Can You Play Multiple Cards in UNO?

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UNO game has a lot of versions, but in most cases, we see people only giving out a single card in their turn. However, you may be wondering if you can dispose of or play more than one card at a go.

So, can you play Multiple Cards in UNO? No, you cannot play Multiple Cards in UNO in a single turn. As per the official rule, only playing one card per turn is allowed.

However, there are several other UNO versions that allow playing multiple cards which I will discuss.

Can You Play Multiple Cards in UNO

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Still, House Rules Allow You to Play Multiple Cards

As I already discussed you cannot play multiple cards in the Official UNO version.

However, if you still want to have that rule there are two options:

  1. Playing Own House Rules: If you want to have that rule in the regular UNO version, then you need to play by the self-created house rules. 
  2. Playing people Created UNO Variation: If you still want that rule to be valid, there are other unofficial UNO variations like Speed UNO, Enhanced UNO, and a few more versions. But, remember these are variations and hence not official rules.

Are you allowed to throw multiple cards at once in Uno?

No, throwing or discarding multiple cards at once in UNO is not allowed as per the official UNO rule.

Even if you have multiple cards of the same color or the same number, you cannot throw more than one per turn.

Can you Play Multiple Cards in UNO Flip?

No, UNO Flip rules do not allow playing multiple cards at once.

So, you need to play one card per turn, or if you want to play multiple cards at once play using the self-created house rules.


So, here you learned about playing multiple cards, but that is not the end! There are a lot more rules, you need to know to master the game.

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