How to make Kinetic Sand: Step By Step

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Hey! If you are trying to make kinetic Sand in your home, here you will find a very easy-to-follow recipe for it and also three alternative recipes.

This image shows making kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand Ingredients

For most kinds of kinetic sand recipes, here is the ingredients list : 

  • Colorful sand
  • Cornstarch or Flour
  • Oil of any kind such as vegetable oil
Image shows ingredients used while making kinetic sand

You can use food colors if you are using regular sand to add a dash of color to it.

Steps to Make Kinetic Sand

Making kinetic sand is extremely easy. Your kids can do it in no time and with the bare minimum effort. 

  • The first step is to decide in which container you want to make the kinetic sand. 
  • Now pour 5 to 6 scoops of sand into the container. 
  • Into the sand pour in the cornstarch or flour. A recipe measurement of 5:3:1 can be ideal for making the kinetic starch. So, into 5 cups of sand, go into 3 cups of corn starch. 
  • Now finally use 1 part of oil of the same measuring container to infuse oil into the mixture. 
  • Now mix well until the oil is uniformly infused and there are no dry or oily spots. You can use your hands, spoons, cups, shovels and scoops to make the recipe. 

Recipe Variations

#1. Making Kinetic Sand With Flour

Though kinetic sand is typically made with sand as the primary ingredient, it can also be made with flour.

In fact, the toddler’s safe kinetic sand is made with flour. The proportion in which it is made is – 8 parts of whole wheat flour and 1 part of vegetable oil mixed together.

Based on the quantity you want to make, you can also modulate the quantity of ingredients. For the oil component, one can use vegetable oil, baby oil or any other type of oil.

You can use food colors to make it more attractive and colorful. This particular type of kinetic sand using flour is called Moon Sand.  

#2. Making  Kinetic Sand With Sand

The authentic kinetic sand made with sand is one of the greatest sensory activities for the kids. Squashing the sand gives them major fun and entertainment options. Making kinetic sand with real sand is fun.

However, adding cornstarch is important because it gives a particular consistency to the sand. Put the sand in a bowl and add cornflour and mix well.

Add some water into it until it attains a particular consistency that is perfectly playable. Now add some food color to it to make it look good. 

#3. Making  Kinetic Sand Without Cornstarch

Making kinetic sand often requires a binding agent along with sand. Cornstarch acts as a suitable binding agent for the kinetic sand.

But, if your kids want to prepare kinetic sand without cornstarch – flour is the next best alternative.

Use sand and flour preferably in a ratio of 5 parts sand to 3 parts of flour. To bring it all together use oil and dishwashing liquid. Also, add a few drops of food coloring agent into the dough to make it look even better. 

Edible Homemade Kinetic Sand Tips

Here are the best tips to follow for preparing kinetic sand : 

  • Always use fine-quality flour to prepare the sand because coarse grains literally spoil the entire consistency of the sand making it difficult to mold.
  • The color you add to the sand should be fun and exciting – vibrant and pretty but at the same time but it should also be toxin-free and safe for the skin of the kids who use it. 
  • Take special care of the amount of water you add into the sand because it could either become too sticky or too tough either of which is not ideal for the kids to play with. 

Final Words

So, here I covered the main recipe with 3 alternate recipes with ingredient variations to make Kinetic sand at home. You can try any one of these.

Try to use fine-quality sand while you make Kinetic sand using any of these recipes above.

If you still have any specific queries feel free to write in the comments below…!

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