime. 

This guide will provide tips and tricks with effective Monopoly Strategies to help you always win at Monopoly every time and prevent you from getting bankrupt.

By following these strategies, you will be able to increase your chances of becoming a Monopoly champion and winning every game while having fun playing the game.

If you have just started playing Monopoly, this would be very helpful as you are getting excellent strategies which you usually get to know with Experience after playing Monopoly for more than a Year.

Monopoly Strategies

These strategic tips apply to every player irrespective of whichever version of the Monopoly game you are playing. Professional Monopoly Players also follow strategies that make them always win with high probability.

Let’s get started!

About Monopoly Game

Monopoly is a board game where players compete to become the wealthiest by purchasing, developing, and trading property.

Monopoly can be played with two to eight players and is recommended for ages eight and up.

The game board is divided into forty spaces, each with a different name and function.

Players start the game with a set amount of money, and they take turns moving around the board.

Monopoly Game

The object of Monopoly is to amass the most wealth by acquiring and disposing of properties and developing hotels and houses on them. (You can also refer to Monopoly Hotel Rules to know more about this.)

Throughout the game, the player keeps on buying and selling spaces, constructing properties, paying rent when landing on someone else’s property, going to Jail, getting special cards like Community chest and Chance cards, and much more.

The outcome of each roll of the dice determines the next player’s location on the board.

Whoever eliminates the competition or amasses the most wealth after the game is declared the winner.

Monopoly Strategies To Win At Monopoly

To triumph in a round of Monopoly can be accomplished in various ways.

The primary tactic is to dominate with as many valuable spaces captured in the game.

Also, knowing the best use of your money to buy sites and build properties on the board is much essential to winning the game.

Here are the strategies below:

1. Buy Every Single property in a Color Group as Quickly as Possible

This is perhaps the most basic strategy, but it’s also one of the most effective.

By buying all of the properties in a given color group, you’ll be able to charge higher rents every time someone lands on them and ultimately make more money. 

If you have this done early in the game than your opponent then you will be at a great advantage.

2. Always buy Railroads

Railroads are valuable in Monopoly. Having railroads is key to winning. These are the cheapest and most profitable properties. Controlling all four lines can treble rivals’ rent. 

This could be beneficial. Railways are very important for fast travel. They’re the only way to teleport instantly.

This can save you time trying to get to a board section with nice properties. Railways are essential to your success. The price is justified. Invest in railroads to win the game.

3. Develop Properties(Hotels and Houses) Aggressively

Once you have all the spaces of a particular color you can start building properties in the game. In Monopoly Game, you can build houses and hotels as properties on acquired spaces. 

It’s great to start building houses as quickly as possible. After that start building hotels in those spaces.

Without houses you cannot build hotels, so first focus on houses and then on hotels. Focusing on developing these properties quickly would make the rent increase much.

You will get a good amount of rent when your opponent lands in your space. Also, you need to note that there are a total of 32 houses constructed in the game. 

So, once you start building them faster, you will create a housing shortage in the game. It will prevent your opponent from playing Monopoly to build as many houses as you have built.

4. Try to get hold of the Utilities like Water and Electric

Owning both of the utilities (Water Works and Electric Company) is a powerful position to be in, as you can charge players high rents if they land on your space.

5. Form alliances to stop winning players

Strategically, alliances are essential to success. Keeping an eye on them can give you an edge over the competition and help you win more games.

You may ally with other players to better dominate the board and launch more effective attacks.

Establishing an alliance with another player is a great way to increase your chances of winning.

You can purchase property directly from your opponent if they have any property in your color.

You can also provide a higher rate to purchase that and that will be a great strategy to capture all same colored spaces.

6. Focus on Chance Cards and Community Chest Cards

While it is true that many aspects of the game of Monopoly are based on luck, some strategies can be employed to increase your chances of winning. 

One such strategy is to focus on Chance and Community Chest cards. These cards can often provide players with a much-needed boost, and as such, it pays to keep an eye on them. 

By paying attention to these cards, you can often get a leg up on the competition and put yourself in a better position to win the game.

7. Getting into Jail is great later in the Game

At the beginning of the game, if you get into the Jail, as per the official Monopoly rules, you will lose the next three turns until you roll a double. 

