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UNO Party is an excellent choice for your next party. With simple rules and endless entertainment, this is the perfect game for gatherings of all kinds. In this blog post, we’ll explore the UNO Party Rules, how to play the game, and also provide tips and tricks to help you become a master of the game.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this game is sure to bring laughter, competition, and unforgettable memories.

UNO Party Rules

Let’s get started!

What is UNO Party & its Objective?

Uno party is a new version of Uno, created for a large group of players. Most game rules are similar to the Official Classic UNO Rules, with a few exceptions, making the game even more exciting and fun. Learning this new version will be easier if you can play Uno.

The new rules included in this version are Speed Play, Point Taken Crad, Wild Drawn Together, and Wild Pile Up Card. The game’s objective is like Uno – eliminating all the cards from your hand before others.

UNO Party Rules

Draw Two Card

When any player plays the Draw 2 card, according to the game order, the next player has to draw 2 cards, and they will also lose their usual game turn. 

Wild Draw Four Card

You can play this card only when you have no other card. A wild draw of four cards can match every other game card. Wild draw four cards will be considered a match for any current color.

The player next to the one who drew the Wild Draw Four card will draw four cards from the Draw Pile and add them to their hand while losing their turn. 

Reverse Card

The reverse card will alter the direction of gameplay. If the game were moving anticlockwise till now, after playing the reverse card, it would proceed in the clockwise direction.

The norm is to flip over the Direction Tracker Card once the game direction gets reversed to keep everyone updated about the current gameplay order. 

Skip Card

The UNO Party game also has a Skip Card. When a player plays the Skip card, the player next to them loses their turn.

Wild Card

A wild card can be played on top of any other card in the game. It practically matches all the other cards of the game. Any player who plays the Wild card can choose the color code for the Discard Pile. 

Wild Point Taken Card

This one is a unique card in the Uno Party version. Players play the Point Taken Card and start a countdown from three. When they count one, the players point towards any one other player in the game.

Now, the cunting session begins, and it is counted how many players pointed to the other player. The players who were pointed at will take up cards from the Draw Pile.

The number of cards will equal the number of other players who pointed at them. The maximum number of cards that can be drawn is 5. 

Wild Pile Up Card

This one as well is unique to the Uno Party version game. You can play the Wild Pile Up Card on top of any other card.

When you play this card, you can place the top card from the Discard pile in front of the following players. This one will form a mini pile. 

Wild Drawn Together Card

When you draw the Wild Cards together, you will choose any two players and place one Link card each in front of the two players. 

Things to Know Before Playing

How many cards are in UNO Party?

Uno party comes with 224 cards, double the number for the usual Uno games.

How many players can play UNO Party?

6 to 16 players can play the Uno Party game

What is the age limit for playing UNO Party?

Anyone above 7 years can participate in the Uno party game

How to Play UNO Party?

Setup for UNO Party! 

  • The first task is segregating the Link Cards and Direction Tracker Cards from the other cards. 
  • Now, one player will be designated as the dealer of the game. They will perform the jobs of the dealer, such as shuffling and handing the cards to the players. In the Uno party, each player will be assigned 7 cards initially.
  • Just like Uno, the remaining cards, after handing 7 cards to each player, will be placed on the table in the face-down position to create a Draw pile. 
  • The new card in this game is the direction tracker card. Place this card on the table with its face up. Place the Link cards near the Direction Tracker Card. 
  • The topmost card of the Draw pile is flipped over to form the Discard Pile. This rule will not apply if the card is an action card. 
  • The game usually starts with the player immediately to the dealer’s left and proceeds in an anticlockwise direction. 

Playing UNO Party!

Like in Uno, the players have to play one card from their hand to the Discard Pile when their turn arrives.

To play any card from your hand, the card must match either in color, number, or symbol to the top card of the discard pile. If you play the action cards, you have to act accordingly. 

Ending the Game

Whoever can eliminate all the cards from their hand before the other players win the game. The game ends when any player plays the last card in their hand.

Calling UNO

When you have only one card left, you must call out Uno to alert the other players. If you fail to call out and some other player catches you, you must draw two cards from the Draw pile. 

Winning UNO Party!

The player who gets rid of all the cards at hand before the other players win the game.  

Alternative Scoring

An alternative scoring method can be used to determine the winner. Whenever a game round ends, the player who played their last card in the round will take up all the other cards from the other player’s hands and score points for each card.

The number cards are worth their face value. The draw two, point taken, skip, and reverse cards are worth 20 points each, and the Wild draw four, wild, wild pile up, and wild drawn together, are worth 50 points each. 

Tips & Strategies to Win UNO Party

The best strategies to win the Uno party game are:

  • Keep a note of what the other players are doing. Their gameplay could affect yours
  • Try not to use the wild or action cards immediately toward the beginning of the game. They are more beneficial toward the end of the game
  • Know the rules for playing wild cards and other unique action cards well in advance. This will help to frame better winning strategies. 

My Thoughts After Playing UNO Party

Uno party is an excellent version of the Uno game with lots of fun. It is ideal to be played by a large group of friends and family of up to 16 people which in Classic UNO Game would be upto10 players.

It is even more exciting than the Uno classic version with the fun and exciting rules and the new cards. 

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