Monopoly Places & Real Places of USA:8 Things To Know (2023)

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Monopoly is a timeless board game that has been enjoyed by generations of players.

As you travel around the board buying properties and collecting rent, have you ever wondered about the real-life places that inspired the game?

In this article, we’ll explore eight fascinating facts about Monopoly places and their connection to real-world locations.

Monopoly Places & Real Places USA

Get ready to discover some surprising insights into this beloved game!

Are Monopoly Places Real?

Yes, the Monopoly places are real. Most property places in the Monopoly board game are based on real-life locations. The street names are mostly adapted from actual existing streets in Atlantic City.

Any player who has ever played the Monopoly game knows that the locations on the Monopoly board game are real and not just some fictional labels.

Suppose, you are enthusiastic about the Monopoly game. In that case, you can check out the map of Atlantic City and someday visit them just to prove yourself to be an ardent Monopoly player. 

Many Monopoly enthusiasts visit these streets in real life to get unique clicks and flaunt that they have visited the locations they play on the board game during Monopoly.

Where is the Park Place Based in Monopoly?

Like most other properties in Monopoly, Park Place in the Monopoly board game is named after Park Place, a small park in Atlantic City. Currently, the entire park named Park Place does not exist in reality.

On the Monopoly board, it is one of the most expensive dark blue sets of property pieces. It lies between the Luxury tax and Chance space.

It was built years back by the famous Bally’s. Only the relics and the name of the park. At the corner of the lane where Park Place was initially situated, there is a plaque to Commemorate Charles Darrow.

This one is for the American version of Monopoly. The UK version of the game has a place named Park Lane.

Where is the Boardwalk Based in Monopoly?

Boardwalk lies exactly adjacent to Park Place in Atlantic City. The commemorating plaque lies at the intersection point of Park Place and the Boardwalk. A Boardwalk is a unique place that is one of a kind in the history of the United States of America. It was opened back in the year 1870.

The Boardwalk is one of the most expensive and profitable properties in the Monopoly board game.

It is quite popular among the commoners who stroll around the place just to see how the most extensive property in Monopoly looks in real life. 

On Monopoly Board, Boardwalk is located between GO and Luxury Tax space.

Where is St Charles Place Based in Monopoly?

St. Charles was a showboat casino that was built in the year 1987. The theme of the Casino was Mardis-Gras. It is now extinct.

You must have known St. Charles Place by its feature of being the first pink property on the Monopoly board. For so long, the casino inspired Monopoly’s actual game, so much so that the property was named after it and owed rent to some companies.

Being unable to pay the rent on time, it was later demolished. Charles Avenue is a central business district located in Louisiana.

The building features some amazing architectural designs and is among the tallest buildings in the area.

Various hotels were installed in this place multiple times, but it could not stand, and in the end, all of them had to be demolished. 

On Monopoly Board, St Charles Place is located between Electric Company and Just Visiting(In Jail) space.

Where is Baltic Avenue Based in Monopoly?

Baltic Avenue is located in Northern Belfast just off the main road of Antrim. It has important places in the vicinity, and the property here is quite costly. Baltic Avenue today is a buzzing street full of retail stores where you can get some of the best stuff.

This is another famous place in reality. Baltic Avenue is one of the cheapest properties on the Monopoly board game.

The word Baltic emerged as a North Irish slang language which was quite popular among the youth of those days. It describes something savage or cool.

Yet to this day, Baltic Avenue remains a heartthrob among youngsters because of the buzz and shopping scenes. It is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and spend some cool evenings.

On Monopoly Board, Baltic Avenue is located between Community Chest and Income Tax space.

Where is Marvin Gardens in Atlantic City?

The Marvin Gardens have an excellent reputation because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is the only property in the Monopoly board game situated outside Atlantic City.

It is located in Margaret City. Marvin Gardens is the most beautiful space in the Monopoly board game. The name has been coined by combining two terms – Margarete and Ventor.

It is also popular for being the most beautiful place on the Monopoly board. Margaret Place is real life picture-perfect spot. In 1920s and 1930s, this spot was renovated and beautified.

The Truman Show operates in this location. So, next time you are out on an Atlantic tour, ensure that you don’t miss taking a few snaps here. This one is ideally the most photogenic location ever. 

Is Monopoly based on Ocean City?

Atlantic City is 10.08 miles away from Ocean City. Today it is one of the most developed places in the world, widely known for its fantastic beaches and lovely casinos.

The iconic Boardwalk and the music shows on the street are perfect for travelers. People travel at this pace not only to witness the natural beauty but also to visit the casinos.

Monopoly is one of the world’s most famous and spectacular board games.

Millions of enthusiasts visit Atlantic city only to glimpse the actual locations they are so used to seeing on the Monopoly board. Today the Atlantic City is a global destination.

People talk about Las Vegas regarding casinos, but Atlantic City is no less. Geographically, the city has an extensive shore with some incredible beaches.

This is why Atlantic City is often referred to as Ocean City. But Ocean city is a different place which lies North East to Atlantic City. It is a cultural hot spot.

The awesome art, music, and dance shows make Atlantic city culturally rich.

It is known for casinos, table board games, and spas. Atlantic City or the Oveancity is buzzing and pretty. It can surely enlighten your travel bucket list. 

Why are Monopoly Streets from Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is often known as the Monopoly City. The streets of the classic Monopoly game are all named after the actual streets in Atlantic City.

The monopoly that has become so popular today was started on a different mote altogether. The game was launched to elucidate the negative impacts of Monopoly on society.

You might be thinking that the street names were picked randomly.

However, the truth is somewhat different. In the 20th century, the Atlantic city was a gateway for the Great Migration.

During this migration, millions of Afro-Americans left the oppression of the South and migrated to this place. During this time, there was an onset of an economic monopoly. 

In those years, the Atlantic cities whose names you see on the Monopoly board today were wealthy and class oppressive. There was no space for black people.

Then, the migrants started living in low-cost areas like Baltic Avenues and Meditteranean streets.

Charles Darrow invented the game to explain the negative impacts of growing economic monopolization during those times. Later he sold the game to the Parker brothers, who made it popular.

The places where the game was most played (informally) are the ones whose names made it to the Monopoly board. 


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Places and their connection with Real Places!

These places are present across different versions of the Monopoly game. The presence of these places that has a connection to real places makes this game much more memorable and enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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