In this case, you are at loss and the better would be to pay a fine to get out of Jail quickly in the next turn.

This is because, early on in the game, we focus more on capturing spaces rather than escaping.

There are very less chances that you will be paying any rent to anyone as most of the spaces remain vacant at that time. 

If you stay in Monopoly Jail in the initial part of the game, then your opponent can purchase 3 spaces in the next three turns which will be an advantage to them.

Later in the game, the time in Jail is great. Now, most of the spaces are captured.

It’s time now to pay rent to your opponent if you land on their property and not to pay any if you land on your own.

In this case, mostly I found people are most likely to land on their opponent’s property unless they are lucky.

To get the advantage here, you can get into jail and not try to get out of it. If you luckily enter Jail by any Community chest card or land in Monopoly jail space stay there till the next three turns. 

You will be getting Rent while you are in Jail and also you can build houses and hotels while in jail.

In jail, you won’t have to think of paying rent to others as you won’t be landing on your opponent’s property for the next three turns.

8. Take Mortgage Money to your Advantage

If you have properties at places where you don’t own much of the same color, you can take a mortgage loan from the bank from those properties and invest in building houses and hotels in other spaces which you acquire. 

Now, you will get higher rents from those. You can now release your mortgaged property from the bank.

9. Focus on Buying all Orange and Red Properties

They tend to generate the most rent. So, whenever you get a chance acquire the red and orange properties. Especially the Orange Monopoly sites are great to have.

10. Land on Safe Spaces

The best places to land are: landing on the not acquired properties, landing on Free Parking, landing on self-acquired sites on the Monopoly board, landing on Jail, landing on Chance and Community Chest.

Landing on one of these spaces does not cost you anything and would help you stay longer in the game. This is much better than landing on the opponent’s place and giving rent

11. Take Auction to your Advantage

For any newly acquired site, if the other player lands on it and does not have money to acquire it, the place goes to auction with a very low bid, much less than the actual value.

You need to look for sites that go up for auction and estimate you are getting at a fair value or a very reasonable rate, then you are good to acquire that.

Is Monopoly a Game of strategy?

In the board game Monopoly, players compete to amass the most wealth by acquiring, developing, and leasing real estate.

The monopoly board is laid up to resemble a metropolis in a board layout, and the available properties are all named after real-world locations. Real estate is purchased with virtual currency called Monopoly Money.

Is Monopoly a Game of strategy

If other players land on a player’s property, that person is financially compensated.

As with every other form of competition, the object of this one is to amass the greatest fortune at the expense of your rivals.

Monopoly is a game of strategy in which participants must choose the most productive use of their money.

Each player must weigh the pros and cons of putting their earnings in the bank or a piece of real estate.

And if a player tries to purchase one of their houses, they have to figure out what to do and how much to charge in rent.

While players of Monopoly do have some element of luck on their side, they still need a good strategy to avoid landing on the game’s most financially damaging properties.

It’s not hard to pick up and play, and players show off their strategic prowess in Monopoly.

Any group of individuals, regardless of age, can enjoy playing this game together. Millions of individuals have enjoyed the board game Monopoly all over the world.

How do you win Monopoly every time?

Acquiring property whenever and wherever desired is a key strategy and especially if it is close to each other.

If you acquire an entire color palette, you could demand excessive prices.

As quickly as possible, build your real estate portfolio. To reach this goal, immediately build homes and hotels.

As your portfolio grows, you may raise rents.

Third, trade negotiations are vital. If you own a property that the other player doesn’t want and isn’t in their dominance, you can trade it with them.

Developing these talents can help you attain your goals.

Finally, winning isn’t the aim; earning money is. In certain cases, forgoing short-term financial gain seems preferable. Considering

How to win a Monopoly when you are losing? (Tips and Tricks)

It can be very disheartening to come out on the losing end of a game of Monopoly.

You could think there’s no hope, yet there are ways to alter the odds.

When you’re down and out at Monopoly, try these winning strategies:

Know your Opponents

Spying on your opponents can help you win Monopoly. Keeping track of their finances and possessions will help you negotiate with them.

Increase your Site’s value

Increasing the Acquired Spaces value is another must-do. Buy more property cards like houses, then build hotels. This will increase Rent acquisition by many folds.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Strategies!

I hope you got a number of tips and tricks to use in your monopoly game.

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