Monopoly Properties List: US Version (With Price!)

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Monopoly is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by players around the world. One of the key elements of the game is the properties that players can buy and sell as they move around the board.

In Monopoly Game, each property has its own name, value, and rent price, and players can choose to develop their properties by building houses and hotels.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Monopoly properties list for the US version of the game, including the names, the price to acquire, and the color group they belong to.

Monopoly Properties List
Monopoly Properties List

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List of Monopoly Properties (US)

The properties in the board game Monopoly are based on real streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

Here is the list of properties in the Monopoly US version, organized by color group:

Light Blue properties:

  • Oriental Avenue
  • Vermont Avenue
  • Connecticut Avenue

Red properties:

  • Kentucky Avenue
  • Indiana Avenue
  • Illinois Avenue

Pink properties:

  • St. Charles Place
  • States Avenue
  • Virginia Avenue

Yellow properties:

  • Atlantic Avenue
  • Ventnor Avenue
  • Marvin Gardens

Orange properties:

  • St. James Place
  • Tennessee Avenue
  • New York Avenue

Green properties:

  • Pacific Avenue
  • North Carolina Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue

Dark Blue properties:

  • Park Place
  • Boardwalk

Dark Purple properties:

  • Mediterranean Avenue
  • Baltic Avenue

Monopoly Utilities

Monopoly Stations

  • Reading
  • Pennsylvania
  • B & O Railroad
  • Short Line

Other Spaces which are not properties

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Monopoly Properties List Infographics
Infographics showing Monopoly Properties List

Monopoly Property Spaces in Detail With Price

Here is a table with the properties in Monopoly, their color group, and their prices:

Monopoly Space name Color Group Price
Mediterranean Avenue Purple $60
Baltic Avenue Purple $60
Oriental Avenue Light Blue $100
Vermont Avenue Light Blue $100
Connecticut Avenue Light Blue $120
St. Charles Place Pink $140
States Avenue Pink $140
Virginia Avenue Pink $160
St. James Place Orange $180
Tennessee Avenue Orange $180
New York Avenue Orange $200
Kentucky Avenue Red $220
Indiana Avenue Red $220
Illinois Avenue Red $240
Atlantic Avenue Yellow $260
Ventnor Avenue Yellow $260
Marvin Gardens Yellow $280
Pacific Avenue Green $300
North Carolina Avenue Green $300
Pennsylvania Avenue Green $320
Park Place Dark Blue $350
Boardwalk Dark Blue $400
Electric Company N.A $150
Water Works N.A $150
Pennsylvania Railroads N.A $200
B & O Railroads N.A $200
Short Line N.A $200
Reading Rail Roads N.A $200

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Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Properties with a list and detailed Data table!

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