Diaper Pail is a store or trash bin like for baby diapers.

Do you have a baby and have a hard time managing diapers? Does it give a stinky smell when you keep it before disposing?

Now dispose of your baby's soiled diapers in a neat and hygienic manner!

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To solve this problem, the product is a diaper pail. It is a product that is specifically designed for this purpose so you don't have to think about hygiene while disposing of baby diapers. Surely you can avoid any stinky odor coming out from your laundry room.

Many diaper pails are designed so that you do not need to even touch the bin for closing. They have an automated closing disposal method.

Types of Diaper Pails

Based on usage diaper pail can be of two types:

  1. Reusable Diaper Pail

Reusable Diaper Pails are the solution of managing diaper pails without having to dispose of them regularly.

This is like a storage bin built effectively to store

  1. Disposable Diaper Pail

It is like a garbage bag where you store your regular baby nappy or baby diapers and throw them right away.

Diaper Pail Accessories

Accessories that are for the diaper Pail are the diaper pail liners that can be both disposable and reusable type.

We have published a complete buying guide best diaper pail liner for cloth diapers.

Why do you need Diaper Pails?

Let's dig deeper about why it is really needed.

As you need to change your baby nappy often, it seems that after a certain time you would find a lot of diapers lying in the garbage bin and the next day you would find odor coming.

Diaper Pails are needed because :

  • It provides a way to manage and dispose your baby diapers
  • It helps to maintain hygiene at home.
  • It eliminates any possible odor that can come.
  • These comes in a wide array of colors that wont look bad at home.
  • Diaper Pails have child lock, so your child cannot touch soiled diapers inside.
  • Hands free means of disposal of diaper.

How a Diaper Pail stores diapers and how many it can store?

Let’s look at the video showing a diaper pail. You can see here how to open and store diaper in a diaper pail. Also you get an idea about the dimension, how many diapers it can store and its looks.

How does a diaper pail work?

Here is the disposal process:

diaper disposal process in diaper pail

1. Disposing the Diaper in the Pail

  • Either a Foot Pedal opens the lid for you or a top opening lid would be there which you can open.
  • Then, simply drop the soiled diaper through the spring-loaded trap door.
  • The Self-Closing Lid would shut quietly when you release the lid.

You are done disposing your baby diaper to the diaper pail!

2. Emptying the Diaper Pail

Now to empty the Diaper Pail you need to follow these steps:

  • When ready to empty your Dékor pail, open the easy-access service door and pull out the continuous refill liner just far enough to remove the contents.
  • Use the child-safe cutter conveniently mounted on the door to cut the continuous refill liner at the top of the refuse.
  • Tie a new knot in the bottom of the continuous refill liner to form a new 'bag'. Close the service door, and you are done.

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Diaper pails are really a great and easy diaper disposal system. Hope you understood what a diaper pail is.

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