Baby Items & FSA Eligibility: All You need to Know

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Managing expenses for the new baby can be overwhelming for the parents. If you are well informed about the product lists you can easily chalk out the expenditure.  

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Toddler training pants

Toddler training pants are FSA eligible but only with a limited purpose flexible spending account.

However, provisions might be different for various types of training pants and thus it is recommended to check out the terms before using any of them.

Baby Monitor

The market is flooded with multiple variants of baby monitors such as wearable monitors, sound only monitors and so on.

baby monitor

To ensure that the parents have a great sleep at night, a baby monitor is extremely important. Baby monitors are HSA and FSA eligible and so parents can now easily get the best of them. 

Baby thermometers

It is crucial to check the body temperature of squirmy babies to help them get better soon. The adult thermometers often do not work properly on the babies.

baby thermometer

One of the best things to get with the FSA amount is a good quality baby thermometer.

Baby eyewear

Baby eyewear is a product that helps babies to have a clear vision qualifies for FSA. Glasses are eligible for reimbursement with FSA.

baby eyewear

However, an adequate prescription will be required for the reimbursement. 

Disposable Nursing Pads for Baby

Disposable nursing pads or disposable bra pads are eligible for FSA reimbursement. Since the importance of breastfeeding for infants is indispensable and directly influences the health of the newborn, it is eligible for FSA reimbursement.

Disposable Nursing Pads for Baby

But it does not qualify for the DCFSA or LPFSA accounts. 

Nose wipes

Saline nose wipes are a real time relief product. Nose wipes for toddlers and infants qualify for FSA reimbursements.

Nose wipes

These wipes help the babies to reduce irritation and redness of the baby nose. These soothing wipes infused with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E are helpful for the babies. 

Baby sunscreen

Is it only you who needs a great sunscreen protection for your skin? Well, no. Even your children need sunscreens to protect the skin against the strong rays of sun.

Baby sunscreen

Protecting the delicate baby skin against sun rays is not a choice, it is in fact a necessity. Baby sunscreens of almost all renowned brands qualify for FSA reimbursements.

Breast pump and accessories

A good breast pump can be one of the leading accessories for the new mother. When in the nursing phase, breast pumps can really make things easier. Breast pumps are FSA eligible.

Breast pump and accessories

Along with the pumps, other accessories such as nursing bras, nipple shields and milk storage bags are also eligible for FSA reimbursement. 

Lactation massager

For nursing mothers, a lactation massager can solve most problems of breastfeeding.

The vibrations of the lactation massager prevents the buildup of milk in the breast and eases out the entire process for the moms. Lactation massagers are FSA eligible. It can also increase the milk output. 

Baby Healing Ointments & Creams

These are grouped as FSA eligible wound care products. From chapped cheeks to wounded skin – baby healing ointments and creams are used for treating any dermatological issue of the baby. 

Non Eligible FSA Items for Baby

Some of the popular baby items that are not eligible for discount under FSA are:

  • Instant formula milk
  • Bottles
  • Diapers
  • Baby oils
  • Baby caps

Can I use my FSA card for diapers?

No. One cannot use their FSA cards for diapers. Regular baby diapers are not eligible for any type of FSA reimbursements. Though diapers form one of the largest expenses for babies, yet it does not qualify for FSA reimbursement. 

About FSA in Brief

FSA is a particular healthcare benefit for the working citizens of the USA. FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account and it is sponsored by the employers. It helps the individuals to use up to $2850 annually to cover all their medical costs.

This is a use it or lose it type of fund that means any money that remains unused in the account is forfeited by the employer at the end of the year. It works on an annual plan basis and the funding is done on regular payroll over a pre tax basis. 


Can I use my FSA card for diapers?

No. One cannot use their FSA cards for diapers since regular use diapers are not eligible for FSA reimbursements. 

Can you get baby wipes with FSA?

Yes. Baby wipes are eligible for FSA reimbursements. You can also use FSA cards to buy baby cleansing wipes. 

Can you use FSA for Formula?

Baby formula food for general use does not qualify for FSA reimbursement. However, if the formula is used to treat any special medical condition of the baby, it will qualify for FSA reimbursement.

Can I buy a car seat with FSA?

Car seats are not eligible for FSA reimbursements. They are also not eligible for LPFSA or DCFSA account reimbursement.

Does the FSA really save money?

FSA does not lower the actual cost of healthcare expenses but the actual benefit of FSA comes from the tax saving. 

Are infant gas drops FSA eligible?

Yes. the infant gas drops are digestive health care products that are eligible for FSA reimbursements. 

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