How much Money comes in a Monopoly Game?

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In a standard Monopoly game, the total amount of Monopoly Money involved is $20,580. It can be broken down as follows:

  • 30 X $500 (Orange) bills
  • 30 X $100 (Beige) bills
  • 30 X $50 (Blue) bills
  • 30 X $20 (Green) bills
  • 30X $10 (Yellow) bills
  • 40 X $5 (Pink) bills
  • 30 X $1 (White) bills
Monopoly Money

Since 2008, all the games of Monopoly that have been released have come with the same worth of money. The denominations of the bills that make up the money are $500, $100, $50, $ 10, $5, and $1 respectively. 

How Much Money Came With Monopoly Sets Released Before 2008?

The Monopoly games released before 2008 came with a total amount of money $15,140. Most monopoly plates attribute this rise in amount to concurrent inflation. 

How Much Money Does Each Player Start with in a Game of Monopoly?

Whether a game was released before 2008 or after 2008, the starting amount of money in Monopoly was pretty much the same for almost all Monopoly players. Each player starts the game with $1500. In this case, the money management may be different because of the different denominations of the bills based on the versions of games released. 

What to do if your Monopoly set doesn’t have enough money?

If your Monopoly set unfortunately does not have enough money, you have all the liberty to make more bank notes. Hasbro allows buying more notes to continue the game of Monopoly. Grabbing more bank notes and money is quite easy in the game of Monopoly.

There are two ways to make more money –

  1. Either you print your money with Monopoly Money templates and yes that won’t be perceived as a counterfeit.
  2. You simply buy more money from Amazon. Monopoly bank notes are easily available on the platform of Amazon. 

Now in case you want to play Monopoly with Real money, also you can play for fun.

Tips for managing your money during a game of Monopoly

Monopoly can give you a hefty return only if you know how to manage the money well:

Tip #1. Never Stop the Dice From Rolling 

Monopoly dice rolling makes the pawn move across different tiles on the board. Wherever you land you will earn money (exceptions are – if you land on the “Jail”, “Free” and “Tax” tiles).

Every time the player crosses the “Start” line, they will get a cash reward of 400. This is the sole reason why you should never stop rolling the dice in the game of Monopoly. 

Tip #2. Collect the Rent

If you can manage and upgrade the buildings, you can well expect to collect the rent, which is one of the finest ways to keep on managing the money.

More tokens directly means more rent to collect and more money. Rent collection on time from the best possible sources is the best way to keep on managing money in the game. 

Tip #3. Keeping Cash at Hand

The winner who makes it to the end is the one who wins the game of Monopoly. It is thus quite important that you know which ones to buy and which ones not to. Paying out your financial obligations is one primary responsibility in the Monopoly game.

So, ensure you have enough money left to get along till the end. If you do not have enough money left till the end it could lead to selling off your property. 

Tip #4. Expensive Assets are Not Always the Best

Money management will get tougher if you are always after the most expensive assets. Owning the Boardwalk or Park Place may not always be the best idea.

They do have very expensive payouts but they are also expensive to maintain. Focus on the net gain from an asset instead of just focusing on the apparent face value. 

Tip #5. Own Various Types of Property

The final game-changing tip is that you should never rely on acquiring only one type of asset. Try and win as many different types of assets as possible as this will reduce the risk of loss and enhance profitability. The winner usually is the player who has their property spread out across the board.

Now, What’s Next?

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