Water Works in Monopoly: Rules & Are They Worth It? (Guide)

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Monopoly Board has a Utility named Water Works. In this post, I will discuss about this space, its rules and all your need to know about the Water Works in Monopoly.

Monopoly Water Works
This is the Water Works space on the monopoly Board with its deed card placed on its side.

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What is Water Works in Monopoly?

There are two utilities in Monopoly. One of them is Water Works. Interestingly, the symbol of Water Work is an image of a water faucet. It is considered the most realistic icon in the entire game. The space Water Work is positioned two spaces behind the Go to Jail space on the Monopoly game board.

Monopoly Water Works Rules US

If a player wants to buy Water Works, he or she must pay an initial cost of $150 Monopoly Money. If a player lands on Water Work owned by another player, they must pay rent to the owner. The rent will be four times the number rolled on the dice.

Image of Monopoly Water Works Deed Card
Image of the Monopoly Water Works Deed Card

For example, if a player rolls 9 to land on Water Work, he or she needs to pay rent of (9*4) = 36 monopoly money to the owner. The mortgage value of Water Work is 75 monopoly money. 

Monopoly Water Works Rules UK Version

There is no such apparent difference in the way Water Works works in the UK version of Monopoly. 

Only difference is that in UK version, the denominations of the Water Works in Pound £.

To buy Water Works in Monopoly UK Version, you need to pay £150. The rent that you can aquire on this space is 4x the Number on rolled dice.

How much is Water Works in Monopoly?

The initial cost of Water Work is 150 monopoly money. 

How much do you pay if you land on water works in a monopoly?

A player landing on the Water Work that another player owns must pay a rent to the other player. The value of the rent depends on the number rolled by the dice. Whatever be the number, it must be multiplied by four to arrive at the rent amount. 

How to use Water Works strategically in monopoly?

Buying Water Work can be a good investment decision as it allows the owner a steady flow of income. It helps the owner become wealthy quickly and in no way bankrupt the owner. 

Are Water Works Worth it in Monopoly?

Of course, Water Work is worth it in the Monopoly. It is a space that lets the owner become rich and earn a continuous flow of income. However, it does not drain the owner and helps him or her stay afloat in the game. 

Another aspect of Water Works is that it lets the game become more complex. However, this is true for both utilities—water works and electric company.

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