How to Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition? (+Official Rules)

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Monopoly Cheaters Edition is very unique Monopoly Game and it is unlike any other game by Hasbro. It has a separate set of rules to play including cheats to use during the game.

In this post, I will discuss how to play the Monopoly Cheaters Edition and the Rules of the game.

Let’s get started!

About Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition Rules
Image of Monopoly Cheater’s Edition Box

In the Monopoly Cheaters Edition, players can cheat to get an advantage while also catching their rivals doing the same.

To allow players to notify other players who are cheating, Hasbro created the Monopoly CheatBot. The Facebook Messenger tool will be used to provide unconventional punishments to offenders.

Objective of the Game

To acquire the most properties before they are all claimed, players compete. After the game, the player with the most money wins!

The player’s objective is to acquire and develop real estate while keeping a healthy financial position and driving rivals into bankruptcy. Insolvency results in removal from the game.

Components of the game

  1. Monopoly Cheater’s Edition Board
  2. Two Dice (Red Color)
  3. Monopoly Money
  4. Grey Colored Handcuff(Made of Plastic)
  5. 15 Cheat Cards
  6. 16 Chance Cards
  7. 16 Community Chest Cards
  8. 16 Plastic Hotel Tokens of Red Color
  9. 6 Metallic Tokens
  10. A Tray to keep Money and items in Monopoly Bank
Monopoly Cheaters edition components
Components of the Monopoly Cheaters Edition

How to Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

The version of Monopoly where you can cheat is called the Cheaters’ Edition. Finally, you can embezzle your friend’s many 500 bills! There is, however, a catch. You must pay a fine if you are found to be cheating! Here is how to play the current Monopoly game.

Components of Monopoly Cheaters Edition
Image showing the Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board, Cards, Hotels, Money

Step 1: Starting the Game

Follow the standard game rules. The only difference between this and the original Monopoly is that you can cheat. Otherwise, play the game as usual. If you have cheated and haven’t been called out, you should do so after the next person rolls.

Step 2: Taking Turns and Playing

Look at the trick playing cards. These are the cards that reveal the cheats that are currently usable. Five of them are always active throughout the game.

However, the Ultimate Cheaters Edition of Monopoly lets you essentially do whatever you want. However, adding a few house rules to this is advised to avoid complete mayhem.

Recognize the other variances. Additional variations exist in Monopoly Cheaters Edition. Community Chests and Chance Cards function differently. There are just hotels; you don’t need to wait until your turn to add one, and certain cards let you assemble your deck unevenly or without a set at all!

The stations are not for sale. Instead, if you land on free parking, you pick from a community chest or a chance card (you choose which one you take). If you touch down on one, move on to the next station.

Step 3: Catch Someone Cheating in the Game

Cheats You must pay attention to the five current cheat cards on the board if you want to cheat. These cheats can be used at any time while the game is being played, ranging from stealing a bank to robbing a jail!

Whether you are caught cheating or not determines what happens next. It might range from earning a free hotel room if you get away with it to giving the bank your money if you get caught!

The time has come to confess to cheating if you have not been caught by the time the following player performs their turn (and collect the rewards for getting away using the cheat card’s backup cheating method.

When you catch someone cheating, cry “CHEAT!” and describe what you witnessed them doing to everyone.

If you are right, the player you caught must read the cheat they attempted on the reverse of the cheat card, and then they must carry out the action listed under “Did you get caught?

Be cautious. You must pay the bank £100 if you unjustly accuse another player of cheating, and they can show you were mistaken.

Step 4: Ending of The Game

As usual, the game will end.

The conclusion of Monopoly Cheaters Edition is the same as that of regular Monopoly.

When only one player remains, player A is declared bankrupt and is required to turn over all their remaining assets to the person who bankrupted them if they run out of money yet still owe the bank or another player more money than they have.

In this case, the money is owed to the bank, then the assets are returned to the bank.

How much money do you start with in Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

A game of competitive capitalism is Monopoly. The game aims to see who can bankrupt their rivals the fastest and collect the greatest fortune. However, because everyone starts with the same amount of money, each participant is on an even playing field.

Each participant starts with $1,500 under the Classic rules. The basic regulations have undergone numerous changes and modifications with numerous revisions and iterations.

While some, such as the Junior version, start with as little as $16, others, such as electronic banking, begin with $15M a piece.

Depending on your version, you start with a different amount of Monopoly money. Before you start searching, knowing how much money you have is crucial because some properties are more expensive than others.

Each player is assigned a specific amount of money to start with when a new game of Monopoly is started. Starting with all the money, the banker divides it evenly among the participants. In games created before 2008, the banks began with a total of $15,140 that was distributed as follows:

  • 20 orange $500 banknotes of that color.
  • 20 on $100 banknotes in a beige tint.
  • 30 blue $50 banknotes in the hue blue.
  • 50 cent bills in 50 different shades of green.
  • 40 with $10 notes in yellow.
  • 40 in $5, pink-colored banknotes in that amount.
  • 40 $1 banknotes in the color white.

What are the rules to Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

The person with the highest total after all players has rolled the dice goes first. Play continues around the board in a clockwise way.

At the beginning of their turn, players take possession of the money tray and think about how they might use the face-up cheat cards on the board.

