Are toys BPA Free? (Fisher-Price, VTech, Infantino, Munchkin Bath, more)

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Does your home have any BPA Free Toys?

I was horrified at the number of BPA toys in them or that were not labeled as BPA Free. 

This blog breaks down BPA and helps to know if Fisher-Price, VTech, Infantino, Munchkin, and other toys in the market are BPA-free.

You will see several toys in the market with labels as BPA-free. Wonder what is that?

You will get to know about that also.

Let’s get started!

What is BPA?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. BPA is a chemical that is found in hard clear plastics.

Though most manufacturers have stopped using BPA in their products, there are still some products that use BPA. BPA is known to be harmful to the body. 

It is possible to manufacture products without using BPA, so it’s important to check for this label when you are purchasing something.

BPA is mainly found in plastic items and is also used in toys.

Why do toys need to be BPA-free?

BPA (Bisphenol A) chemical has several health effects. It can affect the brain and also your child’s activities. 

You can read in more detail here at MayoClinic about why BPA is bad

So, we need to choose BPA-free toys.

How would you know if a toy is BPA-free?

In order to determine if a toy is BPA-free, you need to check the packaging for a label.

If the packaging says that the toy is BPA-free, then you can know that it is. 

If not, then you should do some research on BPA-free toys and see what you can find out.

If you’re not sure, and you want to be safe, then it’s a good idea to get BPA-free toys for your child.

Let’s find out which toys are BPA-free.

Are fisher price toys BPA-free?

Fisher-Price has a lot of toys where that do not mention exclusively BPA-free. It indicates that their toys can contain BPA.

Are VTech toys BPA-free?

VTech toys are according to the US Toy Safety Standards. Most of the VTech Toys are BPA-free.

You need to check the label or mail them to confirm.

E.g., VTech’s Drop and Go Dump Truck is BPA-free and safe.

Are infantino toys bpa free?

Infantino toys are very safe and do not contain BPA. They clearly mention their safety statement on their website. 

This makes Infantino toys a great choice for your baby.

Are bright starts toys BPA-free?

Many of the Bight Start toys are BPA-free. They mention this in their product description. Do check the report to cross-check the product.

E.g., Bright Starts Chillable Teething Toy is BPA-free.

Are learning resources toys BPA-free?

Learning resources and toys are great for helping children learn early in their lives. The question does arise whether or not they are BPA-free. 

Learning resources toys are made by a company that cares about the safety of its customers.

They make sure that their toys are safe for children to play with. Their toys are BPA-free.

Are leapfrog toys BPA-free?

The Leapfrog toys website does not mention BPA in their toys.

For parents concerned about the BPA found in plastics, it would be best to contact the company directly to get a list of their BPA-free toys and any other inquiries regarding the matter.

LeapFrog is a toy company that produces educational toys for children.

They are also for younger children who are not yet able to read. The toys are designed for developing reading skills. 

Are sassy toys BPA-free?

Sassy toys are BPA-free. They also comply with the Toy safety standards manufacturing their toy with very high quality.

Are fat brain toys BPA-free?

All products of Fat Brained are not labeled as BPA-free. However, several Fat Brain toys are labeled as BPA-free.

So, keep a watch on descriptions and product labels to find out if the product is BPA-free.

These are some of the BPA-free toys from Fat Brain: Dimple Stack Baby Toys, Whirly Squigz, Original Dimpl Brand, Fat Brain Toys Pop & Slide Shelly, etc.


Let’s conclude!

However, if you are concerned about exposure to BPA and harmful chemicals found in many cheaper brands, the safest option is to buy wooden toys. Otherwise, you need to check the labels and the description correctly.

Many toys are made with BPA which has been shown to be harmful to humans.

The best way to avoid BPA is to buy toys that are labeled BPA-free.

There are many kinds of toys that are made without BPA.

The best kinds of toys are those that are made with safe materials like wood and rubber.

These are great gifts for kids because are safe, are not harmful to the child’s mind, and are affordable.

Other factors you need to look into the toys are if Toys are phthalate-free.

I hope you liked reading the post.

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