Challenge in UNO: (Rules By Mattel)

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In the UNO game, you can challenge Draw 4 and challenge for not saying UNO.

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In UNO, there are 2 Types of Challenges you Can Make:

Challenge in UNO

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Draw 4 Challenge

As per the Official UNO Rule By Mattel, a player can only play Draw 4 Wild card only if they have no other matching cards by color or number.

In the game of UNO, there exists a rule known as the Draw 4 challenge. This rule permits a player to challenge their opponent if they suspect that their opponent has illegally played the Wild Draw 4 card. 

If the accused player is deemed guilty, they will be required to draw four cards in addition to two extra cards. In the event that the challenger is mistaken, they will be penalized and must draw two cards themselves. 

The challenge may only be made by the individual who is obligated to draw the four cards and must be executed before any other players draw or play any cards. Should the challenge be successful, the accused player will be forced to draw a total of six cards, as opposed to the standard four.

Not Saying UNO Challenge

Players who fail to call “UNO” when they have only one card left in their hand will be subject to a Not Saying UNO Challenge. 

If a fellow player notices this before any other players play their next turn, they can challenge them for not saying UNO. 

If successful in their challenge, then all other players must Draw Four cards from the Draw Pile as a penalty for not declaring UNO soon enough.


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Reference: Official Mattel UNO Instruction Pdf By Mattel

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