Wooden Toys vs Plastic Toys: Which is better?

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The debate of wooden toys vs plastic toys has been going on for years.

Some people argue that plastic is more durable, easier to clean, and generally better, while others say that wooden toys are better because they are more natural and last longer.

Let’s take a look at the facts and decide for ourselves.

Let’s get started!

Wooden Toys vs Plastic Toys

Wooden Toys Plastic Toys
Eco-Friendliness Eco-friendly and safe to dispose of Not Eco Friendly
Durability Lasts longer than Plastic toys  Lasts Long
Look and Feel Timeless and Classic Modern
Cost Costlier than Plastic Toys Budget friendlier than Wooden Toys
Features Simple and Easy to Use Colorful, have Flashy lighting and more features

What are Wooden Toys?

For ages, humans have been making toys from wood.

Many of the classic children’s toys we know and love today, such as blocks and trucks, were originally made from wood.

Wooden toys have been a symbol of quality and traditional play for many years.

Wooden toys are sustainable and are very much eco-friendly.

Wooden toys are made from natural materials.

They are much safer than plastic toys made from petroleum-based products.

They are made of organic materials dyed, painted, washed, polished, coated, or printed with eco-friendly water-based ink. 

Types of wooden toys

  • Animal toys that resemble animals like elephants, lions, cows, zebras, and much more.
  • Car toys that look like different car models.
  • Construction toys – usually resemble construction materials and tools.
  • Dolls
  • Educational toys like slot-in puzzles, and wooden blocks.
  • Electronic toys like wooden mobile phone toys, television toys, and much more.

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What are Plastic Toys?

Plastic Toys are toys that are made of plastic.

Plastic toys are typically made of durable materials resistant to breaking, melting, or warping under normal conditions.

Plastic toys are usually made of polymers, which are long chains of hydrocarbons.

They are lightweight, inexpensive, and can be molded into almost any shape that is needed.

Plastic Is the Most Popular Material Used in Making Toys.

Its durability is the main reason why most people choose to have plastic toys.

Some of the most popular toys made from plastic are Barbie dolls, Legos, and action figures. These toys are known for their durability. 

These plastic toys are made out of various plastics such as ABS, PVC, and Polypropylene.

ABS plastics are used in more expensive toys, while PVC and Polypropylene plastics are used in cheaper toys. 

Some of the plastic toys even contain harmful chemicals like BPA, Phthalate, and colors.

So, it is important to know if your toy is BPA-free, Phthalate Free, and Free from any harmful chemicals.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of wooden toys

Advantages of Wooden Toys

1. Durability

Mass production of wooden toys is not easy, and skilled artisans will always take their time to deliver high-quality toys to last for years.

Besides, wooden toys don’t tear or wear quickly, giving value to your money.

2. Eco-friendly

Kids love sucking their toys before, during, and even after playing.

Thus, you need to ensure you provide them with safe toys that will not hurt their health.

Toys made from wood don’t contain toxic ingredients.

3. Easy to maintain

Wooden toys don’t require complex maintenance procedures to keep them in good condition. Just wiping the toy is enough to keep it running.

4. Cheap in the long run

Purchasing wooden toys may not be cheap. However, you may realize the savings you will make over time since the toys last longer.

5. Educational toys

Most wooden toys are educational, such as slot-in puzzles and wooden blocks, which help kids enhance problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills.

Disadvantages of Wooden toys

1. Expensive to buy

Wooden toys are products of skilled craftsmen and take longer to produce, making them more costly than plastic toys.

2. Can hurt your kid

Wooden toys are made of harder parts that might hurt your kid when playing.

3. Mold

Once exposed to moisture, the wooden toys may grow mold, compromising the toy’s durability.

4. Fading/scratches

Wooden toys are prone to scratches and fade if the cover painting is not done correctly.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of plastic toys

Advantages of Plastic Toys

1. Affordable

Plastic toys are cheaper compared to wooden toys.

2. Easy to Maintain

Plastic toys are washable, and you can quickly disinfect them to keep your kid safe they suck the toy.

3. Realistic toys

Most plastic toys look like real-life objects, such as trains, planes, cars, and much more. The kids have more fun by emulating the operation of real-life objects using the toys.

4. Safe Materials

Plastic toys are made of BPA-Free materials which are safe for your kid’s health.

Disadvantages of Plastic Toys

1. Cause injuries

Some plastic toys are hazardous for your kids, especially if they have sharp edges. The kids can also swallow some of the toy parts.

2. Not environmentally friendly

Plastic toys do not degrade, causing damage to the environment.

3. Toxic ingredients

You can’t be sure that the toys are made of 100% safe materials.

Why are wooden toys better than plastic?

Wooden toys are better in terms of the safety of your kids and durability. The toys are made of wood and contain no toxic elements like plastic toys. Besides, most of the toys made of wood last for a longer time giving value to your money.

Otherwise, plastic toys are better if you like more features, flashy lighting, and colors with modern looks in the toy.

Are wooden toys cheaper than plastic?

Wooden toys are costlier than plastic toys. Although plastic toys are said to be cheaper than wooden ones, this depends on different factors.

For instance, some plastic toys are more expensive than some wooden ones depending on their technology.

Why do people love Wooden toys?

Wooden toys are made of natural material, which is wood. People who love nature and wood products will always fall for wooden toys.

The toys are also safe for both the kids and the environment. The toy looks simple and has a classic design which looks excellent.

The natural carved-out shape of the wooden toys appeals much to us, and also it shows the beautiful craftsmanship of the woodworker and the toy brand manufacturing it.

Are wooden toys safe for babies?

The question of safety depends on how you look at it.

When it comes to toxic elements, wooden toys are very safe for your babies.

However, if the wooden toys have sharp edges, they can hurt your baby.

Are wooden toys antibacterial?

Wooden toys are antibacterial by nature. This means that any toy that is made from wood will have antibacterial properties.

This means that a wooden toy will not only be a lot safer for a child, but it will also be a lot safer for the parents.

Can I wash wooden toys?

In most cases, you can wash wooden toys. But you have to be very careful about the water temperature and the washing products you use. 

Wooden toys can crack or warp if you wash them with hot or hard water.

You should also avoid using a washing machine because the force of the water can damage the toy.

If you have a wooden toy with a painted surface, you should be extra careful.

If you have a wooden toy with a painted surface, you should be extra careful as the paint may get washed off.


Let’s conclude the post on Wooden toys vs plastic toys.

When you choose toys for your children, the main thing to consider is the toy’s safety.

Wooden toys are often the best option because many of them encourage children to use their imagination. However, plastic toys can also be excellent options.

However, when choosing between wooden toys and plastic toys, the main thing to consider is how imaginative children will be when using the toys.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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