Electric Company in Monopoly: Rules,Rent,Mortgage,Worth It?

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Playing the classic board game Monopoly is a great way to pass time with friends and family. It involves trading, buying, and selling properties, as well as collecting rent from other players. One of the most important parts of the game is the Electric Company. 

💡 This article will provide an in-depth guide to playing the ⚡Electric company in Monopoly, covering all its rules, rents, costs, and mortgages.

Electric Company in Monopoly

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What is the Electric Company in Monopoly Board Game?

Electric Company is a Utility on the Monopoly Board. This is present in both US and UK versions of the game.

In the US Version, it is the space present between States Avenue and St. Charles Place.

In the UK Version, the Electric Company Utility space is between the Whitehall and Pall Mall.

You cannot build houses or hotels in an Electric Company. Only you can acquire and set it to capture rent from your opponents.

🎲 Learn the Electric Company Rules for the Monopoly Board Game 🎲

⚡ Here are the rules you need to know when it comes to the Electric Company: 

  • When a player lands on the Electric Company, they must pay the owner four times the amount rolled on the dice. 
  • If a player owns both the Electric Company and Water Works, they will receive 10 times the amount rolled on the dice for each utility. 

Electric Company Monopoly Card

The Electric Company Monopoly card is a special card that is included in the Monopoly game. It contains information about the Electric Company, including its location on the board and the cost to purchase it. 

Electric Company Monopoly Card
This is the Image of the Electric Company Monopoly Card of Deluxe Edition.

It also contains information about the rent that a player has to pay to the owner of the property and the mortgage value of the property.

Electric Company Cost to Acquire

The Electric Company is one of the more expensive properties in Monopoly. It costs $150 to purchase the property from the bank. 

This is far more expensive than the other properties in the game, so it is important to consider whether it is a good investment before making the purchase.

Rent of Monopoly’s Electric Company

Rent for the Electric Company is determined by the number of dice rolls a player has. If a player has only this utility, then they must pay 4 times the dice roll amount to the owner of the Electric Company. 

For example, if the player rolls 6, they must pay 24 dollars in rent.

If the owner of the Electric Company also has acquired Water Works, they must pay 10 times the dice roll amount. So if a player rolls a 4, they must pay 40 dollars in rent.

Mortgage of Monopoly’s Electric Company Utility

If a player is in need of cash, they can mortgage their Electric Company utility to the bank. The mortgage value of the Electric Company is $75, and the player must pay 10% interest on the loan when they decide to unmortgage the property. 

When a player mortgages the property, they cannot collect rent from any other player who lands on the property. The mortgage must be paid off in full before the player can collect rent on the property again. 

How Does an Electric Company Work in Monopoly?

The Electric Company in Monopoly is a space on the gameboard that allows players a chance to purchase a utility and gain a steady income from rent payments. 

When a player lands on the Electric Company space, they can choose to buy the property from the bank for $150. Once purchased, other players who land on the Electric Company space must pay the owner rent based on the amount of electricity they consume. 

The rent amount is determined by the dice roll. If a player rolls a double, they must pay the owner 4 times the amount shown on the dice. 

What Happens if You Land on the Electric Company in Monopoly?

If the Electric Company has been purchased by another player, landing on the space will result in a rent payment. The amount of rent due will depend on the roll of the dice.

After the dice roll, the player has to pay 4x times the total count of dice rolled. If the Electric company and Water Works are acquired by the same player, then you need to pay him/her 10x the amount of rolled dice count.

If the Electric Company is not owned by any player, landing on the space gives the player a chance to purchase it from the bank for $150. If the player chooses not to purchase the Electric Company, the turn passes to the next player. 

Is the Electric Company in Monopoly Worth it?

The Electric Company in Monopoly can be a great investment, as it offers players a steady income from rent payments.

While the cost of the Electric Company is relatively low, players can make a large profit if they land on the space frequently. If players are rolling doubles often, the Electric Company can be an even more profitable venture.

What are the Two Utilities of Monopoly? 

The two utility spaces in Monopoly are the Electric Company and the Water Works.

Both utilities can be purchased by players for $150 each and players must pay rent when they land on either of the spaces. However, the amount of rent due is determined by the dice roll. 


Let’s conclude the post!

The Electric Company is a great investment for players looking to make a steady income from rent collection. The cost of the property is relatively low, and rent payments can be quite profitable if the dice rolls are generous. 🤓

Both the Electric Company and the Water Works are valuable spaces in the game and can provide players with a steady source of income.

🤑 So there you have it! You now know the rules and regulations of the Electric Company in Monopoly. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you can become a true Monopoly master in no time! 🎲

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