Can You Collect Rent on Mortgaged Property In Monopoly?

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Mortgaging property is common in Monopoly, and whenever you get your property mortgaged, rules change regarding your Rent collection when your opponent lands on your property.

Here I will discuss whether you can collect Rent on Mortgaged Property in the Monopoly Game!

Can You Collect Rent on Mortgaged Property In Monopoly

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Can you collect rent on the mortgaged property in Monopoly?

When you have mortgaged your property on Monopoly, you cannot collect rent or even build an estate on the property. 

If your opponent lands on your mortgaged property, they will have a rest without any charges or fees deducted from their cash.

If you want to mortgage your property, you should not build shops or houses on it. 

Image of Mortgage Property in monopoly

Nevertheless, if the property you want to mortgage has property, you should first sell it to opponents at half the cash you originally acquired.

Therefore it is good to wait before developing your property in case you want to mortgage it later in the game.


About mortgaged property in Monopoly Game

Monopoly is one of the most common games people play when they want to have fun and kill boredom. 

However, the rules seem simple initially but may get complicated as the game progresses. 

The game’s main theme is rotating around as you buy the property and acquire rent from your opponent anytime they land on your property. 

The meaning of a mortgage in a Monopoly is that the bank temporarily controls your property.

The bank then pays half the amount that you spent buying the property.

When playing Monopoly and realizing that you are out of cash, the mortgage tool is a fast way of getting cash to keep you in the game as you buy and participate in other activities such as bailing yourself out of jail. 

The only property you can mortgage is the color space you have acquired.

Mortgaging is an ideal way of increasing your cash flow. Before the mortgage, sell the property. 

When you want your property back from the bank, you can pay the bank once and gain a higher capital.

This is because you will develop the property and start collecting rent from it.

What happens to mortgage property in Monopoly?

You must give the title deed if you decide to mortgage your property. Afterward, you are paid half of the original price of the property.

After the mortgaging process, the mortgaged property becomes inactive; thus, it cannot bring any income to you.

In addition, there are no developments made on the mortgaged property.

The good news is that the mortgaged property can be sold to a fellow player in the game after you acquire full control.

The time comes when you want your mortgaged property back.

Therefore you will pay the bank the amount of the mortgage plus a 10% interest.

For instance, if your property costs $1000, you will pay the bank $1100 to get your property back. 

However, as much as the mortgaged property does not generate income or allow development, the property will continue to be under your ownership.

The other players do not have any power to control the mortgage or lift it. 

Mortgaged property can help you acquire other property.

The property will help you acquire rent, generating enough income to pay the bank and get your mortgaged property.

Mortgaging property is a winning strategy that will help you boost your income.

Monopoly Rules for the mortgaged property

Monopoly Rules Image

In Monopoly, most people wonder about the purpose of mortgages. Others assume that it works just like real-life mortgages. 

Here are some Monopoly rules.

  • When you mortgage your property, you maintain the ownership, but you cannot develop or charge rent. Therefore if another player lands on the mortgaged property, they will be at rest at no cost.
  • You cannot mortgage property that has hotels and houses. These properties are meant to be developed and source income. Properties you can mortgage include bus stations.
  • If you lose the game, the mortgaged property belongs to the party you lost, the bank, or the player. The player decides whether to lift the mortgage or continue mortgaging while the bank auctions the mortgage to get its money back.

What happens to mortgaged property in Monopoly if you lose?

To be named the winner of the Monopoly game, you must remain the last player while other players go bankrupt.

A player is considered bankrupt if they cannot pay rent or other expenses.

By being declared bankrupt, you are out of the game and need to sell the property to pay the bank or players you owe.

This means you cannot afford to pay rent once you land on the opponent’s property.

Therefore the opponent player will seize anything valuable to you, and you will step out of the game. 

The player that leads you to bankruptcy will have you sell all your houses and hotels to the bank. 

The bank will purchase it at half price, and the cash is added to the opponent you owe. The property includes your mortgaged property. 

The player that made you bankrupt s left with full control of what to do with the mortgaged property.

The new property owner can choose to mortgage the property when you lose.

The player will pay the bank the mortgaging price and gain full control.

If you lose and owe the bank, it will acquire all your property and cancel all your mortgages.

The property is auctioned to other players. The bank will lift the mortgaged property, and any buyer is welcome to pay the amount.


Let’s conclude the post on whether you can collect rent on the mortgaged property in the Monopoly game!

Monopoly and mortgaging might be hard things to understand particularly if you don’t have any background in this domain. 

People have set some incorrect mortgaging rules while others follow the correct ones to make better mortgaging decisions in the long run. 

As you play the game, watch out for bankruptcy. It will put you out of the game since you must surrender your property. 

When you become the game loser, your mortgaged property will be auctioned if you lose to the bank.

If you lose to your opponent player, they decide to lift the mortgage or continue with the mortgaged property. 

Knowing the rules of the game before participating; will help you know when to spend money and how to generate income from your property.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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