How to Play Monopoly With Real Money?

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You must have seen that a lot of different Monopoly Money denominations are available in the game. But, what if you try to replicate the game just by changing the fictional currency with real dollars?

Here is my take on how the game can be.

Play Monopoly With Real Money

Note: This is for informational purposes only. There should not be any real monetary loss in the game. Money used would be real but just for playing the game. The total amount of money used in the game should be counted before starting the game so that it remains intact even after the game ends.

Amount of Real Money Required to Play

The traditionally played classic Monopoly version can be played for $20,580. However, if you calculate in cents it would be close to $205.80 in total.

There are certain changes in the amount based on the game variations, but this one is the closest amount to get started with.

Here is the breakdown of money for playing Monopoly with real money:

  • 30X $5 Bill
  • 30 X $1 Bills
  • 60 X Quarters (replacing the 30 $20 bills)
  • 90 X Dimes
  • 30 X Nickels
  • 30 X Pennies

The current amount for the Monopoly game came into existence only after 2008. Before 2008, the Monopoly sets could be played with $15, 140 and to be particular $151.40. 

The Rules of Real Money Monopoly

Simply understanding the Monopoly money or the bill amounts is never enough to play the game successfully.

You also need to know about the rules that decide the total money in the game.

Here are some of the core game rules to consider when playing Monopoly for real money:

  • If a player does not want to play the game for keeps, they need someone who would stump their cash and protect the same. It is important to assign the duty to someone trustworthy who would never dare to steal the money. On the other hand, if a player is precisely playing for keeps, the winner should get some reward for example, each player contributing equally if they get the entire bank.
  • It is not mandatory to always use the $1 or 1c notes. Most pro players usually do this because they want to keep the math simple which is effective in a way. Using notes and bills of other denominations causes enough confusion and really slows down the game because of the extensive calculations players have to make before every single move. 


The gameplay of Monopoly with real money is exactly the authentic Monopoly gameplay in any offline land based or online casinos. 

  • The game starts off with a basic set up such as gathering a group of 2 to 8 players.
  •  The next step is to nominate a banker from amongst the players. The banker will be solely responsible for taking charge of the money, houses, hotels and other properties of the game. The banker can definitely participate in the game with others provided they can keep their personal money segregated from the bank’s and maintain morality.
  • After the set up, unfold the monopoly box and set out the cards – Community and Chance cards to be precise. 
  • To start the game each player gets $1500. The banker gives the designated money in the form of various denominations. It is up to the player whether they accept the denominations offered by the banker. They can even exchange the bills with other denominations of the same total value. 
  • Now the game starts by rolling the dice. The player assesses the space where the dice lands on and buys or rents that particular property piece. Players can also buy any unowned property on the board if they like it and on the other hand auction those pieces of property that they do not choose to buy. 
  • The game proceeds where players collect rent from other players who land on their property, keep on acquiring or selling property. The gameplay also includes some players moving to the jail as and when required and making profitable deals with other players to win huge amounts. 

Winning and Ending the Game

Usually, the game has a precise time limit to determine the winner and the time set is 1 to 2 hours.

When the timer is off, each player counts their money (printed prices of all their owned houses and hotels, printed prices of all unmortgaged properties and half the price of their mortgaged properties) and the one with the highest amount becomes the winner. 

Additional Tips for Playing Monopoly with Real Money

Here are some of the best tips to play and win the game of Monopoly for real money:

  • Buy the properties that most other players would want to have. In this way, you can prevent other players from creating the monopolies that they want. Each player should not only aim to win themselves but also to prevent other players from winning. 
  • Aim to buy the railroads and utilities because these are the best long-term investments you can make on board. 
  • Get the houses as soon as possible. The sooner you can acquire the houses and hotels, the better it gets for you. In fact, you can win even better and faster if you can create a housing shortage in the game. 
  • If you truly want to play to win, it is best that you make the most out of your mortgages because it allows raising capital, which is one of the best ways to make money in the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you mix real cash with Monopoly money?

This is not a usual practice but some players have done it to add some extra excitement into the game. All it does is introduce some additional complexities in the game. 

Is monopoly money real or fake?

Monopoly money is fictional currency. It comes with the game or you can even buy it as a separate entity from online stores like Amazon.

Can Monopoly Go earn you real money?

No. You cannot earn real money by playing Monopoly Go. The game mainly relies on virtual currency so it is practically impossible to earn real money by playing Monopoly Go. 

Can I use Monopoly money in real life?

No. You cannot buy anything using Monopoly money. Since it is fictional currency simply used for the purpose of gaming, it is not possible to use this money in real life and make any transactions. 

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