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One of the best-known names in the cloth diaper world is the bumgenius brand.

It was one of the first that made cloth diapers more easily available to parents looking for a more environmentally friendly diaper option. 

But since the initial release of their diaper line, the giant US giant has gone through a couple of different distribution channels. 

If you are looking for a bumGenius Freetime Review, then this is the right post.

bumGenius Freetime Review

In this review, we will check out the bumgenius Freetime diaper, a new diaper from the company that has been specifically designed to compete with some of the more popular all-in-one style diapers which have been growing in popularity over the last few years.

bumGenius Freetime Diaper Review

I really liked this diaper overall and I highly recommend it.

After reviewing the Bumgenius Freetime diaper I wanted to give my opinion of it and its features and how I feel about those features.

The bumgenius Freetime diaper is a very nice all-in-one diaper.

It is an improvement from the bumgenius elemental diaper.

It has a pocket opening on the front of the diaper, making it easy to stuff and easier to take the dirty diaper off.

The pocket opening is better than the velcro opening on the bumgenius elemental diaper.

The bumgenius Freetime diaper has a snap-in liner, which is a very nice feature.

The liner is made of very soft microfiber and is machine washable.

The liner is the same as the bumgenius elemental diaper, but it is joined to the diaper with snaps, making it more convenient.

The bumgenius Freetime diaper is an all-in-one diaper, meaning that there is no stuffing or covering.

Everything is altogether. The diaper comes with a one-size pocket that can be adjusted with snaps.

The diaper is very versatile and there is room for the extra insert the pocket opening is also a nice feature.

The waterproof shell of the bumgenius free time is very good and it is good for multiple children.

The bumgenius Freetime diaper can hold up to 35 ounces of urine before leaking. The bumgenius diapers are the best all-in-one diapers out there.

bumGenius Freetime All In One Feature

  • Fits babies with weights of 8-35 pounds
  • 3*3 snug system to adjust the diaper sizing to small, medium, and large.
  • The high-quality material used to manufacture bumGenius Freetime.
  • Has a leak-proof design and is beneficial for heavy wetters.
  • Outer Material: Made of 100% laminated Polyester.
  • Inner material: Made of 100% Polyester.
  • Cover Tabs: Made of a combination of 74% Polyester, 15% Nylon, and 11% Spandex; (Spandex makes it stretchable)
  • Insert: Made of 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon


I really like bumgenius Freetime diapers. I found them to be super absorbent and I like how they fit.

I like that the bumgenius Freetime diapers come in a pack of two. I can use one and then put the other one in the wash. 

I also like that the bumgenius Freetime diapers come in a variety of sizes and colors.

I like the fact that the bumgenius Freetime diapers have a double gusset and a stretchy leg opening to help contain leaks and messes. 

I also like the fact that the bumgenius Freetime diapers come with a wetness indicator.

The bumgenius Freetime diaper has a soft touch outer fabric for comfort.

Bumgenius Freetime can be used as an all-in-one diaper. It uses the bumgenius high-quality insert. The inserts are what make this diaper absorbent. 

The inserts are made of 3 layers of microfiber terry (mf-t) to absorb the fluid and 2 layers of microfiber (MF) to prevent leaks.

There are little slots in the back of the diaper that the inserts fit into. 

When you put the diaper on, you can use both inserts or just one.

When you use both inserts the diaper capacity is around 16oz (475ml). When you use just one insert the capacity is around 10oz (300ml).


The bumgenius free times are pocket diapers that fit babies from 8 pounds to 35 pounds.

The diaper comes with a microsuede outer, a cotton inner, and a snap-in soaker.

The fit on this diaper is almost perfect.

The diaper is snug without being too tight and the elastic is strong. The diaper is easy to put on and take off and has never leaked or had any problems with it.

The insert is a pocket diaper with a snap-in soaker. 

The soaker is a microfiber with a leak guard, a cotton layer, and a hemp layer.

The soaker is easy to snap in and out and I have never had any issues with it. It is very absorbent.

If I have the diaper on my son for a long time, I will need to change him because the insert gets a little wet. But he is a heavy wetter.


The bumgenius Freetime diaper is one of the most comfortable diapers.

It comes with stretchy waist and leg openings, and a soft velour-like fabric that doesn’t feel like it’s rubbing against your baby’s skin. 

The diaper comes with snap closures and a waterproof cover, which I know some parents prefer.

One thing I really like about the Freetime diaper is the tabs; the tabs are stretchy and fit great around your baby’s thighs.

Ease of Use

The bumgenius Freetime diaper is the latest product in the bumgenius lineup.

It is an all-in-one (AIO) diaper with snaps, making it easy to use for parents, especially new parents.

The inside of the diaper is made of soft microfiber terry to wick away moisture.

The outside of the diaper is made out of a vinyl-like material with the bumgenius brand name printed on the front.

The diaper is very trim on the baby, especially compared to some of the other options on the market.

Value for Money

If you’re looking for a great value-for-money all-in-one diaper, I would recommend the Bumgenius Freetime.

 If you’re on a budget the bumgenius free time will probably be your best option.

It’s an affordable, easy-to-use diaper that is perfect for the beginning stages of cloth diapering.

It has a pocket opening that allows you to stuff it with your choice of insert. 

The bumgenius free time is the perfect solution for parents who are not ready to spend a lot of money on cloth diapers.

They are easy to use, machine washable, and very affordable.

The bumgenius diaper is a great product and the price is amazing. You can get these diapers on Amazon and you’ll get a big discount for buying a big package. 

I think the price is worth it because it’s a great product and you’ll get a lot of use out of them.

I would recommend this diaper to anyone who is looking for a good product that will save you money.

Here you can see some of the Bumgenius diapers available at Amazon.


Let’s conclude the Bumgenius Freetime diaper review!

The bumGenius Freetime cloth diaper is one of the simplest cloth diapers on the market.

It is easy to use, it is easy to clean, it is easy to dry, and it is easy on your wallet. 

The bumGenius Freetime is a great cloth diaper for anyone looking to make the switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.

I hope you liked reading this post.

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bumGenius Freetime Diaper

Overall, considering all the factors discussed in depth about absorbency, ease of use, budget friendliness, comfort and quality of the product, this is worth considering as an excellent diaper for your baby. In every aspects you will find this diaper beneficial and running for a long time. The excellent thing is that this diaper can be adjusted with your baby growing up.

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