Monopoly Properties List UK (All Spaces With Price!)

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Welcome to our blog post on UK Monopoly properties! If you’re a fan of the classic board game, you’ll know that each property on the Monopoly board is based on a real location in the UK. 

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of these properties, discussing their history and significance in the UK.

Monopoly Property List UK

This is the UK version, if you would like to read about the Monopoly Properties List of the US Version, you can check this post written by me.

Let’s get started!

Monopoly Properties List UK(Organised By Color)

Here is a list of the UK version of Monopoly properties, organized by color group:

Brown Properties

  • Old Kent Road
  • Whitechapel Road

Blue Properties

  • Mayfair
  • Park Lane

Pink Properties

  • Pall Mall
  • Whitehall
  • Northumberland Avenue

Orange Properties

  • Bow Street
  • Marlborough Street
  • Vine Street

Red Properties

  • Strand
  • Fleet Street
  • Trafalgar Square

Light Blue Properties

  • The Angle Islington
  • Euston Road
  • Pentonville Road

Yellow Properties

  • Leicester Square
  • Coventry Street
  • Piccadilly

Green Properties

  • Regent Street
  • Oxford Street
  • Bond Street


  • Electric Company
  • Water Works


  • King’s Cross Station
  • Marylebone Station
  • Fenchurch Street Station
  • Liverpool Street Station

Other Spaces which are not properties

  • Go
  • Just Visiting
  • Free Parking
  • Go To Jail
  • Chance
  • Community Chest
Infographics UK Monopoly Properties
Infographics UK Monopoly Properties

Monopoly UK Properties in Detail With Price

Here is a table with the UK Monopoly properties, their color group(Brown, Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow and Green), the price to buy, and the rent for each property:

Monopoly Property Name Color Group Price to Buy(in £)
Old Kent Road Brown £60
Whitechapel Road Brown £60
Mayfair Blue £400
Park Lane Blue £350
Pall Mall Pink £140
Whitehall Pink £140
Northumberland Avenue Pink £160
The Angle Islington Light Blue £100
Euston Road Light Blue £100
Pentonville Road Light Blue £120
Bow Street Orange £180
Marlborough Street Orange £180
Vine Street Orange £200
Strand Red £220
Fleet Street Red £220
Trafalgar Square Red £240
Leicester Square Yellow £260
Coventry Street Yellow £260
Piccadilly Yellow £280
Regent Street Green £300
Oxford Street Green £300
Bond Street Green £320
Electric Company N.A £150
Water Works N.A £150
King’s Cross Station N.A £200
Marylebone Station N.A £200
Fenchurch Street Station N.A £200
Liverpool Street Station N.A £200

The rent for utilities and railway stations is determined by rolling the dice and multiplying the result by the number shown on the utility or railway station card. 

The other spaces on the board, such as Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, Go To Jail, Chance, and Community Chest, have special actions or effects when landed on, as described in the Monopoly rules.


Let’s conclude the post on the Monopoly UK properties list and detailed data table!

I hope you found this information useful and helpful.

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