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Currency in Monopoly also known as the Monopoly Money is everyone’s favorite. Here I have discussed in detail a lot of information about it that you need to know while playing the game.

Monopoly Money

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What is Monopoly Money?

Monopoly money is a type of fictional currency used in the game. It has no real existence in the everyday world and cannot be used for real transactions.

However, it is the only money that can be used while playing Monopoly.

It is the currency that players use in the game to buy properties, pay rent or fine that keeps the game moving on. 

What size is Monopoly Money?

The standard size of Monopoly money is 10 cm (4 inches) * 5cm (2 inches).

The shape and appearance of the monopoly money notes have evolved over the years and even vary across the multiple editions of Monopoly. Tokens also existed in the game of Monopoly. 

What are the denominations in Monopoly Money?

Here are the denominations of the Monopoly money in the game.

Note that we are talking about the newest version of the game(Jan 2022):

  • $2000 bills – 30 in number and light red in color
  • $1000 bills – 30 in number and light yellow in color
  • $500 bills – 40 in number and orange in color
  • $100 bills – 40 in number and light blue in color
  • $50 bills – 50 in number and dark pink in color
  • $20 bills – 60 in number and green in color
  • $10 bills – 60 in number and dark blue in color
  • $5 bills – 60 in number and pink in color
  • $1 bills – 60 in number and white in color

However, the classic version had a different set of denominations as below:

Monopoly Money denominations
  1. $500 bills – 20 in number and light orange in color
  2. $100 bills – 20 in number and beige in color
  3. $50 bills – 30 in number and blue in color
  4. $20 bills – 50 in number and green in color
  5. $10 bills – 40 in number and yellow in color
  6. $5 bills – 40 in number and pink in color
  7. $1 bills – 40 in number and white in color

What are the colors of monopoly Money?

Monopoly currency is bright and colorful. It consists of the following colors of bills

  • Bright orange colored $500 bills
  • Beige colored $100 bills
  • Blue colored $50 bills
  • Green colored $20 bills
  • Yellow colored $10 bills
  • Pink colored $5 bills
  • White colored $1 bills

How much monopoly money is printed each year?

From the official information provided by the Park brothers – the ones who actually print the money and the board, the annual monopoly money printed is $30 billion.

Surprisingly in the United States of America, the amount of Monopoly money printed is more than the real money printed. Some sources even claim it goes up to $40 billion. 

What does the M on Monopoly money stand for?

The monopoly symbol of M is actually won that is doubly struck out W and this stands as the currency symbol in the Monopoly game. It is written in a flipped upside format.

This symbol is introduced to maintain uniformity in the game. Since Monopoly is played across the globe and the countries have their respective currencies, the game would have got complicated.

To maintain parity in the game globally, this currency symbol has been introduced. 

What kind of paper is Monopoly money printed on?

It is printed on a special kind of linen paper that is mostly a cotton blend. The name of the particular paper type is Georgia Pacific.

To be precise, this is the best type of paper to print pastel shade money as in Monopoly.

Hasbro maintains an extremely hush hush scenario when it comes to Monopoly money paper type as they want to maintain superior exclusivity regarding the same.

The paper is absolutely different from the one used for printing regular money.

Who prints Monopoly money?

Officially, Hasbro is the only authority that is entitled to print authentic Monopoly money. Since the company owns the game, it is absolutely under its authority to print the Monopoly money notes.

Monopoly money is not real money, so printing it on a personal level would not be a crime.

However, No one can truly recreate the same money as Hasbro does because of the detailing expertise.

Can you Buy Monopoly Money?

Yes. You can buy Monopoly money on various online platforms. Usually, the monopoly money that comes with the official game set by Hasbro is the only one that is used in the game.

But, you can also buy extra money notes from Amazon. Amazon sells monopoly money bills of almost all denominations. 

What is the most money possible in Monopoly?

The maximum money possible in Monopoly in the newest and latest version of Monopoly is $20,580. The game has 30 bills of each denomination. 

How much money do you start with on Monopoly?

When you start with the classic Monopoly game, the banker usually distributes $1500 among the players.

Usually, the following pattern is followed for distribution to players: 2X $500, 4X$100, 1X$50, 1X$20, 2X$10, 1X45, 5X$1.

However, if there is more money you can definitely start with it. 

History of the Monopoly Money

In 1935, the Park Brothers launched today’s popular Monopoly game. This was based on the 1904 Elizabeth Magie’s game.

Magie’s game popularized the use of physical money for playing Monopoly. As the game became even more popular among the players, slowly the advent of fake money started to creep into the game.

Read More About the history of the Monopoly Game.

It was much later when the company with the patent of the game realized that it was getting a bit complex and unfair with the real money – so they launched exclusive Monopoly notes to make the fair and easier.

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