Start your round by rolling both dice. Rotate your token in a clockwise direction around the game board.

Properties Buying and Selling Rules

Pay the sum shown on the title deed card and take the card as proof of purchase if you land on an unowned property and want to buy it.

The other players can bid to buy the property at auction if you don’t want to or can’t afford to do so. The starting bid must be $10, and bids must rise in $10 increments or greater.

When players win, they take possession of the prize and pay the bank. If no one wants it, the property stays unclaimed, bank-owned, and unoccupied.

Railroads Rules

Every time a player steps onto a railroad, that player can move their token to any other railroads they control. Even if players decide not to travel, they still have to pay the rent. A player can freely travel on their own railroads.

Go Rules

When a player owns every property in a certain sector or color, the game is called a “monopoly.” When this happens, the amount of rent collected is increased to what is indicated as “Rent with color set” on the title deed card.

Once you have a monopoly, you can add hotels, raising the rent collection amount stated on the title deed cards. This edition doesn’t have any houses. Players can buy hotels when they own a colorful collection of properties.

Chance and Community Chest Rules

When a player lands on the corresponding square, two decks of cards, Chance and Community Chest, must be drawn. These cards have the power to reward, penalize, or move the player.

Free Parking Rules

According to the official Monopoly Gamer rules, Free Parking is merely a rest area. However, you can do this if you want to gather fines in the middle of the board and give them to a player who hits “free parking.”

Just Visiting Rules

On the Monopoly board, “Jail” and “Just Visiting” share a square. Players can land on and then pass through in “Just Visiting.”

Go to Jail Rules

If you roll a double once or twice, you can continue, but if you roll a double three times in a row, you cannot finish your third turn and must instead be sent to jail.

You immediately go to jail and do not pass go or get $200 if you land on the “Go to Jail” slot. The handcuffs must then be put on, and the card must be fastened to the board next to where you are sitting.

You can still buy motels, rent, and trade while in jail, even though your turn is done. However, you cannot play Chance or Community Chest cards unless they bail you out of jail. You can cheat and catch cheaters.

When you get there, if someone is already in jail, you remove their handcuffs, and they go to the Just Visiting part of the board. One player at a time can be locked up. You have the option to pay $50 at the start of your turn to avoid going to jail. You can now take the chance and continue.

Rolling doubles is another way to avoid being arrested. If you do, your turn is over after moving your token that many places on the board.

You can also utilize your Get Out of Jail Community Chest card to leave custody if you have one. By your third round, if you still can’t roll doubles, you must pay $50 and move your token following your previous roll.

You can check detail Jail Rules in Monopoly by reading this post written by me.

Cheating Rules (With List of Cheats)

The cheat cards are:

  • Free Stay (avoid paying rent when landing on a property owned by another player),
  • Pick Pocket (steal money from another player),
  • Price Gouging (charge a player more rent than they owe),
  • Bank Heist (Stealing money from the bank),
  • Extra Allowance (take 300 when you pass go),
  • Trick Dice (ignore the dice’s results and move as many spaces as you want),
  • Escape Artist (when in jail, take off the handcuffs and Squatter’s (Collect rent for another player’s property),
  • Sneaky Deed (Steal a title deed from another player or the bank),
  • Real Estate Swap (Swap a title deed with another player or the bank).

When it is your turn to transfer the token, both Identify Theft and Surprise Demolition remove the hotel from the opponent’s property. It is advised only to utilize these cards to keep the game simple.

How does the Monopoly Cheaters Edition Game End?

The game is over once all properties have been bought. Players must circle the board until Go is reached. No matter how many spaces are still on your roll, you must stop and collect $200.

The next step is for each participant to withdraw money from the bank for all properties and hotel expenses as rent.

The player with the most money is the game’s winner!

How is the Monopoly Cheaters Edition Different from Regular Monopoly Game?

The thrilling Monopoly Cheaters Edition lets players change the game’s original rules. You don’t just disregard any rules, though. You use the cheat cards, community chest, and chance cards to determine when and how to cheat. You use fraud to purchase the house and collect rent in advance. Catching your opponent’s cheating also benefits you.

There is no banker in Cheaters’ Edition. As they take turns playing, players rotate around the bank tray. Some players could try to take more than they’re authorized to take from the tray. It’s better for them if nobody notices. If discovered, they are punished.

By using the Tricky cards available in the Chest and Community Chest, you can buy judges, throw opponents in jail without cause, or make an opponent pay less rent by using the Tricky cards.

Each participant is given the following at the start of the game:

  • $2,500 in cash.
  • Four $100 notes.
  • $50 in one bill.
  • $20 in one bill.
  • $3 in $10 banknotes.

At the start of the game, each participant has a total of $1,500.

How much time do you take to complete one round of Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

You should establish some house rules to restrict certain behaviors if you play the Ultimate Cheaters version. Otherwise, everything will be utter chaos!

Consider ending the game after three hours if you are worried it may have dragged on for too long. Whoever has the most money once all players still in the game have added up their money wins!


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Cheater’s Edition Rules!

This is quite an interesting yet different game from Monopoly. I would recommend this game to those who love to cheat in the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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